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Finding Peace and Rejuvenation in Metatron’s Cube Meaning

INSIDE: To take a firm step towards divine communication, Metatron’s cube helps us interpret divine messages sent from the universe. We can explore how to contribute harmony and transformation to the world as we cleanse our spiritual aura with Metatron’s cube meaning.


Many people see the number 13, make a 180-degree turn, and run! Theories abound as to why the number 13 may be unlucky. In Christian belief, Judas arrived as the thirteenth dinner guest to the Last Supper before Jesus’s crucification, and similar lore exists in Norse mythology, that Loki was the thirteenth guest at a dinner of the gods that ended disastrously, plunging the world into darkness. 

People who fear the number 13 are known as Triskaidekaphobics, and they can find a new appreciation for this numeral when they come to understand its purpose in Metatron’s cube.

In this sacred geometric shape, the number 13 holds central meaning. Metatron’s cube reverses the spell, giving us a renewed view of the number 13 that lends meaning to its spiritual significance as a tool for peace and rebirth.

Crystal Pyramids

The Geometric Meaning of Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s cube exists in 3D space, but it’s hard to fully comprehend the form it takes. Let’s break it down to understand the shapes and contours of its sacred geometry.

Connected Lines & Circles

The most basic two-dimensional rendering of Metatron’s cube consists of a very specific arrangement of circles and lines. These simple shapes contribute to Metatron’s cube meaning in major ways.

In the structure of Metatron’s cube, 13 circles arrange themselves in three layers. The one at the center anchors the shape, and 6 circles of the exact same size surround it. These circles touch at tangential points on their circumferences, creating a halo around the center. In a third layer, 6 more circles touch at the outer edges. 

Every circle in Metatron’s cube connects one or more lines. A line extends from one circle’s center to an adjacent circle’s center. That means that 78 total lines exist within the cube.

If we look at the center 7 circles, we might recognize a flower shape, but much more takes shape in Metatron’s cube.

Encompassing the Platonic Solids

Something amazing that adds to the Metatron’s cube meaning is what the lines and circles form when gazed at from different angles. Within Metatron’s cube lie all five of the platonic solids:

  • Hexahedron
  • Star Tetrahedtron
  • Icosahedron
  • Octahedro
  • Dodecahedron

Beyond the platonic solids, it’s believed that every shape in nature is formed in Metatron’s cube. Within it, every pattern in the universe may exist, which means it may be the key to the creation of everything.

meaning of metatron’s cube

Symbolism in Metatron’s Cube Meaning 

By understanding the geometry that builds Metatron’s cube can help us access the deep metaphysical messages this shape offers.

Origins of an Angel

We’ve saved a bit of a mystery up till now that perhaps we’ve all been wondering about. Where does the name Metatron come from? It comes from the angel named Metatron.

Metatron serves as one of 13 archangels with a unique status that only two of them hold. Metatron lived first in human form as Enoch, but after death, God bestowed the power and status as one of his archangels and renamed him Metatron.

His relationship to God, both as a human and archangel, gave Metatron special knowledge and wisdom to help guide others from their spiritual bodies into divine existence.

Some refer to Metatron as the voice of God because he monitors and manages the flow of energy from divine realms into the mortal universe. He’s also referred to as the protector of the Tree of Life. 

Energy & Elements

Returning to the geometric qualities that contribute to Metatron’s cube meaning, we find energetic and elemental significance in the different shapes. Given the 13 circles that create the cube, we can link this to the archangels we just mentioned, in which Metatron resides in the center circle and the remaining 12 archangels surround him in the other circles.

Another way to interpret the 13 circles of Metatron’s cube is as the 13 chakras. We usually focus on the main 7 energy nodes of the human body, but it turns out there are 6 additional spiritual energy nodes that reverberate around our physical form. So Metatron’s cube can play a critical role in sacred geometry to invite healing vibrations to our chakras.

Amethyst Geodes

The circles and lines that form the basis of Metatron’s cube can be understood as the balance of yin and yang. Circles represent our feminine energy, creative and transformative. The lines contribute masculine energy to Metatron’s cube meaning, symbolizing power and resilience.

We mentioned the platonic solids embedded within Metatron’s cube, which also have their own meaning in connection to the elements of nature:

  • Hexahedron signifies earth
  • Star tetrahedron connects to fire
  • Icosahedron symbolizes water
  • Octahedron links to air
  • Dodecahedron is ether

Spiritual Interpretations in the Meaning of Metatron’s Cube 

The important meanings inscribed on the shapes inherent to Metatron’s cube direct us to even deeper spiritual concepts that we can explore as we use sacred geometry.


As suggested by the philosophy of yin and yang represented in Metatron’s cube meaning, balance plays a central role in upholding strength and solidity in its geometry. Balance itself matters, but more than that, harmony provides us with the ability to find a spiritual equilibrium that propagates peace and tranquility.

When we look at Metatron’s cube, we can understand how interconnected our energies are. The circles and lines meticulously placed and linked support the myriad structures that rest inside the cube. If we removed even one small line segment, the shape would lose all meaning.

In this, we can interpret that peace and harmony exists through unification and recognizing the central place of every individual element to our entire being.


Because this sacred geometric shape supposedly contains all shapes in nature, we can read Metatron’s cube meaning in relationship to creation and birth. In other words, through Metatron’s cube, we can witness the universe coming into being.

This isn’t like a microscopic vision of a big bang moment. Instead, we should understand that when we turn to this sacred solid, we seek to manifest new things or beginnings for our lives.

Since Metatron’s cube contains every pattern imaginable, we can unveil our truest desires that align with harmony and intention as we create spiritually-connected lives.

meaning of metatron’s cube


One of the prime reasons we turn to sacred geometry is to access healing and security from what we have experienced in the world. Metatron’s cube bridges us with the divine, a crucial reminder of the temporality of our spiritual lives on earth and the potential to transform into a new being within the divine realm.

Thus, Metatron’s cube meaning rests in our transcendence into the universe. By working with Metatron’s cube, we can hone our metaphysical practices, meaning we explore new reaches of our senses.

For example, if we feel that our hearing picks up sounds and messages that seem unheard by those around us, with Metatron’s cube, we can attune our clairaudience, transforming our existing sense to serve a deeper purpose in detecting divine frequencies. 

Final Thoughts

When we come to understand Metatron’s cube meaning, we have access to a spiritual tool that is able to elevate our pursuit of balance and equilibrium to spread harmony and peace as we seek renewal and rebirth.

Using this sacred cube in meditation, especially following a clockwise path through the lines, circles, and shapes, will extinguish negativity from our aura and infuse divine joy and wisdom into our spiritual forms.

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Metatron’s Cube Meaning

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