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How to Have Past Life Regression Experiences

INSIDE: Many of our current fears and talents stem from the situations we lived in another lifetime. Past life regression experiences can help us become more aware of ourselves and reach our true potential.


Have you ever felt deeply connected to certain things, people, or places without understanding why? Often, these things are related to things that took place in our past lives.

The most intense experiences we had in our past lives remain stored in the deepest area of our subconscious minds. And while we might not be able to bring them to our conscious mind like other memories, they still influence our current emotions and struggles.

Past life regression experiences can help us reconnect with those events so we can better understand ourselves and deal with the emotions that stem from them.

This form of hypnotherapy activates specific areas of our subconscious minds and takes us back through time to remember those forgotten parts of our identities.

Read on to discover what there is to know about past life regression experiences in more detail.

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What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a type of therapy that can remove the mental barriers that are preventing us from accessing the parts of our subconscious mind that harbor our past life experiences.

This type of hypnotherapy is conducted by a trained professional who guides their client with their words in a meditation-type practice. 

What is a Past Life?

The concept of a past life comes from the theory of reincarnation, which states that our souls don't cease to exist when we physically die. Instead, we reincarnate into this world in a different body, even though we've been here before.

This is because we still have to learn a few more lessons before ascending to a higher plane.

For this reason, having past life regression experiences can help us realize how much we've been through and the skills we were born with.

At the same time, they can help us better understand the root of our fears and mental health conditions such as anxiety or stress.

How Does it Work?

Past life regression experiences are meant to resolve ancient traumas and long-standing conflicts. The memories of our former lives can be overwhelming and difficult to process, especially if they are based on traumatic experiences.

Past life regression experiences reveal the hidden memories of places we've been and people we've known in former lives.

The hypnotic state we go through during this therapy helps us access deep parts of our subconscious mind that are almost impossible to access in a conscious state.

meditation for past life regression

What Are the Benefits of Having Past Life Regression Experiences?

Past life regression experiences help us overcome problematic symptoms, understand the triggers of our fears, and resolve unexplainable reactions.

Healing through this form of hypnotherapy aims to reveal past life events so we can finally release them and move on with our self-development journey.

Let's look at some of the many benefits of having past life regression experiences now...

Expanding Spirituality

Past life regression experiences help us overcome the fear of death or the unknown. Knowing from our own experience that we lived other lives teaches us that our current existence doesn't extinguish when our physical bodies die.

Knowing Ourselves Better

Past life regression experiences also help us understand ourselves better and see our circumstances from a more compassionate standpoint. This is because we learn that our past lives affect our current decisions and habits.

Improves Interpersonal Relationships

Knowing ourselves better helps us build more solid relationships. Past life regression experiences make us more empathetic towards the people around us. They lead us to understand that we all have deep-rooted struggles to resolve.

This therapy also gives us the ability to create healthier relationship patterns.

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Improving Self-Efficacy

Past life regression experiences restore our motivation to make changes. For example, someone who is afraid of traveling might find out that they died when migrating to a different country in a previous life.

Now they are able to make sense of this current conflict and release the past life trauma so they can finally travel and explore new places.

Control Over Emotions

Some reactions in life can seem irrational and unrelated to these life experiences. However, they are often clarified through a past life regression. 

This form of hypnotherapy can help us release emotional traumas, such as losing a loved one or something similar. 

Releasing Mental or Emotional Barriers

After having past life regression experiences, we may have a relieving sense of clarity. It's like we were able to release a heavy weight from our shoulders and leave our mental or emotional barriers behind.

Often after a past life regression, our life's challenges won't feel as overwhelming, and we'll be able to appreciate life to the fullest.

How to Do Past Life Regression

Not everyone can access or afford a regression therapist. Fortunately, there are a few practical ways to do it without an expert by your side. 

The following techniques teach you how to do past life regression on yourself.

Past Life Regression Meditation

Meditation is a fantastic way to delve into the depths of our subconscious minds and have past life regression experiences. Each session might show you a different experience, and you may not return to the same life from the previous meditation. 

Simple lay comfortably in a place where you know you won't be disturbed. Breath slowly and deeply while you find your inner center and visualize a white light coming from the creative source of the Universe. 

Feel that white light surrounding you, and your spirit guides offering you help and support throughout the whole session. Ask them to show you a specific past life related to the concerns you are currently experiencing. Then, relax and just see what comes.

what is past life regression

Past Life Regression During Sleep

We can also learn about our past life experiences through our dreams. When we sleep, our mental barriers drop and our subconscious mind expresses itself more clearly.

Recurrent dreams often relate to a traumatic experience in a past life that still affects us today. We can even find family members and friends from former lives in our dreams and recognize them as people we know today.

Self-Hypnosis for Past Life Regression

First, create a safe environment where you feel a good flow of energy. Smudge the room with sage or palo santo and put on some meditative music to release all negative energies.

Make a list of the concerns and questions you want to ask your higher self, and bring a journal to write down the information you'll receive.

Breath deeply and set an intention while envisioning a ball of white light surrounding you. Then, visualize a staircase going upwards and feel how each step takes you closer to your higher self.

At the top, a doorway will lead you to your past lives. Remember that your spirit guides support you the whole time and that you are never alone. Once you enter, specify that you want to see the memory that most serves you today.

Final Thoughts

Past life regression experiences can offer the relief you are longing for and couldn't find in other therapy methods. It can help to remove your mental or emotional blockages. Leave your judgment and limiting beliefs behind to fully embrace this experience and better understand your current struggles.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 


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