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Prosperity Healing Stones and Crystals for Wealth

INSIDE: When you want a little extra help to attract prosperity into your life, it’s often best to turn to nature. Here are 5 crystals for wealth that will help you achieve the success and wealth you desire.


When finances aren’t flowing, the stress of it ripples down into every area of our lives.

But sometimes, it’s not about focusing on bringing in money – it often comes down to clearing up emotional blockages and creating an energetic opening in our lives for which money can flow.

The good news is, when money is flowing, our mind, body, and spirit all reap the benefits, and the earth has provided us with the means to open that flow. Healing Stones and crystals are effective tools that can help us achieve wealth and prosperity.

Crystals for Wealth

Crystals for Wealth & Prosperity

Here are our favorite Wealth Healing Gemstones to support you in achieving a life of prosperity and wealth…


Citrine Crystals for Wealth

Citrine is one of the stones that is most known for manifesting. It is a radiant crystal that brings the rays of the sun into our lives, blessing us with warmth, happiness, and vitality, making it easy for us to feel motivated to do what we need to do to achieve our dreams. It brings in new beginnings and attracts to us the people and circumstances that will manifest what we desire.

Citrine helps to balance the solar plexus, boosting our self-confidence and increasing our physical energy levels. Its energy is extremely positive, giving us a sunny disposition that can’t help but attract goodness into our lives. By working with this prosperity stone, we are able to find more creative solutions to our issues and we can act on them with courage.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye Prosperity Stones

Tiger’s Eye has often been noted throughout history as a prosperity stone. It helps us attract wealth through good decision-making by integrating our physical life with our spiritual life. This allows us to make practical decisions that are inspired by spirit and gives us the ability to manifest positive transformation in our lives.

But there are many other reasons why Tiger’s Eye is one of the best crystals for wealth. For example, it increases our emotional strength and perseverance, helping us to remain steadfast in the attainment of our goals. It helps us come up with creative solutions so that we can turn our lives around, and it gives us the strength and vitality to make it so. It also helps to keep our resources safe, protecting our fortune from ill intentions and threats.



Garnet isn’t really known as a prosperity stone per se, but it is incredibly valuable to have in your arsenal of wealth crystals because it helps us get the right energy flowing in the body to attract the wealth we desire. Without doing the inner work, prosperity will continue to elude us, and this stone is the key to creating a foundation within our bodies and minds that is conducive to wealth. 

Garnet carries the energy of the primordial fire (the creation of all that is). It brings it into our bodies and dissolves energy blockages that are stopping the flow of energy that attracts what we want in our lives. It provides a deep grounding energy that invigorates the mind with passion, the body with physical energy and stamina, and the spirit with a deeper connection to self.



Labradorite brings wealth into our lives due to its ability to help us very quickly bring about change. It has a magical energy that inspires spontaneous actions that lead to positive results. It also offers a great deal of protection, both physically and spiritually, shielding us from negative circumstances and people that get in the way of our success.

This crystal drastically awakens our intuition and psychic abilities, helping us to better tune into our purpose and discover how to achieve it. By being guided by the Divine, we can bypass a lot of the struggles that come from acting from the ego and instead flow with life and its rewards.

Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz opens up the crown chakra, allowing a strong connection to higher consciousness. It brings Divine light into the body and attunes us to that higher vibration, giving us the power to discover our soul purpose and find the answers we seek. This is why we include it in our list of crystals for wealth.

As the Divine light comes into our bodies, our vibration is raised and our inner spirit sings. We feel more positive; therefore, we attract positive situations and people to us. Plus, we can program our intentions into Clear Quartz and it will send out the energy that is necessary to attract what we need to attain our goals.

Want These Crystals for Wealth?

We’ve bundled up all five of these crystals for wealth into our Wealth Healing Gemstone Collection Bag. Purchase yours today so you can start experiencing the benefits of these stones for yourself! 

Wealth Gemstones

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Prosperity Healing Stones

Crystals for Wealth

Prosperity Crystals


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I received my collection recently and I love them. I meditated with them and felt like things were changing for me. Great collection. Already had a few positive results.

Patricia Brooks

Thank you for the information about the crystals I have really enjoyed your presentation and look forward to watching more of your presentations

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