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Relationship Astrology: Understand Your Love Life Based on Your Natal Chart

INSIDE: Relationship astrology can show us so many things about ourselves and how we love. It can help us find clues about our patterns in relationships, our blockages, the partners we attract, and so much more. Let’s see what your natal chart can reveal about your love life!


According to Time, one of the key ingredients of a happy relationship is the ability to generate positivity. Did you know that in astrology, this influence in relationships is attributed to Jupiter, the planet of expansion and optimism?

As a matter of fact, every aspect of a relationship can be described by planetary influences found in your natal chart.

If you're curious to learn more about your relationship patterns and understand your love life better, you are on the right page. Get ready, because today, we are diving into relationship astrology... 

What is Love Astrology?

This type of astrology is a blend of planetary influences, aspects, and transits. Just like other areas of our lives, a natal chart can give us important insights into our love life, our partnerships, and patterns in relationships

To understand your love life better, you need to look at a few key factors:

Let's dig into each of those now... 

Zodiac Stones

What Is Your Love Language? 

Venus is the planet of love, so your love language is determined by the Venus sign. Knowing your Venus sign will give you useful insight into what type of partner you can truly thrive with, as well as how you want to express and receive affection.

The planet of affection and love can show us what the archetype of our ideal partner is, as well as what we are drawn to.

Venus in Fire Signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius)

These Venus signs love action, thrive in passionate relationships, and can’t stand dullness, routine, and boredom when committed for too long. Because of their fiery nature, these signs tend to be flirty and are sometimes hard to tame, but when tamed, they are usually all in.

In relationships, folks with these Venus signs seek people who will keep them on their toes, who are fun, generous, open, and ready for everyday adventures. 

Venus in Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn)

In relationship astrology, folks with these Venus signs seek stability and reliability above everything. They do not enjoy excessive drama and may get bored playing love and flirt games very quickly, as they do not like wasting their time.

They need partners who are solid, grounded, reliable, and who know what they want, as they see relationships as an opportunity to grow as a team and as lovers.

Venus in Air Signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius)

These Venus signs need to feel connected to their partner, especially on an intellectual level. They are committed and freedom-loving at the same time. They are fun and playful, but also very cerebral, and they love when they can learn something new from their partners.

Air Venus signs don’t feel their best when they are completely immersed with their partner, as they need to keep a dose of independence to fully thrive in a relationship.

Love Astrology

Venus in Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces)

What these natives crave in love is emotion, depth, and intimacy on all levels. For them, commitments are never taken lightly, and when in love, they crave tenderness, dedication, emotional availability, and maturity.

Water Venus signs love to bond and know everything about their partner, as romantic relationships for them are a chance to bond on a soul level and not just emotionally or physically.

Your Love Life Based on Your Natal Chart 

In relationship astrology, planets placed in the 7th house and ruling the 7th house will be especially significant for understanding the type of relationship or partner you attract or are drawn to.

The 7th house planets and rulership can also describe relationship dynamics, challenges, and gifts of your love life.

To calculate your chart and find your descendant go to Free Natal Chart Calculator. Then, look for your descendant or the sign on the cusp of the 7th house marked as DC.

The planet that rules the sign on the cusp of the 7th house will be the planet that describes your love life and your partners. Here are the rulerships:

  • Sun - Leo
  • Moon - Cancer
  • Mercury - Gemini and Virgo
  • Venus - Taurus and Libra
  • Mars - Aries
  • Jupiter - Sagittarius
  • Saturn - Capricorn
  • Uranus - Aquarius
  • Neptune - Pisces
  • Pluto - Scorpio

Check if there are any planets located in the 7th house, as these too will play a major role in your love life. If there is more than one planet placed here, all planets will influence your relationships.

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Now, let’s see what these planets mean for your love life...

Sun in Relationships

When the Sun rules the 7th House or is found in it, we require the utmost respect from our partner, and our relationships frequently have a revitalizing effect on us.

Sun in relationship astrology placed here indicates that relationships can frequently take the center stage in our lives, and play an important role in boosting our confidence. It usually indicates successful, confident, dominant, and mature partners.

In the 7th house, it creates the need to feel respected and have a respectable partner, feel appreciated, and be proud of our partner.

The placement of the Sun here helps create friendship and alliances between two people, and there is an element of instant recognition of personalities. Partners feel like they can express their authentic individuality in ways that make them both comfortable, and they feel seen by each other.

On the flip side, partners can come across as egocentric or domineering, especially if the Sun is not aspected all too well.

The Sun can sometimes also indicate clashes of ego, power-plays, and competitiveness in a relationship. Our partner shines brightly in our eyes, and we need to be careful not to dim our own light for the sake of the relationship.

Moon in Relationships

When the Moon rules the 7th house or is placed in the 7th House, it emphasizes soul connections and the potential for deep emotional bonding. In this case, we feel very emotionally connected to our partner and become instinctually sensitive to each other’s needs. 

The Moon also represents our instincts and intuition, so having Moon here indicates instinctual knowing and understanding of each other and emphasizes emotional compatibility.

With this position, relationship astrology indicates that we feel our best with a partner who understands us on a soul level, who is empathetic, caring, and deep. With this position, we seek closeness, emotion, and emotional security. 

Conversely, there can be a theme of emotional triggering, emotional mismatch, coldness, or passive-aggressiveness, which is particularly highlighted if a Moon is in hard aspects. Sometimes, it can indicate emotional codependency, and a bond so deep that it's hard to break.

Venus Sign

Mercury in Relationships

Being the planet of communication and expression, Mercury as the ruler of the 7th house or placed in the 7th house emphasizes communication, creates dynamism, and makes for an interesting relationship.

This partner is usually very cerebral, youthful at heart, intellectual, and sociable. They can also have a great sense of humor and be someone who likes to learn and communicate - at least that is what we are attracted to with this position.

It creates a desire to connect with another on a mental level and emphasizes the need to form a strong friendship with a partner before anything else. The relationship is usually fun, and issues are solved with effective conversation and mutual problem-solving.

When Mercury is found in hard aspects in relationship astrology, it can emphasize misunderstandings, arguments, pettiness, and even dishonesty and distrust in relationships. There can be a lot of worries, discord, and even deceit, especially when we are young and inexperienced.

Venus in Relationships

When the planet of love is found in the 7th house or ruling this house, it points to a harmonious relationship, where love is fair, balanced, and tender. It is also pleasurable, and heartwarming.

It shows a desire to bond with someone whose love ideals and love languages strongly match ours, and it also indicates overall relationship compatibility. 

When Venus is there, the exchange of affection and love in a relationship is easy, effortless and the relationship as a whole is supported by very positive energy. Venusian connections are usually easy.

Venusian influence amplifies romance and flirtation and can point to real soulmate connections. Partners are usually very attractive, sociable, pleasant, and charming.

With this position, we can attract or be attracted to diplomats, social butterflies, or artists. We can also sometimes oversimplify the importance of looks and status since Venus is a true socialite. 

Romance as a whole is an important theme, and folks with these positions can sometimes romanticize the relationship or be too idealistic about love to the point of having difficulty finding a perfect match. 

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Mars in Relationships

Mars is dominant, expressive, likes to take charge, is action-orientated, and is like a warrior. It wants to approach, seduce, and conquer the object of its desires.

In relationship astrology, it also represents our drive, sexual expression, our passions, and our temperament. And when Mars rules or is found in the 7th house, these are common themes of our relationships and these are the qualities we look for in a partner, sometimes subconsciously.

Mars is a hot planet, and when it’s positively placed, it creates a passionate, never-dull relationship where partners cooperate, fight as a team, and work together with joined forces.

They not only work together in the relationship, but they usually work well in general and they stimulate each other to be a better version of themselves through playful competitiveness. There is usually powerful sexual attraction and the relationship is a passionate one.

Negative Mars aspects can indicate arguments and even aggression. Relationship hurdles are hard to overcome, and there can be a tendency to work against, rather than with each other. The relationship overall, can be very volatile, and sometimes too hot to handle.

Jupiter in Relationships

With great beneficial influence, Jupiter is the planet of optimism and expansion, Jupiter’s 7th house contacts make for a joyous, lighthearted relationship. Jupiteriean influence blends love and friendship in the best way possible.

Partnerships always have a dose of adventure, exploration, and Jupiter usually brings laughter and positivity into the love mix.

With this position, we are usually attracted to partners who are both well-read and street smart. We loom for someone with whom we can share ideas, and who shares our life philosophies. We look for partners that can make us grow, expand our horizons, and spark a sense of hope and optimism. 

Similar to Venus, Jupiter in relationship astrology is also a very beneficial influence, so even in hard aspects, it usually doesn’t present major relationship struggles. It indicates prosperous marriages and love relationships, sometimes even a rich and very long-lasting marriage.

In more negative aspects, we can attract partners who are too freedom-loving, too unstable, and who aren’t ready to commit or live at a distance from us.

7th House for Love

Saturn in Relationships

This is a serious influence and a planet of longevity and dedication. Relationships can be hard work, and good Saturn aspects are there to ensure that that hard work truly pays off in the long run.

Although sometimes too serious and stern, this planet brings stability and the desire to make the relationship work.

Well-placed Saturn indicates a sober and mature partnership. It gives partners the discipline to persevere in hard times and is a positive influence to be seen in married couples.

We are usually attracted to older or more mature partners. We attract or are attracted to stable, sober, calm, grounded individuals who have their own sense of identity and a great dose of wisdom.

While it can indicate a long-lasting relationship, Saturn is also the planet of restrictions and can create complications in a relationship. Even in positive aspects, Saturn can indicate obstacles and limitations.

The relationship can feel heavy, karmic, and partners can even struggle to come together as a couple due to restrictions and blockages that are sometimes too difficult to overcome. With this influence, love and marriage can come later in life. 

Uranus in Relationships

Electrifying, rebellious, and fun, Uranus brings excitement and unpredictability to a relationship. It indicates a Bonnie and Clyde type of relationship or a relationship that is somehow out of the ordinary.

When this planet is emphasized in the 7th house, relationships are fun and electrifying, yet unstable and non-traditional.

Uranus brings youthful energy into the romantic mix, and when it forms positive aspects, it can keep the relationship fresh and exciting even when the initial flame starts dying out. It can indicate a youthful or liberal relationship, and help partners be more open-minded with one another.

Uranus in relationship astrology indicates partners who are unique, strong characters who are not afraid to voice their opinions and fight for their ideals and justice in the world.

With hard aspects, the relationship can easily burn out and the initial excitement may fade away quickly. The attraction can quickly fizzle out, and the relationship can become too unpredictable, unstable, and satisfying, failing the test of time.

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Neptune in Relationships

Dreamy Neptune is a planet that takes romance to another level. This is a higher octave of Venus that will make us feel as if we have found our true soulmate. Neptunian influence creates a dreamy relationship that feels as if it was made in Heaven. 

In positive aspects, it indicates soul bonds, telepathy, and connectedness between partners that is hard to explain. Neptune can also add a dose of gentleness, and indicate a selfless desire to give to the other unconditionally.

Partners are gentle, spiritual, creative types with rich imagination, and have a very healing, and sometimes mysterious vibe to them. 

Neptune is a planet of deceit, illusions, and trickery, and if we are not careful, we can easily fall prey to those illusions when it contacts the 7th house. This is especially amplified with hard aspects. We can easily start to idealize our partners, blindly trusting that they are the ones for us, and failing to see their shortcomings.

Pluto in Relationships

Pluto in love astrology is the planet that deepens any connection. This is the planet of transformation and intensity, and this reflects on our partnerships. This is the influence that simply lures us in and creates a desire to get to know the other on a soul level. We look for "all or nothing" types of relationships, as mediocre connections just don’t do it for us.

The intensity can amplify the sexual aspect of the relationship, and the attraction can go beyond just physical. This partner is deep, smart, intense, passionate, and very sexual, and so is the relationship. When Pluto is in the 7th house, we subconsciously attract people who trigger our growth.

In negative aspects, the Plutonian obsessive and possessive qualities can create a desire to control and manipulate. Pluto can also easily amplify urges that are buried deep down and are hard to control, making partners spiral into jealousy and drama, adding a dose of heaviness that is difficult to deal with.

Final Thoughts

Astrology can help us learn more about how we love and what we need from a partner to feel fulfilled. More than anything else, it can enlighten us to our patterns in relationships and show us the way of growth, so that we can attract the love that we desire and deserve.

Planets can be our guide to love, and our souls will easily find a way if we are willing enough to follow.

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Relationship Astrology Understand Your Love Life Based on Your Natal Chart

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