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12 Rising Signs of the Zodiac: What Your Ascendant Says About You

INSIDE: Rising signs of the zodiac are the starting points in our birth charts. They determine the house placements, show how affected we are by transits and so much more. Let’s discover why knowing your rising sign is so important...


According to Frontiers in Psychology, people’s personality traits are directly linked to their choices of career and professional preferences.

Did you know that astrology can show you how your traits correlate with how you make choices or what kind of people you like to spend time with? These cues lie in our natal chart, and it is the rising signs of the zodiac that are the path to understanding ourselves and others on an even deeper level. 

What is Ascendant & Why is it Important? 

Ascendant, or rising sign, is the sign that was rising on the East at the time of your birth and it is the sign located on the cusp of your first house in the natal chart. 

While natal placements are determined by the date and place of birth, to understand our Ascendant sign, we need to know the exact time of birth.

Although the date of birth gives important information about one’s planetary placements, it is the Ascendant that determines the houses and makes our chart so unique and different.

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Why is a Rising Sign so important?

When asking the question, "What is more important, your rising sign or your Sun sign?" the answer would be the first rather than the latter. Rising signs of the zodiac or Ascendant signs are the 12 possible starting points of the Natal chart. It is where astrology gets super personal.

While everyone born in the same month as you will have the same Sun sign, it is the Ascendant that determines where (in which house) that solar energy is expressed.

In other words, the Sun matters, but without the Ascendant, you can never really have a clear picture of how that amazing solar energy is expressed. While many people can share your zodiac (sun) sign, many less people share the same Sun/Ascendant combination with you, which is why it is the Ascendant that makes you so unique.

AC or ASC (Ascendant), or your rising sign, is the sign placed in the first house of the natal wheel. It determines the signs that are on the cusp of each house, which shows us how we express ourselves in 12 different areas of life.

The Ascendant sets the natal chart wheel. It is the starting point of the wheel and the starting point that determines the angles and house cusps. Depending on the rising sign, we can see not only the planets and the signs they are placed in, but most importantly, we can get a full picture of how planetary positions influence certain areas of our lives.

The Ascendant wheel shifts every year a bit, so to be certain of the exact degree the Ascendant was at during the time of your birth, you can check your Ascendant sign here: Free Natal Chart.

Look for the top left corner to see your planetary placements and the ascendant. Alternatively, the sign that the AC symbol on the left of the wheel points at is where you’ll find your Ascendant sign and the exact degrees. 

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What Does the Ascendant Symbolize in a Natal Chart?

This is the degree of the ecliptic, which represents the exact moment when we first saw the light of the day as babies. Since this is the sign that was rising over the Eastern horizon at the time of our birth, the Ascendant symbolizes the quality of life as well. It can describe general health, pointing to one’s temperament, character, and behavior.

The ascendant sign meaning is used to describe your very basic self, your physical traits, and how fixed, cardinal, or mutable your nature is. It represents the head, is closely linked to physical appearance, how people see us, and our general mannerisms. This is who you are at your core, without the pressure of the ego, fears, or hope. Just the very basic, raw you.

It is also used for yearly personal predictions, so next time you read your New Year’s yearly horoscope, make sure you look at your rising sign, as it determines how your natal chart will spin and how transits will affect you personally.

Since it determines the natal chart wheel, it can show how strongly or weakly planets are positioned in our natal chart. The planet that rules the Ascendant sign also rules your whole natal chart, and its placement will be especially significant for understanding your personality traits.

Besides the Sun and the Moon, this planet will be the most significant factor to look for in a natal chart when it comes to understanding what makes someone so unique. 

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Rising signs of the zodiac have their ruling planets. These planets matter because the sign and the house these planets are placed in will add some astrological flavor to your character, depending on the very nature of the planet.

  • Aries ascendant, your ruling planet is Mars.
  • Taurus ascendant, your ruling planet is Venus.
  • Gemini ascendant, your ruling planet is Mercury.
  • Cancer ascendant, your ruling planet is the Moon.
  • Leo ascendant, your ruling planet is the Sun.
  • Virgo ascendant, your ruling planet is Mercury.
  • Libra ascendant, your ruling planet is Venus.
  • Scorpio ascendant, your ruling planet is Pluto (and Mars)
  • Sagittarius ascendant, your ruling planet is Jupiter.
  • Capricorn ascendant, your ruling planet Saturn.
  • Aquarius ascendant, your ruling planet is Uranus( and Saturn)
  • Pisces ascendant, your ruling planet is Neptune (and Jupiter)

These are the planets that will be of special significance to you personally as they are the rulers of your persona, and your energetic, personal representatives on the Astral sky.

To get an even more detailed understanding of your Ascendant, check for the planets placed in the first house of your chart, as these will also show the finer finesse of your Ascendant energy and your persona.

For instance, you may be Taurus rising but have the expansive Jupiter located in the first house next to the Ascendant. This can give you Taurus qualities, but also exaggerate the desire to enjoy the finer things in life, including food.

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What Your Ascendant Says About You?

Aries Rising

Aries is the pioneer among the rising signs of the zodiac. When your Rising sign is in Aries, your ruling planet is brave Mars, making your basic persona fiery. Aries rising likes to move and initiate things. This creates a true warrior, a courageous spirit.

Aries Rising folks seek balance in partnerships and search for partners who are their equals and can match their outgoing persona. In their career, since their tenth house is ruled by hardworking Capricorn, they are driven, entrepreneurial, reliable, and not afraid to put the hard work in. They make excellent leaders in their field, having little tolerance for incompetence.

Taurus Rising

Taurus Rising folks are slow-moving, yet persistent. Their presence stabilizes and calms the energy in the room. For Taurus Rising folks, the ruler of their Ascendant is Venus, which gives them an eye for the arts, great taste, and desire for finer things in life.

In partnerships, Taurus Rising folks are slow to open up. However,  once the connection is created, they are incredibly loyal, always seeking relationships that are a combination of depth and passion, as they don’t like to settle for anything average. These folks are innovative, usually very determined, and career-minded, and although they like to do things differently, they are proud of their originality.

Gemini Rising

In the case of Gemini Rising, the ruler of the natal chart is the planet of communication, Mercury. Gemini rising signs of the zodiac are changeable, open to new trends, and won’t stay in one place for too long, mentally or physically.

They are geared towards new experiences, and not primarily concerned with the material world. They constantly float in the world of ideas and possibilities, and they like to connect with others and share their points of view, which reflects in how they approach their career.

In relationships, they seek stimulation, especially intellectual, finding intelligent, and adventurous spirits especially interesting as they are excited by people who can broaden their horizons.

Cancer Rising

When your Rising sign is Cancer, the ruler of your natal chart is the Moon. Regardless of gender, or the Sun sign, this Rising sign is associated with incredible intuition and a richly emotional life. It may even give a native some Moon roundness to their looks, be it the cheeks, bust, or overall appearance.

In relationships, Cancer Rising folks seek someone they can count and rely on, someone who is stable and will help them ground themselves. This rising sign creates strong, ambitious leaders, who may lead with impulse and can be stubborn at times.

These folks typically don’t like working for others, don’t like authority, and are better off in leadership roles where they can show their full potential.

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Leo Rising 

Ruled by the magnificent Sun, Leo Rising signs of the zodiac have something regal about them that’s hard to explain. They hold themselves in high regard and carry themselves with dignity. They take great pride in whatever they are doing and creating, be it their home life, their career, relationships - or all of the above.

In relationships, they like to associate themselves with original, innovative people who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. With artsy and stable Taurus ruling their house of career, Leo Rising folks make great artists an business owners. They will do their best to achieve high status and be recognized for their work, no matter how long it takes and no matter what their lane is. Anything mediocre is simply not for them.

Virgo Rising

Virgo Rising creates a rather intellectual and deep nature. With Mercury ruling the natal chart, these folks are incredible communicators, incredibly intelligent, and respected for their talents and skills.

They like to be associated with people who are unafraid of their emotions, but who also appreciate quality communication. In love, they search for partners with whom they can connect on a soul level.

In their career life, Virgo Rising signs of the zodiac are the smart, gifted communicators who need to feel challenged in a workplace, but not to the point of overwhelm, as they are frequently the ones prone to multitasking and can get burned out quickly if not careful.

Libra Rising 

Libra Rising people seek balance and dislike conflict. Pleasant and likable, they easily find a common language with almost anyone they surround themselves with. This Ascendant is ruled by Venus, which accentuates a good sense of fashion and fine taste.

They often surround themselves with people who are full of life, determined, sometimes impulsive, and quick-paced, as this gives them the perfect balance to their diplomatic, thoughtful nature.

In a work environment, they are frequently the ones others can rely on, bringing peace and harmony even in a tense work environment.

Scorpio Rising

Ruled by Pluto and Mars, Scorpio Rising people are captivating, to say the least. Mysterious and intense, these folks seem unpredictable, and this makes them incredibly alluring to others. Their presence in a room is usually strong, not in a domineering, but in a quietly commanding way.

Although they seem like hard-to-read individuals and are not quick to give their all to someone, their relationships are frequently stable and long-lasting, and they are looking for people whose presence feels like home.

In a career field, they are noticed by their colleagues, like to be seen as competent, and seek brilliance and recognition to feel motivated.

Rising Sign Meaning

Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius Rising signs of the zodiac create a cosmopolitan character, a sign of people who know a lot and have experienced a lot. Ruled by expansive Jupiter, these natives have a constant need to keep broadening their horizons through learning and growing.

The best relationships for them are with folks who love to learn and listen as much as they do. They appreciate a good conversation more than anything and will associate themselves with people who value their wisdom and can accompany them on their mental or physical adventures.

In the career field, they are analytical, highly respected for their skills, and prized for their effectiveness and professionalism. 

Capricorn Rising

Capricorn Rising people have Saturn as their natal chart ruler, which creates an interesting mixture of wisdom, cunningness, and constructive rebellion. These folks know how to play by the rules, but they are also the first ones to question whether those rules are valid enough to follow.

These are strong, intelligent, and dependable characters who seek people who share their system of values and way of living. They are frequently gifted but need time discovering their talents. They require a balanced private and career life more than others, as only when they make time for both do they feel they can truly thrive.

Aquarius Rising

Ruled by game-changing Uranus and co-ruled by serious Saturn, Aquarius ascendant sign meaning is associated with qualities that usually describe social innovators, intellectuals, and pragmatic people who always have a lot on their minds. 

Aquarius rising natives frequently associate themselves with people who are open and welcoming, in the spotlight, are unafraid to take the center stage, but who are also sociable and generous, like themselves.

In their professional life, once they set their minds to something, they will be laser-focused on their goal and don’t like having unfinished business. 

Pisces Rising 

Pisces Rising people are idealists who like to feel connected and love to share their thoughts, ideas, and emotions. An open book, these natives are a perfect blend of incredible intelligence and dreamy nature, which is a reflection of the Neptunian energy that rules their natal charts.

Pisces Rising, which is the last of the rising signs of the zodiac, often vibes well with grounded, practical, and realistic people, as this rational energy helps them grow and stay rooted in reality when they get caught up in a dream world.

Incredibly expressive, they are professionals who light up the room and are both appreciated for their wisdom and expertise as well as their ability to blend and thrive in almost any work environment.    

Final Thoughts 

Rising signs are the starting points of our astrological wheel, but they are also special because they show where our true uniqueness lies. These signs are far more personal than any other planetary positions, and they hold the key that opens the doors to understanding who we are at our core.

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Rising Signs of the Zodiac

Rising Signs

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