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Sacred Geometry in Nature: 10 Examples of How Everything is Connected

INSIDE: Sacred geometry in nature shows up in various formations, including hurricanes and snow. Everything around us is in perfect order. The Universe we live in is full of synchronistic geometry, ranging from tiny molecules to entire galaxies. Let's learn more about it!


Everything in nature is in perfect harmony. The world we live in, the trees, animals, and even water are all a part of nature’s divine design. According to ScienceDirect, even sound manifests in a geometric, octagonal form.

Mathematicians have tried to decode the seemingly accidental patterns that show up in nature. Their discoveries over years have shown that nothing is coincidental and we are all a part of a grander Universal scheme.

This sacred geometry in nature shows up in so many beautiful ways. Let's find out how.

What is the Golden Mean & Why is it Important?

Everything around us can be explained with geometric principles and is linked to spiritual laws. Sacred geometry patterns in nature show up in various forms, where both the energy and the material reality are both forms of geometry.

Sound, plants, and water, when divided into tiny particles are all made of sacred geometry shapes. These shapes are explained by something Aristotle called the Golden Mean, Golden Ratio, or Phi.

The golden mean or ratio represents the balance between two extremes, their sacred unity, and connectedness.

This rule denotes that the relationship between a small piece and a large piece is the same as the relationship between the large part and the whole.

The value of Phi is approximately 1.618, and this number is found in a vast number of natural phenomena. 

In other words, this is a ratio between two pieces and is used to explain how one unit, one whole, can be split into two parts. These two elements, which are a part of a whole, are in geometric progression to one another - and they are ever present in nature.

Amethyst Geodes

The Mathematics of Nature

The Golden Mean can be seen as a sacred mathematical map that explains and is closely connected to principles of sacred geometry. The golden ratio can be found in a triangle, square, pentagon, and circle - all of which are shapes that show up as evidence of sacred geometry in nature.

The base of the golden ratio is found in the Fibonacci sequence. This is a series of numbers that describe many things in math but are also the essence of nature’s geometric code. The sequence is created by adding the last two numbers in a line:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377...and so forth.

The Universe as a whole is organized in accordance with this series, where all pieces are tied together, even if they don't appear so on the surface of things.

Sacred geometry and Phi can explain the fractal nature of oneness. Even microscopic organisms or cells are connected to the cosmos and show up as sacred geometry in nature. 

Aside from manifesting in shapes such as circles and triangles, Phi also manifests in spirals, explaining a golden ratio spiral. This formation is narrower at its starting point and wider as it unfolds and shows up in many forms in nature.

Golden Mean in the Physical and Spiritual Realm 

In spirituality, as much as in mathematics, Golden Means correlate with sacred geometry. Everything on Earth, no matter how small or big, is a part of the whole - The Universe.

Everything that exists in physical or energetic reality is a form of sacred geometry, a piece of a bigger puzzle. God or Universe is a geometer and everything around us is a result of divine orchestration.

Sacred Geometry in Plants

Examples of Sacred Geometry in Nature

Have you noticed how things in nature look so perfectly designed? While sacred geometry can’t always be seen with a naked eye, when we take a closer look, we’ll easily spot these patterns in plants or animals.   

Following are various different formations found in nature, which are some of the finest representations of sacred geometry the human eye can see...


From flowers in bloom to leaves and fruits, plants are a perfect representation of a sacred blueprint. Every plant blossoms and grows in accordance with the Fibonacci sequence.

All plants and their parts grow oriented under the same degree. This sacred spiral formation is evident in sunflowers, pineapples, and flower disks. Smaller parts are located in the very center, spreading outward in a perfect spiral.

Pinecones are a magnificent representation of how the Fibonacci sequence works in nature. When counted in both directions, its spiraling scales come down to Fibonacci numbers.

Flower petals, leaf patterns and shapes, and seed dispersion in a plant are all perfectly arranged. Under a microscope, even plant cells are organized in a geometric sequence. 


Crystals are perfect geometric formations that have resulted from continuous exposure to radiation, physical, and chemical reactions. An Amethyst Geode is a perfect example of sacred geometry in nature, showing how great of a geometer the God or Universe is.

Crystal structure and patterns include sacred shapes. Here are some examples:

Crystals inside the rock are growing from walls towards the inside, forming unique prismatic or trigonal points.

Although different in their size and appearance, at their core, all gemstones of the same sort share the same geometric structure.

Crystals such as Clear Quartz, Citrine, and Aquamarine all have a specific, usually, hexagonal structure immersed in them.

Healing Gemstone Collections


Beautifully swirled and associated with growth and fertility, seashells are probably one of the best examples of spiral formations in nature.

Looking at how they develop, they are an ideal example of a Golden Ratio spiral, matching the mathematical ratio perfectly and confirming the presence of sacred geometry in nature. 

This is evident in snail shells as well. In shells, the structural ramp extends from the apex outwardly in a perfect spiral, where smaller parts are in perfect ratio to larger parts. 

Animal Organs

Just like plants, animals too are beings of divine orchestration. The toroidal structure is common in the animal kingdom with jellyfish, and other oceanic creatures being representatives of ever present geometry.

Wings of insects, animal horns, snakeskin, and lizard skin are some of the most obvious examples of geometry in living beings. Reptiles are another example of the perfect alignment of shapes found in nature, and snakeskin is one of the most majestic forms of patternation.

Fish scales, turtles’ skin, vertebral shells, alligator skin, and lizard skin are no exception, being great examples of sacred geometry in nature.

DNA Double Helix

Sacred geometry is the ultimate blueprint of everything that surrounds us, and DNA is the blueprint of life. In its essence, this molecule, which carries genetic information, is proof of how sacred geometry is woven into our lives. As a matter of fact, it is part of life on Earth and it is part of us. 

The double Helix structure matches the Golden ratio perfectly. In its diameter, the DNA molecule is 21 wide, and 34 long - and these are numbers from the Fibonacci sequence. DNA is an example of symmetry, too.

A helix structure is made of regular polygons and a double helix forms a perfect geometric construction. Two helixes have the same axis and create a well-known DNA spiral, matching the ratio of phi.

Bee Hives

Bees are essential for sustaining the flora. They are also incredible builders, and their building skills show the geometry of creation at its finest. Beehive cells are one of the most beautiful hexagonal structures in nature. Honeybee hives are tiny solid structures that are incredibly symmetrical.

Made to contain pollen and honey, each honeycomb is identical, as if it was measured by a mathematician. The patternation of these cells representing sacred geometry in nature is always, unmistakably identical.

Sacred Geometry in Crystals


Snowflakes are another product of God’s geometry. These crystal structures form in certain conditions, to fall fully formed on the surface. Although they vary in size and shape, in their essence, these incredible formations are also hexagonal, just like the beehives. 

The golden ratio can be found in how snowflakes develop. While different in appearance, smaller parts develop as a part of a greater scheme and form geometric patterns that define snowflakes as we know them.

Peacock Feathers

Laws of geometry are also visible in bird feathers. One of the most beautiful and most visible examples is peacock feathers. The right-hand and the left-hand fractions in peacock feathers spiral in such a way that they perfectly match the golden ratio.

The feather barbs include a recognizable geometric pattern that is in sync with the Fibonacci sequence. These eye-like shapes go from smaller and denser, to larger and further-set, confirming the principle of the Golden mean. 


Similar to sand, water, when in contact with frequencies and sounds from specific shapes that reflect how ever-present sacred geometry in nature is. These are sacred geometric shapes, and some of them are well known in the spiritual community, such as the Merkaba, as proven by cymatics.

As the essence of life on Earth, water shape shifts in accordance with vibration. These shapes always show up as some form of sacred geometric patterns in nature.

Snowflakes and ice, which are examples of solid water, are hexagonal shapes in their essence, because a water molecule, in its solid form, is a hexagonal formation.


There's nothing greater than a galaxy, which is such a magnificent representation of sacred geometry. Galaxies, including our own, form the golden spiral.

Although different in size, with different chemical makeup and a different number of space objects, galaxies all take the same shape, which is spiral.

As observed from the Earth, regardless of all these differences, they always form it. In the end, this is one of the greatest examples of the rule that "a small part is to a large part as the large part is to a whole."

Final Thoughts

If you stop and observe, you’ll notice how geometric sequences show up in incredible ways. Although it may seem like it, nothing in nature is coincidental, and even seeds sprout in a way that can be explained with mathematical laws and the Golden ratio. 

The synchronistic way in which things are organized in the Universe and our little worlds confirms how connected everything is - and we are an integral part of it.

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Sacred Geometry in Nature

How Sacred Geometry Shows Up in Nature

Sacred Geometry and Nature

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