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Second House in Astrology: Your Guide to Understanding Your Finances

INSIDE: The Second House in Astrology is where we look when we hope to find more clarity and understanding about our finances. This is the house of material positions, and wealth, and it can tell us a lot about what we are focused on when it comes to physical reality. Let’s see what all this means in a natal chart...


According to the British Psychological Society, research has shown that money can buy happiness, especially when we "buy" experiences, such as traveling or going to a concert.

The truth is, we all have different relationships with money and see value in different things. While some are more focused on buying expensive gadgets or following the latest trends, others would prefer to spend it on family holidays or barbecue gatherings. 

Our relationship with the material world, as well as what we find valuable, is associated with the Second House in astrology, which is what we are focusing on today. 

Let’s hop right into it...

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The Meaning & Symbolism of the 2nd House in Astrology

While the first house represents life itself, the second house deals with all things that support life - shelter, money, food, and financial and material security. The second house in astrology represents everything that makes us feel stable, is connected to the neck and shoulders, and is ruled by Taurus in modern astrology.

It represents all things of value, and what we seek in the physical realm. This is a very sensual house, representing pleasurable things, such as fine fabrics, nice architecture, and tasty meals.

This is the house that deals with matters of finances, properties, riches, and anything that represents value. It deals with the material realm and 3D reality. It is associated with practicality and is an important factor to consider when we try to understand stability and material status.

In order to figure out how we approach the material realm, we need to look at the sign on the cusp and the planets placed in the second house. Here's what that means...

Second House in Signs

The sign found on the cusp of the beginning of the second house in astrology will determine how we approach the material realms and what we find to be the most valuable, as well as our overall relationship with things we find valuable.

The sign found on the cusp of the second house can give us some basic information about the nature of our relationship with the material realm. Here's a look at what the signs in this house represent:

Second House in Aries - Entrepreneurial, driven, chasers, go-getters, spending impulsively, not attached to possessions or money, love spending money on new experiences

Second House in Taurus - Accumulating wealth, collecting pretty things, stability is a priority, practical with money, a need to feel cozy and live a luxurious life, an eye for quality things, a talent for wise investments

Second House in Gemini - Talented, opportunists, multiple resources of income, making a profit from their talents, accumulating useful things, trendy, a desire to have newest gadgets

Second House in Cancer - Values little things, a love of comfortable life, not too focused on the material realm, values connections more than possessions, a possibility to earn from home

second house natal chart

Second House in Leo - A desire to be well-known for their assets, a desire to acquire great wealth, flashy, loves high-end things, wants to earn more than others

Second House in Virgo - Organized finances, rational spending, worrying about money, smart investments, careful about finances, spending money on practical things

Second House in Libra - A desire for elegant things, a love of fine fabrics, high-quality things and clothes, beautiful homes, good with money, investing in quality

Second House in Scorpio - Can deal with almost any mundane obligation, protects things of value, likes to earn on their terms, calculating when it comes to finances, persevering in hard times

Second House in Sagittarius - Taking chances, fluctuating finances, money easily comes and goes, good luck in attracting wealth, interesting business ideas

Second House in Capricorn - Hard worker, frugal, ambitious, strategic spender, thought-through investments, efficient with money

Second House in Aquarius - Innovative and creative with money, see opportunities for earning everywhere, new-age ways of earning money

Second House in Pisces - Changeable finances, value is found internally rather than externally, overgiving and oversharing with others, gain through creative endeavors

Planets in 2nd House

Once we know the basic characteristics associated with our second house, it is time to add some flavor to the astrological equation related to our finances.

Planets found in the second house in astrology will determine how we use the tools we have to ensure security and stability in the material world. Combined with the sign found on the cusp, they give us a clearer, more personalized insight into the matters of the second house.

For even more detailed info, check if you have aspects connected to the planets in the second house, and particularly the ruler of the house (which can be located elsewhere).

To find the ruler of your second house, check out Your Guide to Astrology Planets: Meaning, Rulership & Symbolism (For example, if Aries is on the cusp of your 2nd House, its ruler is Mars; if it’s Cancer, the ruler is the Moon).

Even if planets are not in the second house, when they aspect it and the planets located there, they still influence our field of finances.


Here is what each of the twelve planets bring when found in the second house natal chart:

Sun in 2nd House

The Sun in the second house ties one’s sense of self-worth and ego to material positions and things of value. With this placement, there is a deepening need to feel materially secured, and a lot of energy goes into ensuring stability on all levels.

Our ability to create and maintain a stable, beautiful and secure environment for ourselves becomes extremely important and is something we are deeply proud of.

This position indicates a strong system of values, and a desire to live according to those values. This is also an entrepreneurial position, which can highlight the ambition to achieve, earn and live abundantly.

Moon in 2nd House

When the Moon comes to the second house in astrology, one’s emotions become deeply entwined with a need for stability and security. In this case, our emotional wellbeing is closely connected with how secure we are in the material realm.

These people know how to enjoy the mundane, appreciate what they have, and usually love sharing what they have with their loved ones. For people with the Moon in the second house, even the warm cup of coffee in a comfy bed can be satisfying.

On the flip side, because they love pleasant things, material lack or instability can have a direct impact on their emotional state and can cause anxiety and distress.

Mercury in 2nd House

When Mercury comes into the second house, we become masters in profiting and finding novel ways to ensure stability. Security is found in community, networking, and finding associates.

Mercury is the planet of skills, and it can point to a specific talent (or talents) that can be used to build one’s financial empire. Folks with this position know how to bargain, trade, and find all the right connections.

However, because it is changeable, it can indicate a lot of ups and downs regarding finances. One’s system of values is also changeable, and these folks will often have a lot of new ventures, stops, and fresh starts in their life.

second house in astrology

Venus in 2nd House

Venus in the second house brings an impeccable taste for fine things and a desire to be surrounded by them. Be that a simple pencil, a car, or a house, people with Venus in the second house always chose what they surround themselves with as they enjoy riches and luxury.

They love beautiful things, and will usually have no trouble earning the money they need to make their purchases. Venus in the second house in astrology brings good luck with money, but there can also be a tendency to overindulge in luxury and good life which is something to be mindful about.

Mars in 2nd House

Mars in the second house takes opportunities and protects what it has at all costs. Driven and ambitious, people with this Mars placement are not afraid to do what it takes to ensure a stable future for themselves.

Mars is a planet that pushes forward, takes risks, and deals with financial troubles heads on. Because this can be quite a hectic influence, there is also a tendency to be irrational and impulsive with finances, make bad investments, or waste resources, creating a lot of frustration.

Mars is associated with our sense of personal power and so there is a deep need to prove oneself through hard work and acquiring wealth.

Jupiter in 2nd House

Jupiter is one of the best planets to have in the second house in astrology. Whatever Jupiter touches expands, and when that is our finances, it's quite a beneficial influence that simply invites prosperity and wealth our way.

Folks with this position are quite respected and known for their abilities, and they have the ability to accumulate quite a lot of wealth throughout their lifetime.

Jupiter here brings a lot of opportunities and supports the path to success in the material world. Money is usually easy to come by, and these people are incredibly resourceful. It also amplifies values and helps one operate in a material world, make associates, and earn in a lawful manner.

Saturn in 2nd House

A planet of hard work, delays, and restrictions can feel like a big burden, especially when placed in the house of finances and values. This is a planet of scarcity and can indicate hardships in the material realm.

However, it can also be a blessing in disguise. People with this placement are everything but lazy and are usually quite sober-minded when it comes to their finances.

While Saturn here can be discouraging at times, with hard work, dedication and persistence, it often promises as much as Jupiter in the second house does, but only if we are willing to really roll our sleeves up. Not only that, but once Saturnian work pays off, it can truly bring admirable wealth and stability.

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Uranus in  2nd House

Hectic Uranus can either shake things up or bring about revolutionary innovations that pay off. Security is, interestingly, found in freedom - the freer they feel from everyday limitations and routines, the better.

Being a planet of instability, with Uranus, there is always uncertainty regarding finances and disinterest in following the established 9 to 5 route to material "security."

Uranus in the second house in astrology can indicate alternate ways of earning money, and these people don’t enjoy being bogged down and would rather take risks rather than settle for less than they envision for themselves.

Neptune in 2nd House

Neptune in the second house can make one either a magnet for money or be a cause of trouble and distress, all depending on the relationship the chart-holder has with money.

Neptune is a very spiritual influence that doesn’t blend well with the material world - but can help us attract what we want. Similar to Venus, Neptune likes nice things and will find unusual but usually successful ways to ensure it’s soft pillows, dreamy home, or fine fabrics.

There is a tendency to dream big and these people are great money-manifestors. The biggest trick is to learn to blend spirituality and practicality in the most efficient way.

Pluto in 2nd House

With Pluto in the second house, material possessions and things of value are extremely important. Pluto gives a laser-focus that is essential for acquiring wealth, and these people are often very business-minded, strategic, and know how to use every situation to their benefit to secure themselves in the material realm.

They need to be in full control of their finances and will go above and beyond to ensure that there are always enough resources. Pluto in the second house in astrology creates a deep desire for being financially independent, setting their own rules, and can be possessive with their possessions, especially when they worked very hard to obtain them.

Final Thoughts:

The second house can show us how we deal with the physical world and enlighten us on a path to obtaining wealth and attracting abundance. Understanding these planetary placements can offer new ways of understanding how we operate in the material realm. This way, we can learn how to make necessary changes and adapt and transform our material reality in the best ways possible.

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Second House in Astrology Your Guide to Understanding Your Finances

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