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Sixth House in Astrology: Your Guide to Health, Routines & Acts of Service

INSIDE: The Sixth House in astrology is associated with health, wellness, routines, and acts of service. Discover what this means in your chart…


According to Healthline, establishing an exercise routine and engaging in physical activity regularly not only promotes weight loss, but also improves mental health, boosts energy levels, and reduces the risk of chronic disease.

To understand fitness routines, wellness, and health in a natal chart, we go to the sixth house. The sixth house in astrology represents health, habits, daily regimens, and much more.

Let’s see what the stars say about your sixth house placements…

The Meaning & Symbolism of the 6th House in Astrology 

Many see the 6th house as a "bad" house due to its traditional association with illness and servants. However, just like other houses, the sixth house has its light and shade and it is much more than a house that can indicate migraines or a terrible work environment.

As a matter of fact, if we are looking to learn more about beauty regimens and lifestyles that are essential to understanding who we are, this is the house we will analyze.  

It governs the everyday pleasures we find in simple things, such as our skincare routine or connection with pets. After all, pets and a love for animals are also matters of the 6th house. 

The sixth house in astrology governs selflessness and wellbeing. Modern astrologers associated it with the sign of Virgo, and for a good reason. This is a sign of health, service, and the work we do for others and with others.

It is a house of helpful people, but also, workaholics, colleagues, and teamwork. As such, the 6th house can tell us a lot about someone's work ethic, skillfulness, and how they operate in a team.

While the tenth house rules career and status in general, the sixth house matters are more focused on practical, day-to-day life and tasks.

Although it does rule illnesses, this is the house of self-care, and health overall, and is associated with regimens and modes of living. As such, it can give us a lot of helpful insight into someone's lifestyle, quality of life, and wellness. Diets, fitness, and habits are all matters of this astrological house.

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Sixth House in Signs

The first thing to look for when observing the sixth house is the sign found on its cusp. This will be the theme and the main framework for understanding your planetary placements.

Sixth House in Aries - attention to physical fitness, agility, spending energy by overworking, being always on the go and spending one’s resources, fast life, competitiveness in the workplace, service that requires a lot of physical activity, being helpful by doing the physical work and initiating change

Sixth House in Taurus - diligent, easily exhausted, needs a steady and healthy routine, tendency to live a passive lifestyle, attention to a beauty routine, craves peace and beauty in everyday life; creating a beautiful, tranquil, stress-free life and work environment

Sixth House in Gemini - Multitasking, overextending one’s mental resources,  mental burnouts, migraines, being helpful by providing crucial information, skillfulness, tenacity, a desire to break free from routines frequently

Sixth House in Cancer - caring and giving to people and animals, compassionate nature and heightened empathy, sensitivity to environmental changes, toxins, and food, health issues regarding bodily liquids and fertility

Sixth House in Leo - charity is seen as honorable, a desire to lead in a team, overdoing the good life, focused on fulfilling personal needs, heart and cardiovascular problems, selflessness when giving 

Sixth House in Virgo - peculiar about health and wellness, good diet and exercise regimen, efficient workers, service-oriented and giving, a desire to offer the best to a situation or a job,  frequent mental exhaustion, troubles with the nervous system

Sixth House in Libra - a desire to live in a balanced, beautiful environment, great attention to health and beauty, team player, service-oriented, troubles with joints and hips, trouble saying no to helping others, experimenting with diets, love of good food

Sixth House in Scorpio - alternative healing techniques, physical resilience, good immunity, tenacity, giving to specific causes that align with personal passions, leadership skills, dealing with complex or difficult tasks and services

Sixth House in Sagittarius - rebels against routine, requires novelty to feel happy and healthy, extends personal resources, developed ethics, volunteering abroad, following foreign or religious diets, offers service and help in a form of sharing wisdom, weight, and digestion issues

Sixth House in Capricorn - honorable, responsible, practical regarding wellness and health, service-oriented, competent and professional at work, rigid diets, overworking to the point of losing vitality, problems with bones, teeth, and skin, overburdening oneself

Sixth House in Aquarius - humanitarian, motivated to help and volunteer for big causes, cool-headed and rational at work, more concerned by bigger issues than personal wellbeing, prefers a routine and a job that stimulates the mind

Sixth House in Pisces - compassionate and giving, sensitive to changes in the environment and sensory input, spirituality, and emotional health dictate overall health, prefers peaceful and balanced environments, values healing power of nature 

6th House in Astrology

Planets in 6th House

Planets in the 6th house will tell us a lot about how someone goes about their day, their habits, wellbeing, routines, and lifestyles. Look at your natal chart here to find out if you have planets placed here and how many of them. Below, you’ll find out what each planet brings when located in the natal house of health and service.

If you don’t have any planets placed here, look for a planetary ruler of your 6th house and read a description for that planet, as it might also give you some valuable info.

Let’s dive in!

Sun in the 6th House

When the Sun finds itself placed in the 6th natal house, our ego and sense of identity become closely tied to our ability to be useful and practical.

Sun in the 6th house folks are proud of their expertise and abilities and are excellent in providing guidance and illuminating the path to those who need it. They are proud if they have something to offer to the world, and in the 6th house, they are likely to be quite generous with their time and services.

Since the 6th house is a cadent house, sometimes people with the Sun placed here can even be too modest about what they offer to the world.

Although they usually have a lot to offer and enjoy being valued and prized, they are rarely boastful about their accomplishments. It is common to hear them brush off even the most difficult tasks they have accomplished as "not that big of a deal."

They are quite respected in the workplace and will often be driven towards self-improvement, both on the physical and mental plane. Their ability to work with people and step up to the game make them natural managers and leaders in their collective or teams.

As the Sun represents our vitality and life force, and the 6th house represents health, the Sun placed here often guarantees good health and vitality, even in older age.

Moon in the 6th House

Moon in the 6th House folks are intuitive helpers. Sensitive to others’ needs and keen to make everyone feel comfortable, these people don’t hold back their kindness and will readily be there for others and offer support.

Because the Moon here gives an innate understanding of the human mind and behavior, these people are often natural psychotherapists and psychologists.

The Moon is changeable and when found in the 6th house, it makes one sensitized to energy changes and the environment.

Unless other placements indicate differently, the Moon in the 6th house usually has a lot of understanding and empathy for others, but sometimes fails to have understanding and compassion for themselves. They are and enjoy being seen as emotionally stable and mature, and would rather process emotions on their own.

Because they are sensitive to energy and tend to extend themselves to others frequently, be it in career or private life, Moon in 6th house folks can have changeable health. A bad diet or poor exercise regimen can quickly take a toll on their wellbeing, while a good regimen can get them in shape just as quickly.

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Mercury in the 6th House

Ruling Virgo and Gemini, Mercury enjoys residing in the 6th astrological house. This placement indicates a bounty of talents and skills, and these folks are usually incredibly crafty, able to adapt to almost any environment.

Mercury in the 6th house amplifies one’s ability to see the real issues and find the right solutions. It increases one’s practical nature, highlighting analytical and problem-solving skills.

These people are not usually skilled at connecting the dots when it comes to finding resolutions, but they are exceptional when it comes to making all the right connections. Incompetence and ignorance are their pet peeves.

They have plenty of ideas, and know-how to bring them to fruition, although they may get too caught up in details. They give the most helpful advice, have a strong intellect, and are known for being well-informed, which is why many consider them to be natural consultants.

Mercury in the 6th house people will often experiment with diets and lifestyles and will be drawn learning about health issues before putting them into practice.  

Great perception and observing skills, as well as the ability to see things as they are, can sometimes make them prone to stress, worry, and perfectionism, especially when doing things for others.

When they take on a task they do their best to follow through and deliver good results. Their nervous system, however, can be particularly sensitive and they may be prone to migraines and headaches.

Venus in the 6th House

When graceful Venus falls into the sixth house of health and routine, we get a beauty expert that enjoys a good diet and pays attention to health. Venus in the sixth house thrives when committed to a health and beauty regimen and doing self-care. Being a beneficial planet, when placed here, it protects health and motivates one to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The food they chose, the pillow they sleep on, their lifestyle, and even the interior and working conditions in the office are immensely important for their wellbeing. Dissatisfaction in these areas can easily impact their health.

They need to lead a quality life, and they will readily help others improve their quality of lives and beautify their environment. Their good sense of style and design, and their well-developed taste make them excellent candidates for the art, beauty, and fashion fields of expertise.  

Venus is incredibly caring, and these natives will often benefit from having a pet to take care of and nurture. Kindness and beauty are their forte, and their friendly disposition and mediator skills make them very likable, especially in the workplace.

Oftentimes they are loved by their colleagues, and can have secret admirers in the workplace. Although generous, always ready to help, and balanced to a fault, Venus wants to do things when it feels like doing them and doesn’t like being pressured.

Mars in the 6th House

Mars in the 6th house is bold, hardworking, and competitive. Mars placed here is governed by the belief, "do it right, or don’t do it at all." Determined to accomplish what they set their minds to, these folks don’t fret when faced with a challenge and are likely to face it head-on, sometimes at their own expense.

Mars in the 6th house people know how to assert themselves in a workplace, one way or the other.  

The 6th house represents helpfulness and giving, and when Mars is placed here, it wants to help, it values action versus words, and it will do something concrete to change the circumstances.

However, the fiery planet of war can make these people dominant and competitive, and they don’t tolerate other people's dominance over them.

These folks are usually quite skilled with tools, especially metal and needles, and they can have a great predisposition for succeeding in any medical field or military service. Mars in the 6th house folks like to be challenged and can work in tough or challenging conditions.

They are the ones who won't stay in a situation for too long if they feel "rubbed the wrong way" and are not afraid of making the change in their immediate environment.

Such a placement can indicate that the native is either incredibly strict with their health regimen or completely reckless. More than others, they are prone to bruising, physical injuries, and cuts.

They are highly likely to be naturally fit, active, and interested in fitness and exercise, but they can also push their physical limits too much and go to extremes with health and diets. Bones and the cardiovascular system can be specifically sensitive.

Sixth House of the Zodiac

Jupiter 6th House

Jupiter in the 6th house, if not afflicted, is an omen of good health. Similar to folks with Mars in the 6th House, those with Jupiter placed here also tend to go to extremes when it comes to diets and regimens.

Jupiter loves to enjoy life, which can indicate weight oscillations, but also give them gourmet tastes and a love for foreign food and lifestyle trends.

Because their belief system is closely tied to their lifestyle, their health and wellness will largely depend on what they believe is right. Jupiter rules foreign lands and ethics, so it is not uncommon to see people with this placement become vegetarians, vegans, or have a very specific approach to dieting and health.

In the house of service and selfless giving, Jupiter instigates a desire to volunteer and help others who are less fortunate. There is a strong sense of justice and morality, philanthropy, and a desire to help and make the world a better place, in little, tangible ways.

Folks with this placement are curious, love to learn, and as such, they will be of immense service to their community and people in general. Happiness is not only found in helping others, spending time with pets, and improving their quality of life, especially if Jupiter is well aspected.

Responsible, professional, and often incredibly skillful, they are usually experts in one or many fields. Jupiter can sometimes make it difficult to deliver projects on time. Although the desire to help is always there, Jupiter in the 6th house people frequently take more tasks of service than they can handle.

Saturn in the 6th House

Saturn is a strict planet. It requires strict diets, a well-established routine, and diligence when working. Fortunately, these are the things natives with Saturn in the 6th house tend to be naturally good at.

When placed well in the sixth house, it brings order and strictness, as well as self-discipline and resilience that can help a native face any challenging task, no matter how difficult it is.

When a planet of hard work and wisdom comes to the house of service, it creates a dedicated, steady, and hardworking character. It is not uncommon for those with this Saturn placement to enjoy a reputation as a boss or a leader when working with others.

However, the work they do for the community is often very challenging and not for the fainthearted. Because this placement indicates hard work, it is also associated with continuous exhaustion and mental and physical burnouts.

When placed badly, it can indicate proneness to bad habits and a nutrient-deficient diet.  

Compared to Venusian and Jupiterian effects on health, Saturn gives a more slender look and cautions the native to be mindful of what they eat and drink, as the effects of a bad lifestyle are likely to show fast.

Saturn is the planet of elders and wisdom, and it requires a well-established beauty regimen to prevent dry skin, hair, and wrinkles. However, it also rules the ground and botanicals, which can create an interest in organic foods, herbs, and alternative medicine.

Uranus in the 6th House

Uranus does things in a unique way and brings some disturbance into the 6th house of routines and regimens. Most of the time, Uranus placed here will create a need to do things differently, spice up a boring routine, and step out of the comfort zone. This means trying alternative lifestyles, new diets, and bringing innovations into one’s daily life.

Uranus in the 6th house folks don’t like feeling restricted and will have the urge to set their own rules when it comes to schedules, deadlines, and learning new skills.

They like to help others by giving innovative advice, thinking outside the box, and offering inspiration. If they are passionate about social causes, animal rights, and lifestyles in general, rest assured they will be all in.

Unless they are truly invested in offering service and doing their job, a stifling regimen and 9-5 job will feel incredibly restricting. However, because they can frequently find themselves stretched too thin, multitasking, and jumping from one task to another, there is a need to establish a routine to protect one’s health - a task not all with this placement find easy.

A nervous stomach, restless mind, migraines, anxiety, and general nervousness are some of the most common health issues these natives may face. Odd accidents and injuries can also be common.

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Neptune in the 6th House

Dreamy, peaceful Neptune is idealistic, and when found in the house of service, its ideals create a perfect arena to be expressed in a practical way. Folks with this placement love helping others and animals, as well as doing what they can for the environment, especially when Neptune is well aspected.

Neptune sensitizes one’s nervous system, immune system, and body, which often creates troubles with allergies and a sensitivity to various stimuli from the environment. They are very in sync with the world that surrounds them and will be dedicated to making their environment as pleasing as possible.

Being by themselves, spending time in nature, and doing things that help them recharge their batteries will be crucial for maintaining good health.

These people often have a very peculiar taste and vision of how things should be, even when that makes no sense to someone else. Because they are visionaries, they typically do well with routines, as they prefer developing ideas and feeling free rather than being caught up in a mindless routine.

Doing what they don’t like, and being in unhealthy environments for too long can even make them depressed. They would rather do something meaningful, be it at work or offering service, rather than repeating the same task every day.

Pluto in the 6th House

Whatever work or service they do, they do it right or not at all. They're dedicated to not only doing things well but also working smart. Incredible problem solvers, and natural psychologists, they are usually well-respected at work and are seen as incredibly competent.

Pluto likes to feel in power and in control and won’t tolerate environments where they are being controlled or looked at as inferior. If there is a need for change, they will take the reins and make tough decisions, both at work, when working in a team, or at home.

They prefer things their way, even when it comes to little, everyday activities, such as doing spring cleaning or preparing a meal. However, this doesn’t mean they have trouble sticking to a habit. As a matter of fact, these natives are some of the most disciplined and dedicated when sticking to a chosen regimen or a lifestyle.

If they decide to help a cause, they will be all in. They don’t do anything halfway and are invested in any tasks they lay hands on.

Pluto in the 6th house natives are not only hardworking and diligent but also incredibly resilient. Although not typically a beneficial planet, Pluto here gives good immunity and physical stamina.

It is important to learn when to take a break, let loose and detach from a situation, project, or cause to maintain that good health and not push oneself to limits of complete exhaustion.

Final Thoughts

The sixth house sheds light into how we will handle health, habits, daily and regimens in our lives. By understanding how it affects us, we can better navigate life and enjoy our time here.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

Sixth House in Astrology

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