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How to Perform Spells With Crystals for Protection, Love & Money

INSIDE: Many people consider crystals to be magical as they can help us enhance our intentions and desires. Let’s explore a handful of crystal spells to help you create the happiness, love, and prosperity you desire.


Crystals have been used for centuries to deal with both everyday trouble and specific magical applications. Today, we'll be providing solutions to discover what is needed to build a cocoon of protective, nurturing energy around you using magical spells.

But first, let's understand how spells work and why they are performed in the first place.

Why Perform Spells With Crystals? 

Are you a beginner looking forward to learning more about the art of crystal magic? If so, you've come to the right place!

Performing spells with crystals is one of the best ways to tackle all things related to your everyday needs. Crystals work on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, so they can be used to improve any aspect of your life.

When we refer to performing spells with crystals, we are talking about white magic, as we don't believe black magic has any place in our world. White magic is used to do good things for yourself and the world. 

Crystal Magic

Protection Spells With Crystals

Protection spells are powerful ceremonies that create a protective shield around you, your space, and the energies of your house or room. They are said to have been used by shamans and wizards over thousands of years.

Protection spells with crystals can be even more effective when strengthened by the Earth's natural energies.

They can be powerful incantations, mantras, or affirmations that create a web of protective energy around you and your space. When combined with the powers of gemstones, protection spells with minerals create amplified energies.

One way of doing so is by casting a spell during the new moon or after sunset, when the energies of light have subsided. You can use stones such as Pyrite, Black Obsidian, or Black Tourmaline to perform this types of spells.

An Example of Protection Spell With Crystals

Items Needed:

  • Glass or Ceramic jar
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Obsidian
  • Pyrite
  • Half a cup of coffee grounds
  • The names of those wishing you harm written on piece of paper
  • The name of a god or goddess written on a piece of paper

How to Cast:

Place your coffee grounds, your crystals, and the name of the god or goddess you have chosen to protect you in the jar. The two-faced god Janus would be suitable for a protection spell with crystals.

Add the names of those wishing you harm into the mixture and visualize your deity helping to remove these individuals from your life. Once the spell is completed, throw away the mixture far away from home.

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Love Spells With Crystals 

To create a love spell using a pearly pink gemstone, one should also incorporate another stone that represents not only particular affection but also happiness as well. A stone as soft and delicate as the love you seek, like Rose Quartz can definitely bring a bit more spark to your life.

Rose Quartz is not only beautiful; it has also been known to stimulate the heart chakra and, in turn, increase love. Serenity is key when it comes to performing love spells with crystals and attempting to attract one partner over another or strengthening an existing union.

One must be calm for things to go smoothly, so Amethyst is the perfect choice. It will provide serenity and help keep your mind clear. It’s believed that this gemstone promotes general wellness by strengthening the immune system. Additionally, Amethyst improves self-worth since it encourages us to consider how much confidence we truly have within our own romantic relationship or with ourselves. 

An Example of Love Spell With Crystals

Items Needed:

  • Glass or ceramic jar
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz

How to Cast:

The first step for this spell is to write the name of your crush on the paper three times. The number 3 is significant and has spiritual potency, which is where this spell gets its power. It refers to self-expression and exhibiting “wholeness.”

For the next step, write down your intentions with your betrothed. They have to be clear and concise or else the power of the spell will not be effective. Be sure your intentions are positive in nature.

Lastly, fold your paper three times so that it fits perfectly in the jar while visualizing the power of the number 3. Place the crystals on top and seal your jar.

You can choose to store it in a drawer or closet.

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Money Spells With Crystals 

You can activate your crystals in order to cast a money spell by performing the following instructions: Firstly, we need to focus, with a positive attitude, on how we want to see ourselves in the future.

Visualize that the economy no longer affects you because everything you buy seems like it becomes free and all financial problems are a thing of the past. 

We can charge crystals in different ways but creating an alter at night during a new moon period is said to make it very easy to tap into natural energies.

To cast this spell, all that's needed is an Emerald stone (which has been known as an excellent material when trying to end poverty), a green candle (for prosperity), a Jade stone, and gold glitter, which has been used as a symbol of good luck for centuries (in lieu of glitter, you could also use a Pyrite stone).

These crystals used in money spells, can also be worn as an amulet or placed under your mattress or pillow for extra benefit. 

Example of Money Spell With Crystals

Items Needed:

  • Jade
  • Emerald
  • Pyrite (or gold glitter)
  • A green candle (tea-light, taper, pillar, whichever you prefer)
  • A small jar with a cork or screw top
  • $100 dollar bill
  • Powdered cinnamon or cinnamon sticks
  • Cayenne pepper

How to Cast:

The first step for this spell is to set up your crystal spell work area. Begin by cleansing the area with vinegar and proceed to lay out your crystals for energy raising. If you choose so, you may burn incense to cleanse your room.

You can also choose to focus your energy by casting a small salt circle around you. The next step will be meditating on your intentions and clearly visualizing the results you want. For instance, visualize your financial stability as though you have already achieved it.

Lastly, write down this intention on a bay leaf, and place it in the jar with the cinnamon, cayenne pepper, $100 bill, and crystals. Close your jar or you can seal it with wax. 

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Final Thoughts

There are many ways for one to cast a spell. It can be done during an eclipse, under the light of the full moon, the first time it's raining each month, or even the night before payday. When using spells with crystals, keep in mind that we are all connected to Mother Earth, and these rituals will arouse our powers of creativity and understanding.

Crystals are fascinating and beautiful. They are versatile and are used for many different reasons. It's time to tap into your inner magic and discover the spells with crystals that are right for you, to help you live a more satisfying, abundant life.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 


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