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Sparkling Sun Waters: Your Essential Guide to Sun-Charged Water

INSIDE: Air, sunlight, and water are probably the most under-appreciated yet most important things we have access to. Combining two of these essentials to make sun-charged water creates one of the simplest and effective natural healers and energizers known.


H2O, or water, is the primary root of energy on the cellular level. It is one of the main requirements of the human body’s survival, with others being salt, potassium and oxygen. Combined with magnesium, these elements regulate energy as our cells release and absorb fluid.

Increasing the absorption ability and the amount of beneficial elements in our water is a direct and immediate way to boost our health, and we can do just that with sun-charged water.

The list of sun-charged water benefits is a combination of the endless already-know benefits of sunlight and water, with many new advantages being born from their union.

In this article, we’re going to explore this ancient remedy for a better understanding of how two things so common can be paired to make such an effective remedy. 

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What is Sun-Charged Water? 

Sun-charged water has benefits for the hair, skin, and even your brain. But before we dive in to the benefits, we must clearly answer, what is sun-charged water? 

It All Starts With The Sun

Sun-gazing, sunbathing, and the sun's ray in general, are amazingly beneficial for us. Using that same sun to super-charge our water is an ancient practice that has been regaining popularity in recent years.

To put it plainly, sun-charged water is natural spring water (not distilled or de-mineralized) that is infused with over 70 elements and energetic waves from the sun. 

Structured Water vs Dead Water

Leaving your water out in direct sunlight for a few hours (the longer the better) lets the sun’s rays inject these elements and energetic waves into the water, re-structuring and enhancing the molecules of the water, bringing it back to life.

If you’ve never heard of structured water, it is the most beneficial form of water commonly found in fruits and vegetables (and our cells), and it's the most fully absorbed form of water there is.

Deep intra-cellular hydration is possible with structured water because of the sacred geometry of it. 

Most of the water in our bodies is understood to be ‘structured’ in a hexagonal manner, thus enabling the structured water we drink and eat to have the ability to replenish and hydrate the body in a way that is more effective than any other type of water.

Dead water, as opposed to living water, is water that has long been removed from its original source and has sat motionless, thus breaking down and losing its natural hexagonal structure.

The molecules of water are supposed to be in constant motion, flowing smoothly across rocks, down mountains, through all types of natural forms of filtration and along rivers, i.e., ‘alive’. This is the type of water our bodies need.

Benefits of Sun-Charged Water

Sun-Charged Water Benefits 

Whether they be on the inside or on the outside, sun-charged water benefits comprise a long list of much needed daily protections and improvements that are easy to see and feel from the start of use.

All of the following benefits, internal and external, are due to sun-charged water’s abilities to be fully absorbed and remove dead cellular material from your body.

Internal Benefits

The most frequently observed benefit of sun-charged water is increased energy.

Brain function also increases with sun-charged water. This is no doubt due to the increased absorption of water that occurs in the body from sun-charged water enabling our internal organs to complete their never-ending processes much more efficiently.

Another benefit is cell repair. Diseased or damaged cells can cause a myriad of health problems if they are allowed to grow unchecked. Regularly drinking sun-charged water aids in repairing these cells before they have a chance to do do any real harm.

Sun-charged water can carry an abundant amount of sunshine that provides up to 10,000 IU of Vitamin D. As you may or may not know, Vitamin D is very important for immune system regulation and naturally expelling dead cells that have the potential to turn into cancer.

Sun-charged water can also remove toxins, such as radiation and heavy metals from the digestive tract and the circulator system.

External Benefits

For those of you who have been attempting to clear up your skin or make your hair shinier and healthier, sun-charged water can be your secret weapon. It can make your skin appear younger, more toned, glowing, and radiant.

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How to Make Sun-Charged Water

Letting your water sit out in the sun is really the only step in knowing how to make sun-charged water, but there are a few more intricate details to understand in order to enjoy the full benefits.

The Basics

This healing water is made by keeping it in the sunlight for anywhere from 3-9 hours, over a period of 1-3 days.

The best time to start charging is early in the day, and the best time to drink it is also early in the day, although the benefits will still be felt by drinking it any time.

If you are charging over a period of more than one day, be sure to bring your water in at night. This is to avoid the drastic cooling of the night temperature changes.

Common Mistakes

As easy as it is to make sun-charged water, there are a few common mistakes that people inadvertently make.

For starters, make sure you only use glass bottles or jars. Some may think plastic is ok, seeing as how it is clear and still allows for the sun’s rays to penetrate. But the sun’s rays also heat the plastic, and will cause harmful chemicals from the plastic to leech into your water, drastically erasing any benefits that may have come from the sun-charging. 

The temperature of your sun-charged water is also key. Refrigerating your water after charging is a big no-no. The temperature of the water after sitting in the sun’s rays is exactly as it should be and sun-charged water should be consumed directly from out of the sunlight. There is no need to refrigerate it afterwards.

Cold water has been proven to not be as healthy as warm water, and as soon as the water is out of the sun, the process of de-structuring begins and it loses it’s benefits. Sitting in a dark, cold refrigerator, or adding ice isn’t necessary and is not recommended under any circumstances.

How to Make Sun-Charged Water

Final Thoughts 

For those who are familiar with Occam’s razor, this simple approach to charging your water, drinking more water, and ultimately assisting with the root cause of many diseases, which is dehydration, should be a welcome remedy.

All too often, we overlook the simple and direct solutions. Water, air, and sunlight may be the three things we are most exposed to on a daily basis, and that may be why these three are often overlooked as the best cures to most illnesses. 

It’s never too late to reset, regroup, and return to some of our more basic and natural treatments to our problems. Have fun on your journey into sun-charged water!

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