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5 Simple Ways to Spread Positive Energy

INSIDE: Looking for some ways to spread positive energy in the world? Try these ideas today and watch your connections and your circumstances shift into a happier state.


There's nothing like someone who seems to project positive energy wherever they go. Everyone seems to want to be around that person all the time, to the point that it seems like they have a halo over their head.

Even though it may seem like they're just naturally positive, the truth is that being a positive person often comes from setting out to be one. 

Simple Ways to Spread Positivity

It takes a conscious effort to bring positive change to people's lives. If you're looking for ways to spread a little more positivity into the world, here are some of the most simple and straightforward ways to do it.

Love Yourself

It may seem counterintuitive that spreading positivity to others starts with giving to yourself, yet it's the truth. One of the best places to start is with you.

Loving yourself means giving yourself self-care, in all sorts of different ways. For some people that might mean scheduling a massage, while for others it's hiring a charter van service instead of driving somewhere. Maybe you simply need to nourish your body with better foods or put a priority on getting better sleep.

The idea is to give yourself the same amount of love and care as you would to somebody else. By loving yourself, you give others the permission to love themselves the same way.

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Be Encouraging

The more encouraging you are in the world around you, the more positivity you will spread. Tell people you appreciate them each time the opportunity presents itself. Let people know that you recognize their efforts, and say “thank you” whenever you can.

Even though you might not think everyone needs some encouraging words all the time, the truth is that words of encouragement are always needed. 

Everyone is out there fighting a different battle each day, so the more you can let people know you're rooting for them, the more they'll be motivated to continue going.


Any chance you have to smile at someone walking down the street, do it. Even though they might not be smiling at you initially, it's your opportunity to turn their frown into a grin. 

Even the smallest smile has the power to melt other people's hearts, and invite them to smile back. Imagine, if everyone passed on a smile to someone else, what a wonderful world this would be.

Be Grateful

One of the greatest things you can do for yourself and the world around you is to practice gratitude. The truth is that people are so wrapped up in thinking about what they want and what they could have in life, that they forget to take the time to be grateful for what they already have.

Try to take time every single day to think about what you're grateful for, and don't be afraid to express it. It will remind other people in the world to do the same.

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Wear Crystal Jewelry

When we wear healing crystal jewelry, not only do we get to enjoy the high frequencies it puts off, but we bring them into our aura so that others who come in contact with us can enjoy them as well. Plus, people will notice and comment on the jewelry, which brings further awareness to the beauty it is putting out.

Final Thoughts

With these 5 simple ideas, you can bring a lot of light into the world. If more people did these things, the world would be a much happier place. It all starts with you!

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