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What Chakra is Green & Why? Understanding Heart Chakra Color

INSIDE: Guided by love, the heart helps us show compassion, kindness, acceptance, and joy in the world around us. The heart is what chakra is green, and understanding how this color energizes and balances us equips us to love and connect on deeper levels with ourselves and others.


The color green has a complicated reputation. Kermit the Frog explained his trademark color as not easy to be. When we feel envy, disgust, or nauseous, we metaphorically turn green. Yet, the way we see green the most in our daily lives is through nature, which is a sign of health and growth in the plants that nurture us.

In fact, the color green has an important quality that allows us to recognize health verses signs of danger.

In the spectrum of light – or in this case let’s think of it as a cycle, like in the color wheel – green, and its range of hues that approach blue, lies opposite to red. Painters call red and green complementary colors.

This pairing actually has a life-saving application.

Although not explicitly stated as the reason doctors and nurses in hospitals often wear green scrubs, especially during surgery, many researchers suggest that the color serves a purpose – to help tune surgeons’ eyes to what’s inside our body.

Since many of our organs share a shade of red (thanks to blood), doctors grow desensitized or distracted by waves of red, and the color green resets their vision to keep it sharp to the red varieties in the body.

That’s an amazing way to understand green chakra meaning, too!

We so often think of red as the color for love, and if that's the case, then green perfectly complements it so that we can be attuned to healthy, thriving love in our lives.

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What Chakra is Green?

That last point was actually a big hint to answer this question. The heart chakra finds healing and activation through green color healing.

The Heart Chakra Color

When we think about our chakra system, we locate each node along an energetic pole parallel to our spine. Our heart chakra then is situated centrally within our chest, a focus of energy beneath our sternum, between our lungs, adjacent to our hearts.

Knowing the heart as the answer to "what chakra is green" makes sense. Green evokes growth and well-being in many ways:

  • We think of green technology as good for the planet
  • Healthy, lush plants beam hues of green
  • Leafy greens and green smoothies nourish our physical health

So what is it about the color green that makes it so good for the heart chakra?

The heart chakra feeds our sense of interconnectedness with other beings and forces in the universe. It enables us to evoke compassion and love within and outside of ourselves.

We can imagine the power of green on the heart by taking a look at the relationship plants have with humans. Plants, those mighty beings of green, provide so much to humans (and animals and other creatures): sustenance, clean air, and healthy soil.

If we take an honest look at our interaction with plants, we can see that we take a lot more from them than we give. Even so, plants continue to “love” us by growing and doing the work they're meant to do – a beautiful metaphor for compassion and unconditional kindness. 

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Bridging the Upper and Lower Chakras

Green combines equal parts of yellow and blue, which means that in its range of hues, it can also contribute to the balance of the solar plexus and the throat chakra.

Through the solar plexus, we gain a full sense of our identity and abilities. Green helps us find a way to shine our true selves into the world in service to others and to draw in love. The throat chakra allows us to communicate our calling and our desires clearly and compassionately, informed by a healthy heart chakra that infuses kindness into our words.

While this is an important bridge that the heart chakra and green healing builds, the heart as a central node of the chakra system provides an even greater connection. It guides the energy of our lower chakras into the upper chakras that draw us closer to the divine.

When we fully understand our human needs and fortify our earthly roots in the lower chakras, we can then shift our focus to exploring spiritual questions from our soul. In order to embody this in the world, we depend on what chakra is green. The heart chakra gives us the space to meld these two aspects of our existence together.

Heart Chakra Color Meaning

With a focus on love and relationships, we can interpret green’s application on the heart as a tool to connect deeper with who we are and with those who bring us inspiration and joy.

Physical Connection to What Chakra is Green

In our physical body, the heart chakra obviously corresponds to our mighty organ, the heart. It also relates to the lungs and our chest and shoulder muscles.

When balanced and energized, this chakra aids in healthy circulation, good lung and breathing capacity, and a strong upper body. Circulation plays a critical role in our immune system, carrying red and white blood cells throughout the body, an important pathway when we fight illness or disease.

By recognizing what chakra is green, we can watch for signs in our physical sensations that suggest the need for color healing and focus on the heart. Poor circulation and difficulty breathing are incredibly serious indications that the heart needs major attention (including medical care).

Less severe signs, like bad, slouchy posture that tries to surround rather than open the heart space, indicate a need to engage in self-love and nurture our individuality and roots.

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Mental Connections 

Our brain and our heart are often put at odds. Which one should we follow?

But there’s no need to think of them so separately because we know that our chakra system carries energy throughout the circuit. That means our heart impacts our thoughts, and vice versa.

So, it's important to identify the mental currents fed by answering what chakra is green. A healthful, balanced heart chakra offers us a sense of freedom in our thoughts. We can exercise good reasoning to understand how we connect to others. We can also identify connections between people’s actions and their own relationship to themselves.

Our thoughts in the heart chakra also revolve around sending positive affirmations to ourselves. When we find it out of balance, we begin to berate ourselves and lose patience in what we perceive as our shortcomings rather than acknowledging other aspects of our abilities that make us uniquely suited to connect to others.

Other problems arise in our relationships as we grow demanding of our partners or our friends but also critical of the way they give and show love for us. 

Emotional Signs of Green Chakra Meaning

When the heart chakra radiates peace and love, it has found its emotional strength. Empathy and compassion shine from the heart. We experience the fullest expression of love that energizes and protects us.

Through self, friendly, and intimate loves, we can articulate and respect the boundaries that keep us healthy and thriving. This isn’t limiting, but rather brings awareness and respectful of ours and the unique qualities that bring us together. By acknowledging this, we build trust and peace that carries us above fear and doubt.

“The grass is always greener on the other side” pinpoints the problems that can arise in relation to what chakra is green.

In the absence of love and trust, we simmer with jealousy. We’re unable to maintain healthy boundaries, seeking out what’s on the other side. Rather than accessing compassion, we find ourselves judging others and elevating our ego to narcissistic levels.

Spiritual Meaning in Heart Chakra Color

The spiritual depths of answering "what chakra is green" unlocks our hearts to find love in a divine power. Given that the heart chakra thrives on connection, we can start to realize the spiritual forces that guide us and care for us.

Spiritual love rests in unconditional acceptance. By paying attention to our spirits, we discover the willingness to pursue love, wether for ourselves, the divine, or others. Our heart identifies the individual ways we experience soul connection.

The heart chakra needs green healing when we refuse to believe in the unexplainable. Rather than acknowledge the mysteries of the universe, we obsess over our physical being. We push ourselves away from others, isolating and experiencing the grief of absent love.

green chakra meaning

Final Thoughts 

The heart plays a powerful role in our chakras, tethering the lower realms that help us come to terms with our humanity with the upper reaches that transport us to greater existence. By understanding what chakra is green, we can better understand our natural drive to love and connect with humans, nature, and the universe beyond.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

What Chakra is Green

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