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Yellow Crystals for Confidence, Creativity & Vibrant Energy

INSIDE: When you have yellow crystals by your side, you can expect to experience greater levels of confidence, energy, and creativity. Read on to learn more!


Self-confidence is so much more than just believing in oneself. One of the many studies published by Positive Psychology has confirmed that healthy self-confidence has a positive correlation with better health, better social life, and better performance in procession.

That being said, by changing how we see ourselves, we can change all other aspects of our lives.

Practicing a shift in perspective takes time, and it is a very human experience to find it difficult to love ourselves sometimes.

What can help us on this path of self-acceptance is the healing energy of yellow crystals. Let's discover what they are all about!

The Symbolism Of Yellow Crystals

Self-worth, courage, and vitality are just some of the key elements connected to the healing energy of the color yellow. 

Yellow crystals support identity and self-expression. Connected to the Sun, they are connected to our power. They resonate with authenticity and honesty, both with ourselves and others.

Because of these properties, they are deeply connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Yellow is the color of joy and creativity, and so these crystals spark our enthusiasm and excitement. They carry the symbolism of joy, happiness, and friendliness.

Their meaning is deeply entwined with our sense of self and what truly makes us happy.

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What Makes Yellow Gemstones So Healing?

When our solar plexus chakra is unbalanced, we struggle with accepting ourselves. We can be harsh and self-critical, deeming ourselves unworthy.

Our belief system works to sabotage us and keep us small, and so we find it difficult to embrace our individuality. We remain stay stuck with feelings of guilt, shame, or remorse.

When the solar plexus is blocked, we are often afraid of rejection and at the same time, we reject ourselves. We find it difficult to defend ourselves, say no, and escape the victim mentality.

Our boundaries are not clear, and many times, we do things that are not beneficial for us for the sake of acceptance or because of fear. We allow others to take the lead, and sometimes, we even end up being taken for granted. 

Every time we feel like we are not good enough and begin to engage in self-sabotaging behavior, our solar plexus chakra is closed off to positive energy. 

Thankfully, yellow gemstones can help.

Willpower & Empowerment

Yellow crystals are crystals of willpower and this helps us get in the driving seat and lead our life unapologetically, the way it feels natural and good for us.

We are able to feel like leaders in our own lives and can stop following the crowd if what they are doing isn't in alignment with who we are. We feel empowered and all of this brings us a sense of true fulfillment and joy.

Creativity & Confidence

Because these crystals support freedom of thought expression, they promote creative endeavors, new projects, and ideas, but they also help us embrace our sexuality and physicality.

That being said, they are known to be wonderful confidence boosters, helping us feel amazing in our skin and enhancing our attractiveness. When we love who we are, we will find that things simply fall into place without us having to fight for love, approval, or appreciation.

Success & Wealth

Yellow crystals help us heal the part of ourselves that we think is unacceptable, so we can accept it and lovingly embrace it. Naturally, this boosts our leadership skills, too. This can spill not only into the professional arena but also into our personal life.

When we live authentically, we naturally become better diplomats, unafraid to take leaps of faith or make changes. We become less afraid to take charge and make decisions.  Because of that, these stones are known to be incredibly potent in attracting wealth and prosperity.

Success becomes more attainable and we find ourselves encouraged to pursue our ambitions. These crystals can help us become more responsible, organized, and balanced.

Balance & Going With the Flow

We learn to follow our gut instincts, instead of relying on outside approval. This sparks independence and creates space for greater clarity and perception.

These crystals help us overcome the tendency to intellectualize events, so that we can simply learn to live in the moment.

By doing so, yellow stones help us establish a strong mental and emotional balance, so we are not so easily shaken by doubt. They can help us become incredibly decisive, organized, and determined.

Identity & Authenticity

This energy encourages us to explore and then express who we are, without fear of judgment. High vibrations like this helps remove anything that doesn’t serve our greatest good, such as self-criticism or pessimism.

Yellow gemstones are particularly healing regarding all matters related to our identity, who we are at our core of being. They give us the courage to express this personal uniqueness and learn to stand tall, accepting, and loving who we are.

Self-respect gets amplified, and so does our confidence. This energy heals the fear of rejection, and we find it easier to understand that our worth is not defined by others.

We can shift our belief system and create a new, much healthier one that celebrates and cherishes us, instead of harming us.

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Balanced Relationships

Since they amplify our strength and willpower, these crystals provide great protection against aggression that is directed towards us. By amplifying our power, we are able to stand up for ourselves and remove ourselves from any toxic environment or relationships.

These crystals support self-worth, but not harshness, arrogance, or egocentric behavior. Instead, they help balance our relationships, making us aware of the roles that we play.

Digestion & Immunity

Yellow healing stones are also beneficial for our health. They help reduce any digestion and stomach issues and can improve the immune system.

How To Choose The Right One For You?

Yellow crystals support our truest self and are here to help us express it. Here are some of the most potent ones that can help you on your journey.


Citrine Geode

Citrine is a powerful confidence-booster, but it is also a stone of manifestation. Its energy makes it easier to believe in ourselves. It raises our vibration so we can attract positive people and circumstances.

Making us feel radiant, Citrine motivates and energizes, gifting us with a sense of drive and a desire for achievement. Not only do we feel more driven, but we are also able to see our life and ourselves in a more positive light.

Incredibly uplifting, Citrine reminds us of the true value of joy, inspiring us to be creative and move toward our goals. Instead of feeling stifled, we can embrace our power and own it.

This confidence boost also has a positive effect on our courage, making Citrine a stone that helps us ditch the fear and limiting beliefs.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is here to help us embrace our inner power and ditch self-doubt. Its energy is particularly powerful when we are trying to set goals and follow them.

This crystal offers great support when we need more discipline and helps us find the inner strength to persevere when we need to.

It has a direct effect on our energy levels and stamina, and this helps us stick to our commitments and ultimately supports us when we are working to make our dreams come true.

Through raising our self-confidence, Yellow Jasper helps us overcome shyness, guilt, and feelings of inadequacy.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is widely acknowledged for its ability to instill willpower and help us move forward in life. This is an incredibly protective stone, that not only gives us courage and confidence but also protects us from bad energy and aggression.

As it removes blockages, it teaches us to trust our gut instinct and have more faith in ourselves. It helps ground our dreams and gives us discipline that’s necessary for grounding our ambitions in reality.

Tiger’s Eye helps us become more practical in our endeavors, but also encourages us to stand in our integrity. It gives us inner strength, that can help us conquer whatever we have set our minds on.

As a result, we feel more empowered and find it easier to establish healthy boundaries with those around us.

Yellow Quartz

Yellow Quartz

This vibrant stone is here to gift us greater optimism and faith. Yellow Quartz is an uplifting stone that energizes us and helps us make positive changes in our lives.

Its energy makes us feel safe, worthy, and accepted for who we are. This results in increased self-worth and helps us ditch self-deprecating attitudes that make us feel unworthy.

This is one of the yellow crystals that helps us regenerate, which makes it particularly helpful for people who tend to overextend themselves.

Yellow Quartz inspires creativity and is one of the best stones to have when we are looking for innovative solutions to problems.


Natural Amber

Amber is a stone associated with the tiger spirit. Its energy can help us find courage and inner strength when we feel weak or unmotivated. It helps balance the emotional and the rational, creating a sense of greater inner confidence.

Amber helps us persevere and stay focused on the task, even when we had previously found it challenging. This helps us develop patience, without losing motivation.

The energy of this crystal is warm and empowering, so it will do a lot for those who struggle with self-acceptance or shyness.

Because it helps us gain a clearer vision and eliminate fears, it is also helpful for setting goals and overcoming identity crisis.

Final Thoughts About Yellow Stones

With these yellow crystals, you can support yourself with energies that make your life more vibrant, helping you to come alive and feel radiant. 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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