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Understanding Clairsentience: What is it, What Types Are There & Am I Clairsentient

INSIDE: What is clairsentience? This psychic ability involves feeling and sensing subtle energies or emotions. Are you wondering, "Am I clairsentient?" Let's find out!


Do you ever feel like you have a strong intuition or "gut feeling" about something without any logical explanation? Or maybe you've experienced sudden mood changes when you go to certain places or are around certain people.

If so, you may be gifted with the psychic ability of clairsentience. This talent will allow you to sense subtle energies coming from the spiritual realm, allowing you to pick up on the vibes of the environment and people in your life.

In this article, we'll explore the different types of clairsentience and go over some helpful signs that will tell you if you have this extraordinary gift so you can finally answer the question, “Am I clairsentient?”

What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience is a psychic ability that gives people a heightened sensitivity. As a result, they are able to sense subtle energies, vibes, and emotions that transcend the physical realm.

People gifted with clairsentience have a strong intuition or gut feeling. At the same time, they are able to pick up on the energy of their surroundings, objects, and people, even when those people aren't alive or in the same room.

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How Does Clairsentience Work?

This unique psychic ability works by tapping into the subtle vibrations and energy fields of all things in the universe. These individuals have invisible antennae that allow them to perceive subtle changes in their environment, people, and objects. 

Types of Clairsentience  

Clairsentience can manifest in a variety of ways, depending on the person and their unique energy. Some of these gifted individuals have a natural talent for sensing objects, while others may be more attuned to people's emotions. 

Let's explore some of the different types of clairsentience and how it can manifest...

Emotional Clairsentience

Emotional clairsentience refers to the ability to sense the subtle emotional states of the people around you. This type of clairsentience manifests itself in sudden mood swings, depending on the people you are with.

These individuals may feel anxious when spending time with negative or overly intense people. Those with this gift can also easily empathize with others and provide comfort or support.

These people are often referred to as empaths.

Physical Clairsentience

People with this type of intuition can feel physical sensations. For example, they may feel sudden pain in a certain part of their body, even when there is no illness or injury.

These pains can provide information about heavy energy in their environment. They can also sense temperature changes without checking the weather. 

Intuitive Clairsentience

Intuitive clairsentience refers to the unique ability to perceive information without using one's physical senses. These gifted individuals are able to make accurate predictions about future events and people's personalities, even if they don't know them well.

Psychometric Clairsentience

People gifted with psychometric clairsentience can sense information about an object by feeling it with their hands. They might have a sudden surge of images or emotions when they pick up physical objects or even certain places they walk through. These emotions are usually more compelling when traumatic events have occurred in these places.

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Am I Clairsentient? How to Tell

Now that you know the answer to, "What is clairsentience?" and the different types of clairsentience, do you feel like you might be gifted with this psychic ability?

Take a look at these different signs to better determine if you are clairsentient...

You Are Highly Empathetic

Clairsentients are often extraordinarily empathetic. This means that they are highly sensitive and can feel the emotions of others as if those emotions were their own. 

You Have a Strong Intuition

Clairsentients are highly intuitive. Therefore, if you rely on your gut feelings to make decisions, and your hunches are usually right, then you are probably gifted with this skill.

You Feel Physical Sensations Unrelated to Any Illness or Injury

As mentioned above, psychics can feel sensations such as pain, tingling, pressure, or warmth in their bodies when they are around certain people or situations. If you have the same experience and can't find a medical explanation for it, then you are probably psychic.

Pay attention to these hunches, as they can give you valuable information about the events that occurred around that object or place. 

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You Are Sensitive to Energy

Clairsentients are highly sensitive to the energy of their surroundings and the people with whom they connect. They may feel drained after being around pessimistic people or when spending too much time in hostile or crowded environments.

You Experience Sudden Changes in Mood or Energy

If you tend to change moods very suddenly for no apparent reason, it may be because you are able to pick up on the subtle shifts coming from the spiritual realm.

You Are Good at Reading People

Can you read people quickly and guess their true intentions and emotions, even if you don't know them well? This is a clear sign that you have this powerful gift.

If these traits don't really fit, but you still feel you have a psychic gift, perhaps you are intuitive in one of these ways: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairalience, or clairgustance.

Final Thoughts  

By understanding clairsentience, we can recognize and appreciate the unique abilities of those who possess this gift, including ourselves.

If you have always felt that you have something different than others, you are not alone. Your heightened intuition and sensitivity are precious gifts that will allow you to connect with the spiritual realm.

By learning about the different types of clairsentience, you can better understand your abilities and connect with others who are equally gifted. At the same time, it may allow you to further develop your clairsentience skills and use them to make a positive difference in the world.

So if you're wondering if you or someone you know might be clairsentient, consider exploring this fascinating aspect of intuition and psychic ability.

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Understanding Clairsentience

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