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Healing With Spiritual Writing: Understanding Writing as a Spiritual Practice

INSIDE: Have you been considering writing as a spiritual practice? If you love writing, it's one of the most rewarding things you can do. Let's dive into this fun topic.


Writing is always related to the work of spirit and endless mental searching and dedication. It works differently for every person, but the love we put into it if often similar. That's why so many people all over the world use writing as a spiritual practice.

Personal journals, reflective writing as a practice, and modern blogs have become the norm, demonstrating a general love for writing. The trick is allowing the inner spirit to estimate, evaluate, and connect the dots as we brainstorm various ideas and do our best to put them on paper.

It's a creative process that takes time and effort. For this type of work, there aren't any benchmarks of what is right or wrong as long as you keep moving forward and continue pushing yourself towards new horizons.

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Writing Helps Us Heal

When you are planning to approach writing as a spiritual practice, it is always about being able to listen, noticing essential things around you, and sharing your personal experience. You must stay honest and connect with the reader as you help them find the right mental balance and achieve inner peace.

There should be no forcing because happiness shouldn't be pre-programmed or brought to the common value. When you talk about your challenges and go through certain events (or trips down memory lane), there is always some type of healing that takes place, even if it is just learning to understand yourself in a deeper way.

As you transform your writing skills into words on paper, the healing process takes place. That's where you can find peace and reconciliation with your feelings as you learn how to explain and listen to your spiritual being.

It will not always be easy and you might feel like giving up, but it is your creative sparkle that will help you see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Should I Implement Academic Writing Practices?  

The answer to this question depends on what you would like to achieve. When we connect the term "academic" with spiritual writing practices, it does not mean we should keep things official or robotic. The heart of your writing should be there because if you miss the ray of light that comes from the inside, even the most polished writing will not do much.

Still, your grammar, structure of your writing, style, and spelling should be top-notch. Pay extra attention to any mistakes you make as you write and be sure to deliver your message clearly. That's why most writers use professional editors or ask an expert to proofread what they write.

If it sounds too challenging and you don't know where to start, you can browse through Top Writers Review, which provides honest guidelines as you write.

As you receive corrections and suggestions, remember that some critique never hurts. Look at it as a way to improve your writing abilities. Even then, work on your style and ask for clarifications if something sounds unclear. It will help you build confidence as you write and work out your personal style.

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Does Spiritual Writing Have to Be Religious?

No, not necessarily! When we talk about "spiritual writing," it means that it shows the work of your spirit, whether that's expressing your faith and the things you believe in. These things often come out through adjectives, allegories, metaphors, comparisons, and events from your life that may make others laugh or cry.

You can talk about your work as a car repair mechanic and describe different people you meet or focus on the different types of lemons that make your garden look unique. If you want to talk about spiritual healing with crystals, let your words flow. The sky is the limit!

You don't have to limit yourself to a single subject and you don't have to place yourself in a niche unless you want to talk to a specific target audience. Spiritual writing is about freedom of expression when you keep your mind open and follow what you believe in.

Reflection is The Key

The most important thing when it comes to writing as a spiritual practice is to learn how to reflect on your emotions and become a powerful mirror of your spirit.

Remember that this skill isn't mastered in a day or a week because we are always growing and achieving new heights. 

Let's say you want to talk about a dream you had or you want to write a review about cosmic jewelry as a part of spiritual practice. Start with a mental outline and take notes about those things that come to your mind. You can make drawings, use digital voice recorders, or compose bulleted lists. Whatever rocks your creative boat should be used to the full extent.

Follow your heart and listen to your spirit as it will take you higher and help you heal and reflect as you write. Reflection in writing means diving deep inside of yourself, turning to personal examples, and telling what and how you feel by sensing the cosmic energy and using the art of storytelling.

Remember that you are unique, and your writing should reflect that. Let your inner spirit guide you. Keep yourself enthusiastic, and remember that the true art of spiritual writing is bringing the spirit of the child's innocence and truthfulness into every word that you express. Be like a child and follow your dreams!

Take one step at a time and always give yourself credit because you are already starting a beautiful journey of the spirit.

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Eric Wyatt is always happy to share his writing skills as he focuses on anything from the analysis of the forces of nature and spirituality to academic assistance for students that seek help. His writing is fun and accessible, even when he talks about complex concepts or tries to explain metaphysics. Eric believes that the greatest reward is when he makes his readers feel inspired and creative, which is exactly what he strives to achieve.

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Healing With Spiritual Writing

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