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4 Alluring Black Crystals and Why These Mysteries Deserve More Love

INSIDE: Black crystals are known for their ability to protect and ground us, yet they are each unique in their own way. Let's dive into four of these black beauties to see what each one has in store for us.


The beauty of crystals is undeniable. Each one is different and can attract the eye and interest of anyone who has the pleasure to come across one. The vibrant bright crystals often steal the spotlight because of their aesthetic wonder which is a huge factor in determining which crystal is right for you.

While this is true, how a crystal vibrates with your very being is far more important if you intend on using it to improve your quality of life.

It is easy to be surprised by the allure of those fascinating, mysterious black crystals and for good reason. Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she put them here on the earth. Each type of black crystal is unique in it's own way, but they all share similar characteristics as well that put them in a class of their own. 

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The Mystery and Allure of Black Crystals and Why They Deserve Far More Love

Without further adieu, lets dive head first into some black beauties from Mother Nature...

Black Tourmaline: The Protector

Ah yes... Physical Protection? Check. Spiritual Protection? Check. Emotional Protection? Check. You name it, Black Tourmaline will make you much more able to tackle it. Debatably the most protective crystal there is, you don't have to look very long into gemstones to stumble across this popular tool.

Not only does it protect you from negativity, it TRANSFORMS it into positive energy! Very few things on this blue dot we call "Earth," other than love and mindset, has the power to do this! Definitely something handy to have with you during life's tough moments. You can wear black tourmaline to bring this transformative energy into every situation, carry it around with you like a sword into battle, or keep it in a particular place where you need it the most. Whether it be your workspace, your bedroom, your transportation, or in your pocket; Black Tourmaline will serve you well.

Here is a video that goes into further detail about the power and majesty of Black Tourmaline...

Black Obsidian: Potent Mystical Medicine

Very few things on this earth contain the powerfully intense presence of the Black Obsidian gemstone. Amazingly cleansing, Black Obsidian strips away the aspects of the ego that hold you back from actualizing your full potential. If your soul is in need of an energetically cleansing bath, which all of ours can be from time to time, no tools are more effective than Black Obsidian.

This crystal dissolves fear of the unknown and allows you to thrive in conditions where you would otherwise feel crippled in. Think of it as a spiritual mirror where you can evaluate yourself honestly, keep the good, and shed away the bad like a serpent's skin. But don't just take my word for it, it was central to the Mayans' technology and way of life. They would make mirrors, weapons, and pretty much everything out of it and it is still used today in modern surgical tools. This is a gemstone that isn't going anywhere and is ingrained in our very DNA as humans.

Go get what you want out of this life and empower yourself with some Black Obsidian!

Here is a video about some of the unique benefits of the truly special and mysterious black obsidian healing stone...

Black Onyx: The Health Generator

Dusk... A time we experience every day when darkness gives way to the light. Black Onyx carries the energy of the dusk and brings light to the ever-present darkness of our human existence. It strengthens and transforms us from the inside out. It is one of the best gemstones to use for igniting a spiritual awakening and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Black Onyx helps to remove self-doubt, anxiety, and everyday stress. Definitely an essential gemstone to have around in these troubling times.

Black Onyx is also a powerhouse crystal for physical and emotional health. It promotes wound healing, healthy skin, hair, nails, and teeth as well as supports ear and eye conditions! Black Onyx is hugely under appreciated and would make an excellent addition to anyone who cares about their general wellbeing. 

Black Jasper: The Nurturer

Black Jasper is a calming, soothing presence particularly in times of stress, disarray, and disharmony. While it mostly has a subtle, gentle energy; it springs into action when it comes in contact with negativity and powerfully alters the bad energy at the source. It is the ultimate stone of balance and encourages both yin and yang to work harmoniously in your life.

It also cancels out EMFs, electromagnetic pollution, and radiation. It is a great tool for gathering knowledge and experience and promotes courage, perseverance, and fearlessness in uncertain times. The perfect anti-anxiety and anti-stress crystal.


Sometimes in life, we find what we are looking for in the last place we thought to look. Incorporate these black beauties into your life and you will not regret it.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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