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Ancient Knowledge: Your Guide To Mayan Astrology

INSIDE: If you're intrigued with the ancient Mayans, you're likely interested in how they came up with their famous calendar. This article dives into Mayan astrology, and what you can learn from it about yourself. 


Although very old, archeological discoveries and modern science have discovered that Mayans were ahead of their time in many ways.

For instance, amazing research published by National Geographic shows that the mysterious Mayan culture was as advanced as Greek or Chinese culture of the time, if not more developed. 

Mayans had unique techniques and methods for foreseeing events and changes in nature. The accuracy of known techniques, as tested today, have proven to be applicable in today’s day and age.

Mayan astrology is one of those instances, and it's pretty intriguing. Let's dive into this ancient practice and learn more about it...

What is Mayan Astrology?

One thing's for sure - this is not the astrology we see on the last pages of the magazine. It’s not a zodiac, it doesn’t have zodiac signs or 12 houses, and it’s not about aspects in a natal chart.

This system is ancient and is based on yearly calculations that divide a year into twenty equal periods. 

These ancient astrological principles are based on the Tzolkin, or the Mayan Astro Calendar. This Calendar consists of 20-day signs and 13 Galactic numbers.

Calculated together, this forms a 260 day Mayan year. Instead of the four astrology elements we see in modern Western Astrology, the Mayan system associates day signs with sides of the world.

Zodiac Stones

What Makes Up Mayan Astrology?

To understand and interpret the Mayan Tzolkin and decode what their astrology can say about our personalities, we need to explore a few key elements. These are Day Signs, the Mayan Year, the Trecena, Galactic Tone, Lords of The Night, and the planet Venus.

Let's look at each of these in more detail...

Mayan Day Signs

A Mayan month has 20 days, in which each day is associated with a specific sign. We can look at Mayan day signs as Mayan equivalents of Zodiac Sun signs.

These signs reveal our basic personality and who we are at our core. Day signs can indicate our life purpose and enlighten us to our talents but also our weak spots.

When someone asks what your Mayan sign is, this is what they are referring to. 

Mayan Year

Compared to our typical year, the Mayan year is a long period and consists of 260 days. Each day in a cycle of 20 days is associated with specific personality traits. 

While day signs are more specific and personal, the Mayan year can show us generational characteristics of people born in one year.

Your Mayan year, which implies what defines one generation, can be compared to Jupiterian and Saturnian influence in modern astrology. 

The Trecena

The trecena represents secondary qualities in Mayan astrology or secondary traits. Trecena signs are similar to Moon signs in modern astrology, in the sense that they play an important role in defining personality traits.

Tzolkin includes 20 groups of 13 Mayan sign days. Combined with the main day signs, they make a more personalized Astro profile of a person.

That means that our persona, according to Ancient Mayas, is a combination of a few factors, one of which is the Trecena sign.

Mayan Astrology Signs

Galactic Tone

Now let’s get into more detail. Apart from the generational qualities (day signs, and Trecena), there are 13 Galactic tones that are attributed to each individual based on their date of birth.

Similar to numerology, as the name implies, Galactic tones add a "tone" to the Mayan signs' general traits. The galactic tone implies the purpose and life path a person is destined to follow.

Lords of The Night

Mayas also used to divide Tzolkin into groups of nine days. Each of those was associated with a certain Lord of the Night, or Lord of the hidden and the underworld.

Lords of the night represent our subconscious mind, our fears, hidden urges, and desires. They can be associated with the "id" part of ourselves, or the instinctive, raw, and animalistic nature that is inside of us.

Planet Venus

Similar to the symbolism of Venus we are familiar with today, the Mayans used the transits of Venus to predict one's social standing and role in society.

Every Venus cycle is made of four periods and each carries a specific social meaning, defining one's role in the community.


Mayan Astrology Signs

Each day is part of a cycle, and this cycle starts with the first-day sign and ends with the twentieth-day sign. For instance, day 1 is associated with the East, day 2 with North, day 3 with West, and day 4 with South.

Day 5 will then be associated with the East and the cycle will continue in the same manner. You may wonder, why are these directions so important?

Well, just like the elements in our modern astrology, Mayas believed that each direction can be associated with certain qualities and personality traits.

  • East - As the Sun rises, so do new ideas. Signs associated with the East will be bold, innovative, and assertive, ready to lead the way. These would be people who are not afraid of challenges and who like to be active and start new things.
  • North - These natives are rational, clear-minded, and skillful. They are rarely led astray by emotions. Instead, they are logical problem solvers, who, just like the North, may appear distant and cold.
  • West - These are people's people who like harmony, balance, and cooperation. West day signs are team-builders who have innovative and philosophical minds.
  • South - Signs of the South are emotional, intense people who feel and love deeply. They listen to their heart and intuition and are often spiritual people who are not afraid to dive into the world of ideas and feelings

Because Mayan time is a bit different than ours, calculating your sign can be a tricky mathematical task. Therefore, to ensure accuracy, try a Mayan Sign Calculator.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the Mayan astrology signs and their meanings.


Direction: East

Gemstone: Red Jasper

The crocodile symbolizes the first day in the Mayan calendar and it represents new beginnings and ideas. People born under this sign are true firecrackers, driven and energetic.

This is the sign that’s not afraid of changes or challenges and points to assertiveness and a bold attitude towards life. Once they set their sight on a goal, Crocodile-born people will use their creativity and incredible intelligence to achieve it.

The Crocodile sign in Mayan astrology is associated with people who have a unique talent of connecting the old and the new and are great at applying universal wisdom to make something tangible.

Although sometimes domineering, if they put their energy to use wisely and tune in to their more altruistic side rather than their self-serving drive, they can truly make a significant change in the world.

Lords of the Night


Direction: North

Gemstone: Sodalite

The second day sign, Wind, is an invisible driving force. It describes people of incredible personal power, great awareness, and a cunning mind.

Those born under this sign are adaptable and flexible, which makes them not only great communicators but also very likable people who have a lot of interesting thoughts to share. They are open-minded and have strong ideals and beliefs that they live by.

Because their mind constantly creates new mental concepts, they may struggle with indecisiveness and may be too idealistic to their own detriment.

These are thoughtful, animated, and multifaceted people who will oftentimes have a lot of hobbies and interests but forget to give themselves enough credit for what they’ve achieved.


Direction: West

Gemstone: Snowflake Obsidian

House is all about connecting the opposites, maintaining tradition, and a system of values, but it is also about overcoming outdated beliefs.

People born under this sign know how to bridge the gap between past traditions and futuristic ideas, inspiring change. With this approach, they are said to be strong characters, able to achieve a lot.

Not only that, but they frequently play role models for those around them, even without being aware of it. House people in Mayan tradition are loyal friends and companions and they're one of the best advice-givers and counselors there are.

Blending opposites, they frequently have a very youthful disposition and optimism, while carrying immense amounts of wisdom from the old.

Solid like a house, these natives will be grounded and stable, although at times private and struggling to find the right path to follow, due to their dual nature.


Direction: South

Gemstone: Dumortierite

Lizard is the fourth day sign and it symbolizes life force and alluring sexual energy that drives us forward. These are passionate people with a profound lust for life.

Their presence is energizing and they are alluring and are known for being natural animators and entertainers. Such a passionate nature often demands freedom of expression and freedom to live authentically, which is something these natives truly need in order to feel fulfilled.

Restrictions and limitations are simply not their forte. However, although they value their independence, once they form a bond that matters to them, they develop healthy bonds and do everything they can to nourish such relationships.

Although dynamic and brave, those born under the Lizard sign can sometimes be overbearing and non-compromising. This can bring them success and achievement in the career department but is something to be aware of in personal relationships. 

Amethyst Geodes


Direction: East

Gemstone: Amethyst

People born under the Serpent sign are the altruists among us. Highly empathetic, these folks are sensitive to other people, being highly considerate to those around them.

They feel deeply, and their compassionate nature will often ignite a deep desire to help others who are less fortunate. However, although emotional and merciful, these are people with strong characters who are willing to fight for what they believe in.

Although their reactions can sometimes be strong, they think with their heart and are in touch with their intuition, which helps them navigate the world in a unique, loving way.

They are natural-born psychologists and counselors gifted with both depth and charisma. While they have the ability to dive deep into the human psyche, sometimes they may find it difficult to stay objective in highly-charged situations.


Direction: North

Gemstone: Carnelian

In Mayan astrology, Death symbolizes transformation and the ability for spiritual transformation and rebirth. These people are highly intellectual, spiritual, and have a generally calm disposition.

They are practical and helpful, and this nature can make them take a lot on their plate and push through challenges as few people can. Because of their selfless and wise nature, but they also carry a deep sense of responsibility, and this makes them natural counselors, mediators, and advisors.

A native-born under this sign will likely have a life full of change, and as they mature will develop a strong ability to adapt to ups and downs in life. Because they are warm with others and give generously, their charisma and intellect can take them far in life, helping them to be good leaders and highly-respected co-workers.

Because of their sacrificial nature, they can sometimes exhaust themselves with burdens that are or should have not been theirs to carry.


Direction: West

Gemstone: Amazonite

People born under the Deer sign are eccentric and innovative. A stable Deer is all about equilibrium and harmony. Because these natives naturally have a solid foundation within them, many are trailblazers and leaders at work and in their environment.

This sign is inclined towards success and achievement, and although thoughtful in their dealings with others, they crave solitude and seek reliable people and situations.

Only when their foundation is strong, which is something they strive for, are they able to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

These people have firm boundaries, sometimes struggling to let people in and showing their romantic, vulnerable side. They can at times be protective and even display territorial behavior over things they care about.

4 Directions


Direction: South

Gemstone: Hematite

The Rabbit sign is associated with lively and excitable people who see life as a game and a never-ending adventure.

These natives have a bright disposition and would rather not take things too seriously. However, this does not mean they are shallow. On contrary, these folks have an innate ability to use their wittiness and cunning spirit to discern what matters and what doesn’t.

They like to live in the present moment and are masters in going with the flow of life, taking opportunities as they present themselves.

These are playful people, who like to be stimulated and are not very fond of stagnation and boredom. Their challenge in life is to learn to tame their restless energy and gain greater control when life demands so.

Since they love a challenge, they possess a competitive spirit and enjoy getting attention, which, although a virtue, is something they need to be mindful of.


Direction: East

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

These natives are visionaries who have a strong set of personal values and principles they live by. Water in Mayan astrology represents sincere individuals, who are both imaginative and capable of leading by example.

As a matter of fact, they are natural-born leaders who know how to roll up their sleeves and work hard. However, although they do have incredible emotional intelligence, natives born under this sign also feel deeply and their actions and emotions are sincere.

They carry incredible inner potential and have an imaginative mind which, when combined with their sense of responsibility and diligence create a force to be reckoned with. If not careful, this depth can sometimes birth obsessive behavior.


Direction: North

Gemstone: Bloodstone

People born under this sign are individuals you can trust with your life. Their character is solid, and they are reliable and loyal to those they fiercely care about.

The Dog sign symbolizes not only loyalty but emotional openness and keenness to connect with others authentically. However, although very trustworthy and open, these natives also have a suspicious nature, which allows them to discern who is truly worth their time.

They know how much they have to offer and are helping people who act in sync with their intuition. Because they can sense small changes in energy around them, they may be prone to worry and may put up a guard if they feel something is off.

While this is an incredibly trusting and cooperative sign, their main challenge in this lifetime is keeping their beautiful heart open after their trust gets broken. Once hurt, these people can become very rational and sober-minded.

Zodiac Stones


Direction: West

Gemstone: Aventurine

The monkey represents our destiny, creativity, and innovation. In Mayan tradition, it represents the birth of novel ideas, just as a sunrise represents the birth of a new day.

This sign is not only artistic but idealistic as well. Those born under this sign are always striving for the next best thing and have tendencies to yearn for an ideal partner and life.

Since this is the sign associated with destiny, it represents our soul calling and so once the ideal idea or person is found, these people will stay dedicated to it. This energy is childlike, curious about life, and always striving to explore, new, original ideas.

This is the sign of poets, painters, actors, and musicians. People born under this sign have very little patience for details and boring routines and they find it hard to stay focused on a project if something else sparks their interest.

Although always striving for more, being animated, and thinking expansively, they can sometimes be too caught up in their ideas and possibilities, forgetting about other people or even the realities of the present moment.


Direction: South

Gemstone: Malachite

There's no sign that is better at following their rational mind than Grass. These are intellectual people who like to approach things from a logical perspective.

They live in the here and now, and are fully aware of reality as it is. This allows them to make clear judgments and is a terrific quality for setting and accomplishing goals.

Although they may seem business-minded, Grass natives are never heartless or cold. These are sensible people who are a fine blend of rationality and emotional maturity. Although they are not overly expressive with their emotions and may be perceived as reserved, they feel and care deeply.

Problem-solving, strategizing, and analyzing seems to come naturally to those born under this sign. These skills allow them to perceive risks, and adapt easily to the challenges that life throws at them.

While Grass-born natives know how to take all that life has to offer due to their ability to carefully weigh their options, they may at times come across as too rigid and stubborn. 


Direction: East

Gemstone: Turquoise

Natives born under the Reed sign are fully aware of what they have to offer to the world, and for a good reason. Self-assured and determined, they are excellent problem solvers who rarely give up.

Reed symbolizes abundance and is associated with strong character and innate wisdom. These folks know how to micromanage and are incredibly skillful at blending details, without getting too lost in them.

Once they set their sight on something, they will consider all aspects and tools available to them that are necessary for success. They believe in rules and are structure-loving people, who like to keep their professional and private lives separate.

Because they are wise and confident about their skills and abilities, these natives may find it challenging to consider other people’s perspectives and opinions, coming across as authoritative.

Venus Transits


Direction: North

Gemstone: Moonstone

In Mayan Astrology, Jaguar is associated with Lunar energy and magic. Mayas believed that people born on the fourteenth day of the Tzolkin are gifted with intelligence and powerful intuition.

A blending of a sharp mind and powerful instincts makes these natives mysterious, and it may seem like luck is following them wherever they go. However, this is not just sheer luck. Thanks to their sharp perception and cleverness, these natives know how to carefully weigh options and calculate their moves to avoid risks.

They are deep souls who crave meaningful connections and will rarely stay on the surface of things, simply because their nature doesn’t allow them to. They see a world from a higher perspective and can be psychically gifted.

Spiritual and trustworthy, those born under this sign are some of the best confidants there are. Although they keep a lot to themselves, once they trust someone, these folks are ready to give all of themselves.

Without intending to, their mysterious nature and intelligence can make them come across as secretive or even manipulative. 


Direction: West

Gemstone: Unakite Jasper

Eagle symbolizes freedom and independence. People born under this sign are good with money and know how to combine different elements. They are detail-oriented and possess an analytical spirit.

Just like a bird, they know how to observe things from a higher perspective and are good at developing ideas, being natural-born philosophers who do not like to feel restricted.

Few people know how to be objective in their discernment and are good at problem-solving as much as Eagle people. This Mayan sign is about precision and will gift a native with patience and perseverance.

These people love to travel, get to know how people think, and reflect. But they do so from a higher perspective with a desire to obtain greater wisdom.

Stabile and perseverant, this sign can sometimes point to rigidity, criticism, rebellion, and an untamable desire for freedom at all costs.


Direction: South

Gemstone: Smoky Quartz

Associated with a clearance of Karma, Vulture symbolizes good luck in new beginnings. Just like the phoenix rises from the ashes, these natives know how to rise after a defeat and overcome their own limits.

They carry incredible strength and are skillful at utilizing experience, seeing all ups and downs in life as learning experiences. More so, their strength and capacity may surprise those around them, as they can quickly go from being invisible to being the most notable person in the room.

Vulture natives are incredibly self-aware and know how to compose themselves in a social setting. For them, status and respect go hand-in-hand.

Because their fighter persona and experience can toughen them over time, the main challenge for these natives is to channel their cynical nature constructively. 

Sage Sticks


Direction: East

Gemstone: Agate

Philosophical in nature, these are people with exquisite minds who love to contemplate and develop ideas. Earth sign is the sign of those who are highly self-aware, and although they do tend to worry a lot, they are not dull or pessimistic.

More than anything, these are creative thinkers who love to explore possibilities and try on new approaches. Although they carry themselves with grace and poise and would rarely get themselves in trouble, they are innovative trailblazers who are to be followed, rather than led.

They are inspiring folks with great taste who always have some creative ideas and plans on their minds. Self-aware and resourceful, these natives work well with others but need to have their alone time.


Direction: North

Gemstone: Rhodonite

Just like a polished knife, these natives have a sharp mind and highly reflective nature. They strive to live a harmonious life, and will often adopt strong moral values.

People born on this day are respectful of others, but they too need to feel respected as they firmly believe in balanced relationships. Their judgments are rarely clouded by irrational thoughts and fears, and this ability allows them to keep both feet firmly on the ground even in times of uncertainty.

Considerate and selfless they truly mean well, although sometimes they may come across as tactless or cold due to their need to always rely on the rational mind.

Since they love facts and rely heavily on logic, an important lesson for these natives is to learn to embrace and express emotions more often, rather than just think about them. 


Direction: West

Gemstone: Jade

People born under the Storm sign are caring, warm, and loving. Water is associated with healing powers, giving an individual born under this sign a pleasant disposition and nurturing abilities.

They are dedicated and loving people and are family-oriented, be that their biological family or society in general. The Storm day sign is associated with diplomacy, balanced relationships, and the need to belong.

Because of that, these people like to connect people and feel connected, and they are likely to give their all to a chosen cause or individual.

The storm is also associated with spirituality, connectedness to a higher power, and abundance. Representing rain, it symbolizes rich harvest and growth.

These people like to take care of whatever they care about, be that adults, children, pets, or plants, and they are extraordinarily good at it.

Galactic Tone


Direction: South

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Just like the energy of Rose Quartz, in Mayan Astrology, the Flower sign is associated with gentle, loving energy. Naturally nurturing and caring, people born under this sign spread love solely by being themselves.

Genuine and curious about people, they like to connect with everyone and make those around them feel welcome and comfortable. Because of their people-loving nature, they can sense other people's emotions and anticipate their needs, which makes them incredibly pleasant company to be around.

These natives are wholehearted and will likely find it easy to work with children since they themselves are childlike in nature. Intelligent, organized, and good at taking care of others, they make excellent teachers and counselors.

The Flower sign is incredibly spiritual, so once they adopt a certain ideology, these natives will passionately stand by their spiritual beliefs.

Their loving nature can make them very sensitive, so although open and gentle, they may need to retreat often in order to recharge.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to Mayan astrology! If you have anything to add, please comment below.

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