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5 Amethyst Chakra Healing Tips to Awaken Your Intuition

INSIDE: One of the easiest ways to awaken your intuition is to use amethyst chakra healing energy. This article outlines how that works, plus five tips to help you get immediate results.


You’re on your way home from work and something tells you to take a different way home. You follow your instinct only to discover later that you avoided a bad accident.

You’re about to sign a contract for a new partnership, but something in your gut is telling you not to. You decide to have a lawyer look over the papers and discover you were being scammed.

Your son is heading out to a party with friends and you get a feeling that something is going to go wrong. You ask your son to be extra careful and aware of what is going on around him. He takes your advice and is able to safely avoid a bad situation because of it.

These are the amazing things that can happen when we are synced up with our internal guidance system, known as the intuition.

Intuition is a tool we can use to walk through life with more ease and joy. When we are tuned into our intuition, it’s easier to make decisions, we feel guided instead of alone, things tend to flow easier, and the struggles of life loosen their hold on us.

The more we tap into this resource, the stronger we become because we have that inner knowing that all is as it should be and that a light from above is lighting our path.

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Why is it Difficult to Tap Into Our Intuition?

Tapping into and awakening our intuition can often feel out of reach. It’s an anomaly to us because it isn’t necessarily considered “normal” in our culture to be guided by an inner knowing.

We might feel like we don’t know how to be more intuitive or that others will think we are weird if we express that kind of thing. Plus, how do we know if we are really hearing from our intuition verses just a thought in our minds. 

All of these concerns are valid, but the more you practice using your intuition, the more easily they will melt away. By tuning into our intuition on a daily basis, it becomes a part of who we are, and those concerns become non-issues.

But, how do you get to that point? That’s where amethyst comes in.

How Does Amethyst Chakra Healing Awaken the Intuition?

The amethyst crystal is one of nature’s most beneficial tools for helping us awaken our intuition. Nothing could be easier as all it takes is simply being in the presence of an amethyst to enjoy its intuition-awakening benefits.

Before we can understand how this works, we need to first understand chakras and amethyst chakra healing in general.

What Role Does the Third Eye Play in Intuition?

Our bodies may be composed of physical matter, but at their smallest components, all matter is nothing more than vibrating energy. We learned this back in science class when we were taught about atoms, so it’s nothing new but most people don’t think of the human body in that way.

The energy system in the body is governed by meridians and chakras. The meridians are like energy veins that carry energy throughout the body, and the chakras are spherical energy centers where the energy is originated from.

Each chakra manages certain organs, systems, and aspects of the body, mind and spirit. The third eye chakra, which is located between our eyes, manages our decision-making, planning, and inner wisdom.

Each chakra also is associated with a certain color because it matches the frequency of that color. The third eye chakra corresponds with the frequency of purple, which is a high-frequency color that is in alignment with wisdom, creativity, and spirituality.

According to, we can experience the following when our third eye chakra is out of balance (either overactive or underactive):

  • Overactive: out of touch with reality, lacking good judgement, unable to focus, and prone to hallucinations
  • Underactive: rigid in thinking, closed off to new ideas, too reliant on  authority, disconnected or distrustful of inner voice, anxious, clinging to the past and fearful of the future

These issues all havea basis in our connection to inner guidance. When our third eye is open and flowing without any obstructions, we feel in touch with ourselves and our guidance system, therefore we make better decisions and feel more open-minded and trustful of ourselves.

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5 Amethyst Chakra Healing Tips to Awaken Your Intuition

Amethysts, with their beautiful purple color, vibrate at a frequency that balances the third eye chakra. Their energy connects with our energy field, tuning up the third eye, and awakening the intuition as a result.

We can use amethysts in a number of ways to tap into our guidance system and move through life in a more intuitive way. Let’s look at our five favorite amethyst chakra healing tips now.

1) Place an Amethyst Tumbled Stone on Your Third Eye

Amethyst tumbled stones are handy to have around because they can be conveniently placed in a pocket or purse so that you always have them with you. By holding one up to your third eye or laying back and placing it between the brows, you send the amethyst’s healing energy right to the source of your inner guidance.

Amethyst chakra healing energy will help to release any energy blockages that might be getting in the way of your intuition so that your third eye chakra can spin freely and radiantly. Opening and balancing that chakra will open you up to your innate intuitive nature and help you tune into that guidance.

2) Meditate Next to an Amethyst Geode

Amethyst geodes come in all sizes, from ones you can fit inside your palm to ones that are as tall as you are. The larger the amethyst geode, the larger its energy force, therefore meditating next to a large amethyst geode is an extremely powerful means of awakening the intuition.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and set the intention to tune into the energy of the amethyst geode. Then, relax and focus on the amethyst in your mind. Visualize its energy permeating your third eye. See the purple glow of your third eye chakra spinning and radiating outward. This amethyst chakra healing practice is very powerful and is one of the fastest ways to tap into your intuition.

3) Charge Your Amethyst with an Intention to Awaken Your Intuition

Amethysts have the amazing ability to amplify intentions, especially when that intention is in alignment with the amethyst’s innate nature. Therefore, we can program them with the intention to awaken our intuition. They can become like little best friends, supporting us and inspiring us to use our inner guidance system and trust it.

All you have to do is hold your amethyst or be near it and envision it holding your intention of awakening your intuition for you. See it absorbing your desire to be intuitive and radiating that energy into your energy field.

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4) Wear Amethyst Jewelry

When we wear amethyst jewelry, we are blessed with a constant reminder of the healing powers of amethyst, and we can bring that energy with us everywhere we go.

When it comes to awakening our intuition, crystal jewelry that is closest to the third eye will work best, although wearing amethysts at all will certainly help. You could wear amethyst earrings or a long amethyst necklace that you can lift up and place on your third eye throughout the day when you need a boost of intuition.

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5) Place Amethysts in Your Home & Office

Surrounding yourself with the chakra balancing energy of amethysts is never a bad thing. Placing amethysts around your home or place of work will serve you well because it will keep your intuition alive. Here are some ideas of how you might use amethyst chakra healing in your home or office:

  • You might want to place a bowl of amethyst tumbled stones on your nightstand to help you have intuitive dreams.
  • Placing an amethyst geode in the main living space of your home will help you experience its energy as often as possible.
  • According to the art of feng shui, placing an amethyst in the Knowledge & Wisdom area of your home will help you access your inner wisdom.


Amethyst chakra healing practices are easy and fun. They don’t take years of experience or training; in fact, you can practice them now and get immediate results. All it takes is a willingness to try something new and an intention for awakening your intuition. 

Intrigued and want to learn more? Here’s a great article about the remarkable healing powers of amethysts.


Amethyst Geodes for Mind Body Spirit* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This article may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

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