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What Does Modern Spirituality Look Like?

INSIDE: Unlike years ago, many of us are looking for personal meaning in spirituality, away from strict religions and conventional practices. Let's look at modern spirituality and how to implement it in our daily routine.


Spirituality and its meaning has changed over time, turning more into a journey of self-discovery instead of blind devotion to religious deities. Science prevails as the dominant paradigm, and many of us no longer believe in the punishment of hell to maintain a religious practice.

However, our hectic modern lifestyle is making us increasingly interested in spirituality. We find ourselves looking for peace of mind to turn our focus inward and step away from the whirlwind of anxiety we are constantly enduring.

But, let's face it. Most of us don't know what it means to be a spiritual person or where to find such a mysterious concept.

So what exactly does modern spirituality look like, and how can we bring it to our daily practice?

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What is Modern Spirituality?

Not too long ago, spirituality was related to religion and what God or deity your family worships. But nowadays, most people have learned that spirituality is a personal process with different definitions, depending on the person, their background, and their unique inner world.

Modern spirituality refers to our connection with our inner selves and how we individually seek meaning in our everyday existence.

For the most part, people are no longer interested in following the rules and acting correctly in order to feel spiritual. After all, we are all complex beings with many more layers than we were aware of not so many years ago.

It's Less About Religion & More About Going Within

According to Lifeway Research, 66% of Americans ages 23-30 stopped attending church on a regular basis upon turning 18. This is because modern day spirituality is not about simply reading the bible or going to church every Sunday. It's not a task we should check off our weekly to-do list to feel less guilty about.

Now, we understand that spirituality is a journey of self-exploration that enhances the connection with our inner compass and helps us find peace and strength during challenging times.

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It's About Discovering Who You Are

Modern spirituality is not about following external rules found in a book to avoid being condemned. It's not about memorizing what's right and wrong and repressing the not-so-pleasant aspects of our personality to be worthy of mercy.

A spiritual person is someone brave enough to discover who they really are, beyond their social masks and pretty outfits. This person is ready to dive deep into their psyche, uncover those wonderful and feared aspects of their identity, and align with their most authentic self.

It's About Finding Meaning & Purpose in Your Life

As we turn our focus inward, we realize that modern spirituality is related to the meaning and purpose we find in our existence. Most of us have a feeling that tells us that if we don't discover our soul's purpose and makes us feel passionate, we are doomed to disconnect from our inner self.

We were all born to fulfill a unique and unrepeatable mission in our lives. Once we find it, our life takes the course it was always meant to have, and we experience a deep sense of gratitude and connection with the world around us.

It's Experiencing the Oneness of Everything

Imagine you have ignored your intuition all your life and have followed a path other people set for you. You feel empty, unhappy, with nothing to make your heart beat or excite your spirit.

You watch life go by as if you were a bystander who does not take part in it. You feel trapped, exhausted, and have nothing to inspire you to change course and take charge of your existence.

This is what disconnection from your spiritual self feels like.

Modern spirituality means that you are aligned with your inner purpose and therefore experience a connectedness to yourself, others, and the sacred and meaningful aspects of life.

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It's About Discovering the Illusion

If you thought happiness was the frantic pursuit of material security, social success, and fame, you might be disappointed if you ever achieve them.

Modern spirituality encourages us to let go of the illusion that fulfillment is outward and get back to basics. Bliss is not in the external illusion of achievement but in a genuine connection with the source of creation.

How is Spirituality Being Practiced These Days?

Practicing modern day spirituality might vary among different kinds of people because it's an individualized journey. There are as many ways as there are people in the world to enhance our connection with our inner selves.

Here are some of our favorites...

Meditation & Visualization

Perhaps one of the most well-known practices associated with modern spirituality, meditation, and visualization are forms of cutting through the noise of daily distractions and being fully grounded in the present.

After a few weeks, you'll synchronize your inner speech to your heart's desires and have a more conscious experience.

Time in Nature

No matter how many challenges or problems we are facing in our lives, we can look at a tree and notice that it remains strong and firm, just like our spirit.

Going on a daily 10-minute walk away from cars, noise, and technology can help slow down your pace, clear your mind, and get you focused on the present.

Yoga, Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Yoga has also become a widespread practice associated with modern spirituality, because it connects the body and mind through physical exercise. After practicing yoga, our pace slows down, and we become more grounded in the present.

Similar to this practice, tai chi and qi gong link the mind, body, and spirit through specific physical movements that lead us to an overall feeling of well-being.


Journaling & Inner Work

Journaling, writing poetry, talking to ourselves, and getting to know each other better are excellent ways to discover our true purpose and express our inner world through words.

Write down what goes through your mind and heart every day as soon as you wake up. You can start with one page and then add to it as you wish.

Expressing Gratitude

Gratitude attracts abundance to our existence. If we focus on the good things we have in our lives and take the time to express gratitude towards them, we'll open the stream of Universal bliss in our hearts.


Helping our community and working for a greater cause than our personal concerns enhances our sense of humility and connection with the world around us. You can participate in cleanups, tutoring, counseling, or anything that helps those who need it the most. 

Final Thoughts 

You don't have to look too far to find the meaning of modern spirituality in your life. After all, it's not about finding the proper guideline; it's about making sense of your personal journey.

Start by defining what spirituality is for you and choose a practice that best suits your personality and lifestyle.

Little by little, you will hone your intuition and discover that everything you do is an opportunity to reconnect with your spirit and find purpose in your existence.

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What Does Modern Spirituality Look Like?

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