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Why Different Music Frequencies Affect Our Moods and Spiritual Connection

INSIDE: Different music frequencies affect us in different ways depending on the chakra they engage. Read on to discover how to alter your mood and spiritual connection with music.


There's no denying the power of music and its ability to tap into our emotions and memories. Finding a song that "gets you" is a feeling that never gets old.

But have you ever thought that there might be a scientific and spiritual reason music can make you want to dance, cry, and feel a sense of enlightenment?

Well, I've been a musician my entire life and I also produce music. I have learned some fascinating things about sound waves and their ability to enhance certain moods and activate the body's chakra system.

In this blog post, I will share my learning with you in a simple way that will help you understand why certain music makes you feel the way you do. I will also explain how you can best harness the right music to enhance your spiritual connection.

Let's get started!

Sound Frequencies of Music

All About That Bass

Bass is an incredibly grounding, sensual, and sexual sound frequency. If you could see a bass wave moving through the air, you would be surprised at how large they are.

A bass wave that's practically inaudible to the human ear can be up to 51 feet long

These frequencies are considered "sub" frequencies and are "heard" at the base of the spine.

What else is at the bass of the spine? The Root Chakra.

Suppose you have headphones, a car stereo, or a listening environment to produce the sub-frequencies. In that case, you'll feel your body pull into the ground.

As you move up the frequency range into more audible bass frequencies, you will feel the energy in your abdomen. This is why dance music makes you want to move your hips and bump and grind.

This bass energy activates the Sacral Chakra.

The next time you hear music that over-emphasizes these frequencies, such as pop, dance, EDM, etc., pay attention to these two energy centers in your body.

When a Root or Sacral Chakra is off-balance, you might feel discomfort, anxiety, or a longing for intimacy. If you aren't conscious of the effects of the frequencies on your spiritual self, you might be quick to dismiss the music as "not liking it."

However, this could be a good prescription for areas in your spiritual life that you need to work through.

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The Heart of Music

Whenever an acoustic guitar song comes on that has pretty fingerpicking, my wife, without fail, says, "oh, what a great song!"

This has become an inside joke in our household.

And while she loves acoustic music, what's more interesting is why I think she loves it.

Acoustic instruments like guitar and piano have an abundance of mid-range frequencies. Mid-range frequencies are felt in the chest and where your heart resides.

This also is where the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra live.

These frequencies activate the heart and core. For someone like my wife, who is very loving, steadfast, and responsible, I think this type of music stimulates that sense of comfort, stability, and pleasure within her.

Acoustic instruments and mid-range frequencies are wonderful for bringing that "cozy comfort" to your spirit.

However, when these frequencies are attenuated from the music we listen to, we'll often feel urgency and excitement.

This brings me to the following frequency range...

The Motivator

The upper mid-range of music activates your Throat Chakra.

This frequency area can be used to great effect by music producers to create a sense of urgency, excitement, and motivation.

Think of pop music that makes you feel inspired and ready to take on the day. Your workout, pump-up, and motivation music all push this frequency range.

If your Throat Chakra is balanced, you probably gravitate toward this type of music and rely on it for your workouts and cross things off your to-do list.

However, if this Chakra is unbalanced, this frequency range in music might make you feel anxious and annoyed. Also, it could make you get shortness of breath and lightheaded.

Again, like bass frequencies, this could be a good sign, telling you that you need to balance this Chakra.

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A Sense of Higher Consciousness

The last two frequency areas are presence and brilliance. These high frequencies are very tiny sound waves that isolate themselves in your face and above your head.

When music over-emphasizes these frequencies (think spa music), you often feel a sense of enlightenment, peace, and a sense of higher consciousness.

It makes sense as this is where your Third Eye and Crown Chakra are located.

Just like low bass frequencies ground us, high frequencies will pull us up into the air.

This type of frequency can get us into a meditative state fast. It can help us drift off into creative thought, connect to the present moment, or enter into a deep sleep.

However, unbalanced Third Eye and Crown Chakras being stimulated by these upper frequencies can make us feel spacey, anxious, and disconnected from the present moment.

High Frequencies

Putting it All Together

Now that you understand the basic music theory and physics behind soundwaves, you can harness their individual powers by being intentional with the music you listen to.

The next time you listen to a song, close your eyes and feel where the energy of the music is hitting you. Take notice of all the positive and negative feelings you are experiencing. These feelings are indicators and illuminators of your inner spirit and chakra system.

Have fun with this new sense of awareness and self-discovery. Now that you have conscious knowledge of what sound waves are doing to your body, you will approach music listening in a whole new light.

I hope you'll find new songs that perfectly match your mood, help you develop greater self-awareness, and elevate you to new levels of consciousness.

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Brad Johnson is a musician and producer from Southern California. When he isn’t spending time with his wife and kids at the beach, he is helping songwriters and musicians at Song Production Pros.

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Different Music Frequencies

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