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Cancer Crystals: The 10 Best Zodiac Stones for Cancer Sun Sign

INSIDE: These 10 Cancer crystals are powerful tools that can help those with the Cancer sun sign to achieve greater balance and accomplish their goals and dreams with more ease.


The Cancer sun sign brings in the summer (June 21st – July 22nd) and a nurturing energy. It is a water element and is ruled by the moon, both of which make for an emotional personality. These individuals are also notoriously nurturing, generous, and caring.

The energy of Cancer presents many contradictory emotions and behaviors. On the one hand, Cancers are sweet, sympathetic, and patient, but on the other hand, they can be selfish and snappy. Just like the moon brings about changes in mood, Cancers are known for having strong mood changes. At the same time, out of all the zodiac signs, Cancers are the ones with the highest emotional intelligence.

Due to their emotional nature, Cancers can often be over-sensitive to the point where people feel like they need to walk on eggshells around them so as not to hurt them. They often hold onto the past and it is very important for them to feel like they belong.

Cancer Crystals Sun Sign

They are creative and imaginative, often showing up into the world as artists, writers, and musicians. They are also highly intuitive and impulsive and are therefore known for making quick decisions that are based on feelings. 

Cancer sun signs crave security and routine, and they themselves are very loyal. They put a high value on family and enjoy nurturing their loved ones. It is important that they learn to care for themselves as much as they nurture others. They don’t like change, but when a Cancer is at their best, they learn to go with the flow.

10 Cancer Crystals to Support & Balance Cancer Energy

With the help of Cancer crystals, Cancer sun signs can enhance their natural gifts and improve their weaknesses. Zodiac crystals emit unique frequencies that can work together with our personal energy fields to support and balance us.

Zodiac Stones

It’s important to note that when the sun is in Cancer, we all will feel the energy of Cancer working in our lives, no matter what month we were born in. Therefore, these Cancer crystals can be helpful to us all during that time of the year (June 21st through July 22nd).

Here are 10 Cancer gemstones to support and balance Cancer energy… 


Carnelian Cancer Crystals

Carnelian brings out Cancer’s creative flair, sparking their inspiration and helping them to master their art. It offers a balancing and grounding energy that gives them a sense of vitality and courage so that they can manifest their dreams. This Cancer stone also helps Cancer sun signs make good choices.



Citrine boosts Cancers’ self-confidence, creativity and inspiration. It is a joyful crystal that helps them turn their mood around when they feel down. It also helps them to see other perspectives, which is something they often struggle to do, and it even helps them see the good in all situations. This happy stone can help these stability-hungry people loosen up and go with the flow as well.



Emerald is one of the best Cancer crystals because it brings hope to this sun sign when they are going through difficult situations. It promotes emotional stability and peace, helping them to balance their emotional state. 

Emerald for Cancer Sun Signs

Emerald offers a nurturing energy that helps Cancers to nurture themselves just as they nurture everyone else. It also brings them a stroke of good luck and improves their sense of clairvoyance

Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper is a stone of strength and stability, giving Cancer signs the stable foundation they need. At the same, it brings them a light-hearted energy that deters self-defeating thoughts and helps them see all the choices that are before them instead of feeling stuck. With this Cancer gemstone, Cancers are able to see how the darkness complements the light in their lives.

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Moonstone is very representative of the energy of Cancer as it is connected to the energy of the moon and water energy. It amplifies Cancers’ nurturance, inspiration, and intuition while soothing their emotional state. Moonstone is another stone that helps Cancer sun signs to go with the flow. And as the new moon brings new beginnings each month, it helps bring transformation into Cancers’ lives.



Rhodonite helps Cancers to release their need for co-dependency, thereby allowing them to feel secure in their relationships. With its energy, they are able to seek validation inward instead of outward, reduce self-destructive behaviors, and heal emotional pain. Rhodonite empowers the Cancer sun sign to reach their full potential and reduces stress along the way.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper Best Cancer Crystals

Red Jasper offers Cancers the steadiness they crave and is a highly nurturing and grounding stone. With its boost of vitality and passion, Cancer signs can complete their goals and enjoy self-mastery. Red jasper also soothes Cancer’s emotions and offers spiritual protection.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz matches the caring side of Cancer. It puts out a gentle, nurturing energy that promotes compassion, self-acceptance, and love on all levels, including self-love and unconditional love of others. This Cancer crystal reduces feelings of self-pity, indecisiveness, and possessiveness, and it eliminates negative thoughts and fears.


Ruby offers Cancers a grounding and nurturing energy all in one powerful stone. It encourages Cancer sun signs to be passionate, strong, and courageous. With the help of this Cancer gemstone, Cancers can exude the confidence, devotion, and energy they need to achieve the success they desire.

Ruby for Cancer Sign


Selenite helps Cancers to further enhance their psychic abilities. And since their highly sensitive nature can cause them to take on the negative energies around them, selenite helps them neutralize that energy. Cancers are advised to place selenite in each of the main corners of their home to form a protective bubble around it to help them feel nurtured and safe. Selenite is also helpful with settling the swarm of emotions they are always dealing with and it inspires them to go with the flow.

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Concluding Thoughts About Cancer Crystals

By using Cancer crystals, those with the Cancer sun sign can achieve greater balance and accomplish their goals and dreams with more ease. Additionally, we can all benefit by using these Cancer zodiac stones during the time of the year when the sun is in Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd). 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This article may contain affiliate links. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

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