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Ametrine Healing Properties for Stress, Mental Awareness & Weight Loss

INSIDE: The healing properties of Ametrine are stress relieving, chakra healing, and weight loss supportive. Read on to learn how you can use this crystal to improve your life!


Crystals have been surging in popularity as their uses and beneficial healing properties become more widely known throughout society.

Although there are those who doubt its effectiveness, healing crystals have the potential to seriously improve your life, both mentally and physically.

An uncommon but strong stone is Ametrine. As there are various Ametrine healing properties, this crystal should be collected by everyone looking to connect with themselves and reduce any pain or ailments.

What is Ametrine?

Ametrine is a crystal from the Quartz family that is a combination of both Amethyst and Citrine in one stone.

When exposed to high temperatures, Amethyst turns into Citrine. In this formation, however, there was uneven heating so it could not fully transform, thus leaving a unique meld of both stones. It has a gorgeous violet hue with golden features.

Finding naturally occurring Ametrine is rare, so most stones found on the market are Amethyst crystals that have been partially heated. Natural Ametrine is found only in South America and was only discovered recently in the 1960’s.

Due to it being so uncommon and rare to find, Ametrine healing properties are unique and powerful. This crystal has exceptional capabilities that allow the user to connect the physical and mental planes and better their communication.

It embodies the properties of both Amethyst and Citrine, with its color variations indicating which stone it leans more towards and favors.

It is a powerful stone that can help change your life when utilized in meditation, kept near you on a desk or shelf, or placed on your third eye.

Ametrine Tumbled Stones

Ametrine Healing Properties

As Ametrine is a blend between two different stones, it encompasses healing properties of both stones. It has a lot of potential in different avenues of mental and physical health.

Strengthens the Immune System

Using the power of its energy enhancement, ametrine helps to strengthen your immune system. It rebalances your energy to aid with blood circulation and relieve any digestive discomfort you might have.

If you are experiencing thyroid issues, meditating with ametrine and holding it near your body can energetically support the healing of your body.

It has the ability to fight against any of your allergies or eye problems as well.

If you are having menstrual discomfort, lay with the ametrine on your stomach so that it can help rebalance your energy and diminish any fatigue or pain.

Improves Mental Capabilities

Ametrine healing properties affect your mental ailments just as much as your physical ones. It instills a sense of positivity and inner strength which helps you to overcome any fear or negative feeling.

With this strength comes an enhanced mental awareness that improves your decision-making capabilities and memory. It will stop any of your electromagnetic stresses and promote an increase in knowledge and creativity.

You will feel more connected to the Universe and yourself, as it opens your mind up to new wisdoms and Divine guidance. Essentially, it will promote inner peace and happiness and allow to take back charge of your life.

Relieves Stress

Holding an ametrine crystal in your hand and meditating with it will help alleviate your stress. It promotes positive energies and dreams, so it will heal your mind and spirit.

The crystal assists with opening your mind up to intuition and psychic abilities, therefore helping you focus on your emotional balance and well-being.

Since it encourages positivity, inner strength, and motivation, it relieves headaches, ulcers, and other stress-related health concerns. It can even help fight against depression and anxiety as it combats insomnia and any of your negative energies.

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Promotes Weight Loss

Ametrine healing properties aid your digestive and immune system, which therefore assists in weight loss.

The culmination of the physical and mental effects of ametrine can be seen in how your body handles food consumption. It encourages your metabolism to improve so you burn through calories faster and eases your digestive tract to move food effortlessly through your body.

It also assists your mental strength so that you can address any food-addiction issues that are affected by stress or lack of control. Holding ametrine in your hands when you are eating will help you to regulate your eating habits and portion sizes.

Ways to Use Ametrine

If you are eager to receive any of the Ametrine healing properties, you must know how to use the stone to best suit your needs. There are numerous ways to use the crystal, with each one affecting different aspects of your body and spirit.

Feng Shui

The location of your crystal can also play a role in its effectiveness.

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophical law that dictates how furniture and layout plays a role in the flow of energy and peace in an environment.

When you place Ametrine in the southeast corner of a room, it encourages a prosperous relationship or financial situation.

Placing the stone next to your bed with help to balance out the fighting masculine and feminine energies.

When you are struggling with obstacles, place it on your workstation to help your creativity flow.

Hold it when meditating or journaling to open your mind and increase your wisdom and knowledge.

Lay it on your head when you have a headache or your stomach when you have digestive issues.

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Chakra Balancing

The Amethyst stone resonates with the crown chakra while Citrine does so with the solar plexus. Ametrine is a combination of these stones so not only does it connect those two, but also with the energy of your third eye.

It can assist us aligning our chakras and linking our minds with our spirit and opening yourself up to a higher consciousness.

Meditate with the stone either in your hand or placed on your chakras to improve your relationship with the spiritual world.

Communicating With Other Planes

Ametrine is a powerful crystal for communication, so if there is someone or something on a different plane that you wish to connect with, hold the stone in both hands over an item connected to that person or thing. If you focus hard on your intended target, you will be able to either send or receive a message.

Final Thoughts

There is such a vast array of Ametrine healing properties—regardless of what troubles you, using this stone will easily benefit you.

Whether you find yourself suffering from physical pains and disorders or struggling with mental health issues, holding and meditating with this crystal will help relieve your troubles.

Use it for improving your mood, controlling your hunger, and increasing your levels of creativity. Engage with your spirituality and open your mind to new wisdoms to get the full effect of the healing properties of Ametrine.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Ametrine Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Ametrine

Ametrine Healing

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