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Invest in Your Health and Well-Being by Avoiding Workplace Burnout

INSIDE: Struggling to avoid workplace burnout? These tips can help so you can restore your sanity, ease your stress, and live a happier life.


Workplace burnout and stress can be huge contributors to our overall physiological and psychological health. Simply overlooking stresses from your professional life is not a healthy choice. It is crucial to find positive ways to handle and avoid workplace burnout to live a healthy and balanced life. 

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, full-time employees spent an average of 8.53 hours every day at work in 2021. This figure can significantly increase depending on your job designation, requirements, and pending tasks. Spending such long hours working can inevitably cause countless high-stress situations. 

It is important to form a proper work-life balance to avoid workplace burnout and live a life full of contentment. You can adapt positive habits and embrace productivity strategies to attain a healthy professional situation.

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Key Strategies to Avoid Burnout in Your Professional Setting

Avoiding burnout is key to succeeding in your job role. Burnout and work stressors can extend into your personal life, so balancing stress and anxiety is crucial to a healthy life.

There are tons of strategies you can practice to deal with workplace burnout. Here are a few of our favorites.

Choose a Job That Motivates You

Attaining career success requires an amalgamation of professional and personal efforts and skills. Among them is genuine interest in the work you do. Choosing a job that motivates you will keep you happy and interested and help avoid workplace burnout. 

If you are not pleased with your current career and want to venture into the tech sector, the best online coding bootcamps are worth looking into. They offer relevant skills training and prepare you for a career in a short time frame. Flatiron School is a great choice for data science, software engineering, and cyber security aspirants. App Academy can train you in full stack web development. 

If you're looking for something more in the line of health and wellness, consider health coaching. If spirituality is your passion, consider getting into a bodywork field, like reiki, shiatsu or reflexology.

It is important to choose a profession that meets your salary, industry, and daily job task preferences. Jobs that do not meet these personal preferences will typically lead to significant burnout, as they won’t act as motivating agents in your life. 

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Manage Your Workload 

Efficiently managing your workload is a necessity to avoid burnout. You can download free time management apps to be productive. You might also want to categorize your tasks according to their required time and level of importance.

According to an Adobe Future of Time study, time and productivity pressures further exacerbate burnout amongst employees, leading to low retention rates. You can work with your team manager to delegate tasks when you are overwhelmed or create a schedule to manage your heavy workload. 

Limit Your Work-Related Stresses

According to the ComPsych StressPulse survey, 41 percent of employees cite workload issues and 32 percent cite people issues as work stressors. Limiting your work-related stress and learning to manage your daily stressors is highly crucial. Stress can lead to major mental and physical issues

You can regularly meet with your company therapist or human resource manager, or join a stress management group to help relieve your daily stresses. Making sure you leave time in your day for regular exercise, enough sleep, social activities, and other self-care rituals can also help relieve stress. 

Invest in a Hobby That Fulfills You 

Your personal life can also contribute to work burnout if you don’t have healthy boundaries between your work and home-life.

You can invest in a fulfilling hobby to live a fruitful and balanced life. This will vary from person to person and can cover both physical and non-physical activities.

You must take care of yourself and do what makes you happy. A hobby that brings you joy and a job that inspires you are two primary ingredients for avoiding workplace burnout. 


Incorporating healthy habits and strategizing work tasks can help you deal with and avoid workplace burnout. It is important to immediately address workplace stresses with your team leader or company HR and not let issues fester. Overall, having a proper work-life balance will help you avoid workplace burnout. 

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