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9 Best Crystals for Courage: Don’t Let Anything Stop You

INSIDE: Courage is something we can all use a little more of in our lives in order to achieve our deepest desires and manifestations. Use these crystals for courage to face any future challenge that comes your way.


Do you allow fear to hold you back from following your dreams?

Courage allows you to take that step forward despite the fear that may be bubbling inside of you. Whether you plan on moving to a new city, need to have a difficult conversation, or want to overcome a bad habit, certain crystals can bring you the self-assurance and security you need to make these changes confidently.

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9 Best Crystals for Courage

Courage is a mental strength that is deeply engrained in all of us and is something we can summon when facing danger, fear, or difficulties. Although courage is something we are all capable of accessing, sometimes it alludes us.

Let’s take a look at some of the best crystals for courage to help strengthen your chakras and mental state in order to conquer any fears or obstacles you may face.


The Carnelian stone stems from the quartz family, which categorizes a variety of other powerful stones as well. This orange crystal embodies the beautiful colors of an inspirational sunset.

Carnelian taps into the sacral and root chakras, which makes it an incredibly grounding crystal for courage.

When around or holding this crystal, it will inspire self-confidence and an immediate feeling of trust, similar to a feeling you may gain from your intuition.

Carnelian also neutralizes emotions when you are receiving mixed signals on how to react to more difficult situations. Instead of feeling stuck with anxiety when trying to move forward, Carnelian encourages you to move forward with courage and faith.



Hematite naturally comes in a trio of silver, black, and red colors with a metallic sheen. It strengthens the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. When in balance, this chakra offers support and a solid foundation for the chakras above it.

When you feel a draw towards a potentially difficult situation, this crystal is a key tool to have as it embodies strength, courage, and confidence. With an unshakable mindset, Hematite also helps with decluttering the mindless and unproductive thoughts you may have while also inspiring creativity and clarity.

This crystal for courage also sends a strong wave of inspiration to its beholder, sparking them to get after their dreams. If you feel stuck in your ways, Hematite encourages big thinking and reaching for the stars when you are ready to make a move.



Although green in color, Bloodstone has been named due to the red flecks that are scattered through it.

This incredible stone is probably one of the best crystals for courage as it strengthens and balances the first four chakras in the body. When your root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakra are activated, the security and support you perceive is unstoppable.

Bloodstone encourages a change in perspective and helps us recognize any difficult situations we are going through as important life lessons. With this shift in perspective, we are more capable of accepting change and appreciating the journey we are on.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a stone that was named after its outward appearance. With a combination of brown, yellow, and red, when held in the light, this stone gleams as an intensely beautiful golden sphere, resembling that of a cat’s eye.

Tiger’s Eye corresponds with the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra, making it another great crystal for courage, especially while in the process of a life transition. When these three chakras are in balance, it can increase our self-esteem, strengthen feelings of security, and enhance creativity.

This crystal for courage embodies energy from both the sun and the earth, making it an extremely powerful force of nature. With its incredible power, Tiger’s Eye allows us to step away from any fear we may be dealing with and encourages us to step into new and unchartered behavior and situations.

Tiger’s Eye is also a wonderful tool to use when preparing for a physical or spiritual journey as it promotes focus and encourages a change in perspective when needed.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is mostly a bright red crystal in nature but can also exhibit either cream or brown streaks in its natural variations. It embodies the root and sacral chakra, which inspires more creativity and stability into our lives.

Red Jasper is an important crystal to have on-hand as it encourages us to ask more honest and authentic questions about ourselves. This allows us to dive deep into what really matters in our lives and gain a clear idea of which direction we’d like to head in our future.

Red Jasper also encourages you to set more boundaries in life whether that is in your job, relationships, or personal habits. When we set boundaries, we make space and time for more priorities in life. Boundaries also allow us to move through difficult situations with more ease and security as we gain a better understanding of what to expect when the unexpected comes our way.



The Garnet crystal comes in a variety of chemical compositions which allows it to represent a variety of different colors and chakra points. You can find this crystal for courage in colors such as deep red, pink, green, orange, and brown. It mainly represents the root chakra but can tap into other chakra depending on its color.

Garnet provides hope, encouragement, and strength, making it a wonderful crystal to use when navigating difficult situations.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that seems hopeless or impossible? Garnet will offer you hope, support, and clarity in moving forward when the going gets tough.

If you find yourself moving to a new city or trying to overcome an obstructive behavior, such as drinking, smoking, or binge-eating, this crystal for courage promotes security and comfort during these challenging transitions.


Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, comes in a gold color, therefore, it balances the solar plexus chakra which offers support for self-esteem and willpower.

This is an incredibly grounding stone, which will help reduce anxiety and nervous energy. With an indisputable feeling of calm, Pyrite also inspires us to take action towards big goals and dreams.

Place this protective stone under your pillow to shield you from anxiety-driven or fear-based nightmares.



Amazonite comes in a brilliant blue and green color combination and is used to balance the heart and throat chakra.

Named after the brave and strong Amazonian women, this crystal for courage represent strength and grit. Amazonite is a stone that encourages us to live with more authenticity and self-confidence. It helps us embody our full-self when interacting with friends, family, and strangers alike.

Red Goldstone

Goldstone crystals come in a variety of colors. Red Goldstone, in particular, is known for its ability to provide us with confidence and ambition. This red variation is used to balance the root chakra, calling in a strong foundation in life.

It’s energizing and vitalizing qualities can protect us from negative energies and things that aren't serving us.

How to Use These Courage Stones

These crystals can be used in a variety of ways to ease the mind, body, and soul of any fears holding you back.

A number of ways you can use the crystals for courage include wearing them as a necklace and using them in a daily meditation or in your sacred spaces.

Wear Them as a Necklace

When donning a crystal necklace or pendant, you are placing a powerful metaphysical object close to your heart. This placement sets an intention for both the physical and emotional self.

When sporting a crystal for courage as a necklace, you are opening your heart to an intention of embracing more courage, confidence, and ambition into your life.

Carry One as a Keychain

A crystal keychain allows you to carry the powers of crystal energy wherever you may go. Attach this key chain to your set of keys as a reminder to embody courage when driving to a job interview or a first date.

Crystal Keychains

Use Them in Meditation

If you plan to face any difficult situations throughout your day, grab a crystal for courage during your morning meditation and set an intention of courage to help you overcome any challenging situations that may come your way.

With this intention set first thing in the morning, you have prepped your mind to step forward despite any fears that may come up throughout your day.

Use Them in Feng Shui

Whether you need extra courage in your office space or home, adding a crystal for courage can strengthen the energy of these spaces and add more inspiration, willpower, and innovation to your life. Use Feng Shui guidelines to get the most positivity from your spaces.

Final Thoughts

Courage is an important value to carry in order to live a meaningful and expansive life. Whether you’re facing fear, conflict, a need for more authenticity, or a shift in perspective, courage is what gives us that motivation to take a step forward.

Once you become familiar with the transformative powers of your favorite crystal for courage, you’ll want to ensure they are always with you.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here. 

9 Best Crystals for Courage

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