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Chakra Colors and Meanings: A Simple Yet Comprehensive Guide

INSIDE: Chakra colors and meanings can equip you with ever-present tools to heal and balance your chakras. Understanding what color each chakra is will reveal amazing things about your wellbeing and how to find spiritual growth.


We often believe that a person’s favorite color provides a peek into their personality. Colors, the result of light waves traveling at different frequencies, convey so many messages – intended or not – through our vision. Our recognition of color sends us important signals about our health and wellbeing.

Physically, the onset of color blindness in a person’s vision – aside from the genetic condition – may indicate health concerns. Mentally and spiritually, color goes a step further, not just signposting a problem but also bringing healing and balance, through our body’s chakra system and the chakra colors and meanings.

Chakra Colors and Meanings

Getting in touch with our chakras brings awareness to different aspects of our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies that may need nurturing, balancing, and healing. Learning about the different chakra colors and meanings can arm you with important tools for your own holistic healing. 

What Chakra is Red?

To explore chakra colors and meanings, let’s start at the beginning of the spectrum, which unsurprisingly follows the colors of the rainbow. As we move up our chakras, the energy vibrates from low to high. 

So then, what chakra is red? Red corresponds with the root chakra, called Muladhara in Sanskrit, the original language through which the chakras were first explained.

The color red often reminds us of passion and energy, but its meaning is actually a bit more expansive. Red symbolizes stability and grounding, anchoring our roots in Earth energy.

In healing, the color red infuses us with strength and logic to take healthy actions. It can especially target issues in our bones and marrow, the fundamental shape of our bodies. 

Thus, to harness our passions and energy in healthy ways, we need a solid foundation through the root chakra. That’s why Muladhara, the root chakra is red.

Chakra Colors

What Chakra is Orange?

Moving up our chakras, the sacral chakra is what chakra is orange. In terms of chakra colors and meanings, the association of the color orange to fire and burning seems appropriate. However, orange actually connects more to the water element and flow.

The sacral chakra, Svadhishthana, fuels our creativity, sexuality, and intimate emotions. A well-balanced sacral chakra generates joy and attraction, as well as compassionate feelings in our most intimate relationships.

Based on what chakra is orange, it makes sense that orange is tied to water. While passionate relationships can ignite and burn, we need steady, flowing energy to wash through our sacral chakra to keep our happiness and desire balanced so that it doesn't overwhelm us.

What Chakra is Yellow? 

The next color in the rainbow is yellow. Let's take a step up the chakras to know what chakra is yellow. That’s the solar plexus chakra, otherwise known as the Manipura.

In the solar plexus, we find the energy to inspire our intellect and mental learning. It may seem like that would come from our physical brain center, but in reality, we know a lot more from our gut feelings and intuition than we openly acknowledge.

Thus, in relation to chakra colors and meanings, yellow refers to energetic radiance that emanates from our individual being. The solar plexus chakra affects our nervous system, so this yellow chakra seems appropriate in building courage and personal strength.

Using yellow crystals like Citrine or Pyrite in solar plexus healing aims to charge our level of confidence to recognize our innate, personal power so that we can manifest success and abundance on our own.

Healing Chakra Crystals

What Chakra is Green?

Continuing along with our look at chakra colors and meanings, what chakra is green then? This one might surprise you at first, but it will make sense.

Green rests with the heart chakra, or Anahata. We’ve already covered red with the root chakra, but did we get these two mixed up? Green does represent growth and new life, but it makes more sense that it comes from the heart.

The heart chakra holds our receptors of love and compassion as we relate to others. A well-balanced heart chakra allows us to open ourselves to new connections and to grow through our experiences with others in our lives. So that is why the heart is green.

The heart chakra can also be seen as a second foundational layer in the chakra system. Whereas the root chakra grounds us with Earth energy to keep us balanced in many of our physical needs, the heart chakra works as a foundation into the upper chakras where our mental energies take form. 

What Chakra is Blue?

Vissuddha, the throat chakra, is the answer to "what chakra is blue?" Our vocal cords lie at the core of the throat chakra, which is appropriate considering it is the energetic center for communication, self expression, and speaking truth.

Through chakra colors and meanings, understanding the throat chakra will help make sense of the deep patterns drawn through the light waves of the chakra system.

An unbalanced throat chakra exhibits through one’s inability to speak up, to get others to listen and respect their point of view, and to articulate their needs, values, and desires.

The color blue provides a cooling sensation that clarifies the complex thoughts that ruminate in our mind and soul. Then we can clearly, confidently, and calmly let our own voice and creative expression communicate our truest intentions. Thus, it's clear that the answer to "what chakra is blue?" rests in the throat.

Chakra Colors and Crystals

What Chakra is Purple?

Before we dive into what chakra is purple, let’s note that in some explanations of the chakra system, purple actually appears as indigo, a combination of blue and purple. Remember that these colors lie along a spectrum and thus blend together through energetic meetings in different hues.

So what chakra is purple then? That’s the third eye, known as Ajna, the seat of intuition and spiritual perception. In terms of chakra colors and meanings, purple signifies divine wisdom.

The intuition of the third eye is different from what we talked about earlier in the solar plexus. The third eye connects us with our spirit guides and divine messages so that we can receive wisdom that hones our intuition and gifts us with the personal power that we store in the solar plexus.

The color purple has incredible links to metaphysical abilities and extrasensory perception. Stones like Amethyst and Labradorite have important healing energies, as well as protective frequencies, to aid in balancing work for the third eye. 

What Chakra is White?

We’ve reached the pinnacle of our 7 chakras, though our auric field continues to expand beyond our physical body. Here, at the crown we find the answer to "what chakra is white?"

Like the third eye chakra, the crown chakra is usually connected with the color violet, but in chakra colors and meanings, white is a special color to explore through Sahasrara, the crown chakra.

White reflects the coming together of all the colors of light. Thus, the crown is the coming together of the energies throughout our entire chakra system in order to vibrate at a frequency with divine beings.

The crown chakra prepares us to receive all knowledge and consciousness from divine messages. That’s why, for example, in the practice of Kundalini yoga, adherents wear white during asana and meditation to prepare and open their minds to access deeper spiritual realms.

Final Thoughts 

When we understand the chakra colors and meanings, we can incorporate these colors into our lives through the use of crystals and other colorful tools to bring focus to particular areas of need.

At times, different colors will resonate more with us and in varying shades and hues. Take note of the way colors speak to you and find meaning in how they may inform your spiritual journey.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Chakra Colors and Meanings

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