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How Energy Moves Through the Chakra System

INSIDE: Ever wondered how the chakra system works? How does energy move through it and what happens when that energy flow is obstructed? Read on to discover all of that and more!


We are much more than flesh and blood. We are energy.

A research published on NCBI highlights that it takes more than medication and human biology to heal and get well. The mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves are also crucial and can determine how successful other therapies will be.

That’s how potent our energy is.

The fact is, we are all affected by the energy around us, be that radio waves and EMF radiation or energy that comes from nature and other people.

However, we also generate and store energy, which plays a role in our wellbeing, our ability to connect, and much more.

Each of us have many energy centers in our body, which is known as our chakra system.

What the chakra system is, and why it is so important is exactly what we are going to dive into in the following text. Get comfy, and let’s begin...

About the Chakras System & Energy

The chakra system that meditation, reiki and yoga practitioners work with today is not an ancient principle, although its origins and principles are definitely ancient.

In Buddhism, for instance, there are five key chakras. There have been a few modifications of this system throughout history, but the idea remains the same - chakras represent an energetic machinery, a vessel for energetic exchange and our energetic body.

Today, most people work with a chakra system that includes 7 main chakras, which we'll go into more detail about below.

Energy originates from source (the Divine). Just like the planets in the solar system, we are also made of a unique blueprint. Everything around us, including inanimate objects, thoughts, words, and emotions have a specific vibration and impact their environment in unique ways.

Everything that happens has a cause and effect, and the same applies when we exchange energy with others.

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What Are Chakras & How Do They Work?

Chakras are energy centers located in our body that are all entwined and connected. In the chakra system that we use today, there are 114 of them spread throughout the whole body, and 7 main ones located along the spine.

These 7 chakras start at the coccyx where the Root Chakra is located and move up to the very top of our skull, where the Crown Chakra is located.

The 7 energy centers in the chakra system include:

  1. Root Chakra
  2. Sacral Chakra
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra
  4. Heart Chakra
  5. Throat Chakra
  6. Third Eye Chakra
  7. Crown Chakra

All of these chakras are interconnected and are connected to various aspects of ourselves that manifest outwardly through behavior, thoughts, and emotions.

Each of our energy centers have the power to receive, store and give energy. This is vital not only for our self-actualization and awakening but for our basic survival as human beings.

Chakras work to guide our conscious and subconscious to navigate the visible and the invisible world.

Each of them has a unique frequency and vibrational sensitivity. Through them, we take in energetic information from the outside world, release energy and send out vibrations that others can recognize as our unique blueprint or vibe.

We can easily say that the chakra system is our inner guide and compass for navigating life and interacting with everyone and everything around us. Whatever energy passes through and stays in a chakra materializes in one form or another.

The Good & Bad of the Chakra System

The chakra system works directly with the Divine and makes us open to receive blessings and guidance. When these centers are open, we are able to be unapologetically authentic, healthy, and feel good. Life is easy, and we move through it lightly.

When we are bombarded by negative vibrations for a prolonged period of time or are affected by everyday challenges, our chakras will react. Since energy is invisible, without our conscious awareness or knowing, chakras can become blocked.

This is a natural energetic shield, a form of protective mechanism that perseveres positive energy in us until the energetic threat passes.

However, if a chakra stays inhibited for a longer period, this can prevent not only free energy flow and more bad energy from coming in, but also stop us from receiving more nourishing positive energy.

When this happens, we become closed off, anxious, and create stagnant energy within, which can manifest as emotional, physical, and mental distress and even physical illness.

How Does Energy Flow Through Chakras?

The chakra system corresponds with twelve main meridians in the body. Just like the chakras, these meridians are located along the spine.

They are connected to our nervous system and represent 6 feminine and 6 masculine points in our body, all of which are responsible for the energetic exchange and distribution in the body.

When a reiki practitioner or holistic healer works with our energy centers to unblock them, this is what they are referring to. 

Chakras are the main receptors in our body and they transmit the energy to these twelve key points in our body and spread it throughout our whole energy system.

For energy to get from chakra centers to meridians, there need to be channels of transmission, and these are called nadis.

Energy travels through these nadis, or energetic channels. Together, chakras, meridians, and nadis create our energy field, our unique vibrational imprint.

Just like blood circulates thanks to blood vessels, nadis are responsible for energy circulation. These are the channels through which our life force energy known as Prana flows through our whole being.

How Energy Flows Through the Body

What Does a Blocked Chakra System Look Like?

When chakras are blocked from receiving Universal energy, the energy cannot reach and freely flow through the nadis. When this obstruction happens, the old energy persists and keeps preventing new frequencies from coming in. 

The ease of energy flow depends on our personal disposition and sensitivity.

Everything we experience throughout life touches our chakras, in one degree or another. Our emotions, physical body, spiritual wellbeing and thought patterns have a direct impact on this flow.

For instance, if we've been exposed to a lot of negative experiences, our chakras can be closed off from receiving good. When this happens, trauma, fear, and anxiety can keep affecting our energy field until we heal these blockages.

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The trick with chakra system, meridians and nadis is that they are all connected. The meridians closest to a chakra are the most affected by energy input, but the effect of energetic exchange is felt throughout the whole body, just in different intensities.

This means a chakra where obstruction is created will impact the health of that area on our body the most, but the effects will be felt by our whole being.

An under-active chakra will keep the energy vessels clogged and slow down the flow of Ki. An overreactive chakra will over-senzitize the meridians and put too much pressure on the nadis, rushing the flow of energy.

No individual is the same, and not all chakras are affected the same way by the same experiences.

For example, what may interfere with someone's personal power and block their solar plexus chakra, may be detrimental to their heart chakra and ability to receive and give love.

The more chakras are blocked, the less meridians in our body will get new sources of energy. That's why chakra alignment and chakra healing practices are so important.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a better understanding of the chakra system and how energy flows throughout your body, you can see how much the decisions we make and the lifestyle habits we engage in play such a big role in the health of our mind, body, and spirit. 

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* This is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

How Energy Moves Through the Chakra System

How the Chakra System Works

Chakra System

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