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Crystals for Power: 14 Stones to Help You Take on Anything

INSIDE: You’ve got the power, even if you don’t recognize it yet! Look to crystals for power to gain strength, confidence, and motivation to tackle any challenge and attain your wildest dreams.


When we train our bodies in tough physical practices, we also learn the importance of balancing strength and power with rest and calm. The warm up and the cool down in exercise regimens prepare and repair our muscles so that we can carry the energy we have gained beyond a gym, track, or yoga mat.

In swimming, athletes respect the role of the swim down not just for its importance in protecting muscles but also for its psychological effects on reacting to the race. Even out of the pool, and for those of us limited to doggy paddling, this principle of the swim down encapsulates our quest for power.

It requires a balance of strength and calm to confidently wield our natural abilities to take on anything life sends our way with vitality and positivity.

Crystals for power infuse crucial energy and healing vibrations to boost our stamina and fuel our inner strength.

Power Stones

14 Best Crystals for Power 

Crystals can aid us as we work to gain strength and stamina, like a protein shake. But crystals have WAY more power than temporary powders because they unleash their deep vibrations in sync with the might of the earth and the lightness of the divine universe.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye, the stone of survival, taps into the fierce energy we associate with tigers roaming in the wild. These natural aura of these power crystals gives us the muscle to push through any obstacles and the protection to do so unscathed.

Tiger’s Eye generates a captivating pattern that will fixate our focus to tap into our feline prowess and recognize our inner power to pursue anything we set our minds to. 



One of the keys to building strength, power, and stamina is healthy, pulsating circulation. Bloodstone matches the purity of blood with a steady frequency that boosts physical and mental strength. With vital energy circulating through you aura, you'll feel uplifted and confident. 


In order to build power within ourselves, we need to find grounding and stability to keep a firm stance. Garnet stones promote our peak health and power. These crystals for power infuse our bodies with spiritual energy to replace any hint of negativity and recharge feelings of vigor and strength.

Garnet exhibits physical healing properties that enhance metabolism and the absorption of nutrients to make our bodily vessels strong and balanced.



Hematite works to heal and empower. It targets negative energy we carry to neutralize it and make room for positive energy.

Our chakras are incredible energy centers that relay messages about where in our bodies and minds we might be draining strength and where power might be over-accumulating. As a crystal for power, Hematite connects throughout our chakra system to bring them into harmony in a way that most suits our personal strength and power.


Carnelian helps stoke the vital fire we need to burn to stay motivated and focused. Its vibrant orange and red hues inspire us to discover what makes us shine and to pursue it with passion and determination.



Howlite resembles the color of the gray wolf and delivers a divine radiance to connect us with higher consciousness. As power stones, Howlite crystals sharpen our mental capacities to recognize the behaviors and habits that boost our strength and power.

It generates a calm, cool frequency that soothes our emotions and clears our minds to be more aware of the things that nourish our power.

Red Jasper

Another stone that aids with focusing on our roots and stability, Red Jasper gives us the push to finish major tasks that take us closer to wielding our full power. It instills passion and positivity throughout our aura even when we feel tired, spent, and ready to throw in the towel.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian is a crystal for power that helps us reflect on the traits, habits, and thoughts that hold us back from our full potential. While this may sound like a daunting personal meditation, Snowflake Obsidian protects us from the negativity that we may stir up as we realize that we aren’t flawlessly invincible.

By taking a look inside, we can learn to understand our weaknesses to do the work to transform them into real strengths, and Snowflake Obsidian can light our way.


We all want to strike gold in some area of our lives, so why not use Fool’s Gold, (Pyrite) to do it? Pyrite stones work as crystals for power by abating our fears so that we harness the strength to reach for our goals.

Pyrite ignites our vitality and confidence to find new ways to tap into our inner power.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx

Pivoting back to the calming work necessary to build strength and stamina, Black Onyx gives us the power to look inward and find our core node of strength. This stone helps us remove the doubts and worries that keep us from pursuing our ultimate callings and desires.

Shiva Lingam

If you know anything about the Hindu deity known as Shiva, then we don’t have to tell you what makes the Shiva Lingam an incredible power stone. In case you are new to this guy (and that’s okay… in fact, it’s great! You have room to learn more!), simply knowing that Shiva is the destroyer and re-creator of the universe should give you an idea.

Using Shiva Lingam stones to wield power means we destroy the obstacles and hindrances that block us from embracing our inner strength. Then, with unbridled passion and vitality, we can embark on a journey to discover our highest form of being and consciousness.

Super Seven

Super Seven

When we talk about crystals for power, Super Seven is a no-brainer! Combining the energy of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Geothite, Lepidocrocite, Cacoxenite, and Rutile, Super Seven stones work wonders on our balance and stability.

With this stone, we can access information from our past to understand how we have become the person we find ourselves to be. And if we want to empower that person, Super Seven gives us the mental clarity and awareness of what we need to do to grow.

Yellow Quartz

We don’t often want to exercise on a rainy, dreary day, but when the sun shines, somehow our muscles light up and lug us along hiking trails, city parks, and other romps with nature.

Yellow Quartz takes this sunshine energy and infuses it in our aura whenever we need a burst of motivation and joy. It opens our eyes to the new possibilities that are awaiting us every day and reveals the inner strength we already have to take on any challenge.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Sometimes, our need for strength is more subtle than mighty feats of physical exertion. Lapis Lazuli, another potent crystal for power, boosts the strength we need to stand by our convictions and beliefs. It reveals the spiritual path that will bring us balance and utilize our power for the utmost good. 

How to Use These Power Crystals

With a catalogue of amazing crystals to boost our strength and stamina, here are a few great ways to nourish your inner passion and power...

Take a Healing Bath or Shower

To maintain the balance of vitality with tranquility, take time to unwind. By using crystals in a healing bath or even in a quick post-workout shower, you can infuse the powerful essences of these stones right into your physical body.

Making sure to use crystals that can safely come in contact with water, you can submerge crystals in your warm bath water or rub crystals (tumbled stones are probably best here) along your skin and over major muscles you’ve overworked.

Drink a Crystal Elixir 

A crystal elixir can work on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. When has a protein shake ever done that?!

By steeping water-safe crystals for power in warm water, you can drink this like a post-workout tea. It’s a refreshing beverage at any time of the day to offer a boost of power and to take time to reflect and recharge.

PLEASE NOTE: Some crystals have properties and minerals that you shouldn’t ingest, so do your research. 

Build a Crystal Grid

Create a space to meditate and generate powerful energy. Build a crystal grid with special templates (available for free online) with sacred geometry shapes. These shapes are attuned to increasing power and strength, and they will maximize the connective vibrations of your crystals to infuse your self and home with strength and vitality. 

Final Thoughts

Crystals for power target so many aspects of ourselves – as physically strong vessels and spiritually enlightened beings. 

Find ways to incorporate these incredible stones into your daily life, your meditation practices, and your healthy habits so that you can harness your inner power to be an unstoppable force of abundance, joy, and peace.

How to Use Crystals for Health and Wellness

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Crystals for Power

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