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6 Ways to Use Meditation for Healing the Body

INSIDE: Meditation isn't just for relaxation and to reduce mind chatter. It can also be extremely beneficial to our physical health. Let's look at some of the ways we can use meditation to heal the body.


Healing meditation is the process that connects the body with the mind and soul. Connecting oneself to a deeper inner-self is the real purpose of meditation. Studies reveal that meditation initiated from the Vedic times has many health benefits.

According to Vedic Science, the deep inner-self activates the working consciousness. It also acts upon the physical body.

Meditation is a skill that needs regular practice to develop. It takes time and patience to clear the clutter of thoughts and heal the body, but it is so worthwhile.

During meditation, there are feedback loops formed between the body and the deep inner-self. It contributes to inner peace that reduces accumulated stresses.

There are many benefits of practicing meditation, including:

  • Removal of accumulated stress
  • Increase in energy, decrease in anxiety
  • Reduction in depression
  • Improved memory
  • Alleviates physical and emotional pain
  • An increase in efficiency
  • Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Reduction in sympathetic overstimulation

Tumbled Stones

The mind or consciousness is the root of illness. By practicing meditation, the mind becomes free from anxieties and worries, a state of mind that positively impacts the body, nervous system, and brain.

When there is a worry of illness, the subconscious mind gives more energy towards that thought. As a result, the illness increases. Healing meditation can improve the state of mind and body and help us focus on positive thoughts. It nullifies the negative energy in the environment, hence it creates an environment of harmony.

6 Ways Meditation Heals the Body

Meditation serves to heal the body in several ways. Let's look at some of them now...

Decrease Depression & Anxiety

Being a significant health problem, about 20% of adults have depression. This can lead to heart diseases, memory disorders, and even death. The primary triggers of depression are stress and anxiety associated with daily activities.

Meditation helps the brain to focus on the positive and ignore the negative sensations. It prevents unwanted thoughts and worries from entering the mind.

Regular meditation can enhance the relaxed state of mind. It gives a signal to the brain to handle any stressful situation with a positive mindset. Meditation helps rewire certain brain areas such as the medial prefrontal cortex, amygdala, etc., related to depression.

Meditation, along with things like gummies for sleep cbd, kratom, and Chamomile can help alleviate depression. Fortunately, one can easily buy the best quality red vein kratom and various other herbs from online stores these days.

Meditation for the Body

Ease Chronic Illness Symptoms

Often, others are not able to see the pain that a person is suffering from within. As such, most chronic diseases are invisible diseases. Instead of viewing the state of the body as an illness, it's better to take it as an opportunity to heal from within.

Studies show that mindfulness meditation can relieve stress and pain due to chronic illness. It also enhances cognitive control and regulation of emotions, each of which are associated with pain modulation. It can help survive the negative emotions and depression. 

Improve Sleeping Disorders

Many people worldwide have sleeping disorders due to stress. It occurs due to tension or anxiety, which disturbs the existing sleeping pattern, leading to insomnia.

Regular meditation can increase melatonin and serotonin and activate areas of the brain that control sleep. After all, a proper sleeping pattern is essential in one's life. Through healing the mind, the sleep quality enhances, and the body heals.

Improve Heart Health & Lower Blood Pressure

We should all be tapping into our deep inner self for enriched living. The relaxation due to mediation helps in lowering blood pressure, improves heart rate, and breathing. Regular meditation practice increases brain activity and is a remedy for high blood pressure in the long term.

With its natural positions, breathing control, and exercise, the meditation process helps to improve the physical and mental state of being. It aids in alleviating conditions caused by stress or anxieties.

Transformation Crystals

Heal Wounds Faster

Stress and anxiety can have substantial adverse effects on the healing of wounds. During meditation, accumulated stress and worries are released. It helps to keep the mind calm, which improves health and happiness. By clearing the mind from disturbances, recovery of the body speeds up.

People with reduced stress have a faster recovery rate from wounds than others. It is the way the frame of mind works hand-in-hand with the body.

Improve Immune Function

Mindful meditation is the process of creating awareness in daily life. Studies show that meditation improves immunity and increases telomerase activity.

Meditation reduces pro-inflammatory processes and increases enzyme activities, guarding against aging of cells. Where the mind is, the body follows the pattern. It provides invisible protection for the body as energy heals it from within. 

Final Thoughts

In the beginning, the state of meditating will be uncomfortable, but persistence will bring results. Give it time and relax to hear your inner voice. And remember, there are many different types of meditation to choose from.

Committing to the daily practice of meditation brings remarkable results to one’s health. Healing starts when the body matches the vibration of the present state of mind. It is to fully surrender to the present moment and focus on one’s breath.

Meditation is helpful when it comes to overcoming emotional trauma and bringing about spiritual transformations that are necessary for an individual in the journey of life.

It improves the quality of life, along with emotional and physical health. Meditation helps in building and maintaining a peaceful inner mindset. It makes a person more forgiving, compassionate and develops patience.

Once there is an alignment with the mind, the body responds to its calmness, which is beneficial in healing the body and improving the quality of living.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

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