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Emerald Healing Properties for Attracting True Love & Abundance

INSIDE: When we utilize Emerald healing properties, we can experience deeper levels of love, hope, and abundance in our lives. The heart chakra stone just might turn out to be one of your best friends!


When our head and the heart are aligned, decisions we make are more likely to bring a favorable outcome.

Conversely, when our emotions are untamed, if we feel hopeless, or if our judgement is clouded, decisions we make are not always as wise as we’d like them to be.

Research published by Harvard University has warned that loneliness and emotional disconnect are real risk factors for various health conditions. 

In healing practices, we can confidently lean on using crystals that help us deal with matters of the heart and create an equilibrium between the rational and intuitive in us.

Emerald is definitely one of those crystals, and it's a powerful one.

Let's dig in and learn how we can use Emerald healing properties to improve our wellbeing, unblock the heart space, and ignite creative potential.

Emerald Tumbled Stones

Emerald Healing Properties & Symbolism

Emerald healing properties have been known for ages. Even famous Queen Cleopatra considered it the favorite of all of her jewels. Ancient Europeans and Persians also shared the same passion for this green gemstone.

This obsession with Emerald not only lies in its beauty. This green variety of Beryl was used centuries back as a stone of youth and growth.

Prophets used it to enhance their visions. People used it to heal wounds and preserve their youthful looks and good health. 

Emerald represents good times, spring, and blossoms, which is why it is used to help grow positive thoughts and creative ideas.

Being a stone of growth, it was used to enhance fertility and to ensure safe childbirth, and it is still used for these purposes today. Its energy is incredibly fertile and abundant, and this makes it a powerful prosperity attractor.

It inspires the birth of new ages, new life, and new creations, but what people love about it the most is its ability to attract true love.

The healing properties of Emerald help us regain hope in love, life, and people in general. Its energy helps heal past traumas and balance present energies, and it inspires us to look forward with a sense of faith and optimism. 

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Emerald

Now, let's look at what the frequency of Emerald can do for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Targets Emotional Wounds

One of the greatest Emerald healing properties lies in its ability to transform our emotional life.

As we go through life and experience difficult times, our heart space tends to close and harden up.

Emerald successfully targets emotional wounds, even those we have buried deep down, triggering a healthy release. This crystal inspires greater optimism and helps us overcome pain, loss, and to grieve unrequited or lost love so we can open up to new beginnings in love.

Improves Self-Love

It is a powerful self-love crystal that helps us level up on an emotional level and achieve a greater sense of emotional stability.

It acts as an energetic nurturer that assists us in gaining a healthier self-image, accepting who we truly are: worthy and lovable. This helps us accept people and ourselves as we are and it can help heal those who feel lost, lonely, or hopeless. 

Releases Neediness

Emerald healing properties allow it to help us understand our attachment style and let go of subconscious triggers and neediness in relationships.

It enlightens us to healthy emotional attachment styles and works to attract more compassion. This is incredibly helpful for those healing from heartbreak, loss, or trauma. 

Sparks Our Passions

This amazing stone is one of the best healing gemstones to have when we feel like we’ve lost our spark and inspiration in everyday life.

Every time we feel empty and lost, Emerald can serve to reconnect us with our passions or even help us discover new things that excite us. This makes it a very potent creativity-booster, bringing us back in touch with childlike energy and a desire to seek new experiences.

Boosts Motivation

This gemstone is not only about healing the emotional body. Emerald healing properties lighten our emotional and mental burden, allowing for a new flow of motivation to come in.

As a result, we feel more motivated to explore what life has to offer, and we are encouraged and inspired to follow our dreams. Insightfulness becomes enhanced and new ideas blossom, while mental blocks tend to gently fall aside.

This is possible because Emerald combines the power of emotions, intellect, and intuition, helping to balance the head and the heart.

Healing Properties of Emerald

Enhances Mental Clarity

Emerald gives us greater mental clarity over important matters in life so that we can make clear judgments without being befogged by wishful thinking or fear.

We can better memorize things and stay focused on a task, which is especially important for those who tend to daydream or become spacey and distracted while working.

Physical Properties

For physical health, Emerald healing properties work on a few levels, improving the health of the internal organs, but also making us look healthier on the outside.

Moreso, we can confidently say that it is one of the best general health crystals available.

Enlivens Our Vitality

Emerald, especially when used as an elixir, has an incredible power to revitalize the entire body. This means that it not only helps speed up the recovery process after illness but strengthens the immune system to prevent the illness from reoccurring.

In alternative medicine, we use it to improve the health of those struggling with malignant health problems, as well as those who feel tired, lifeless, and weak.

Assists With Skin Conditions

When used as a part of beauty routines and rituals, Emerald rejuvenates cells and tissues and prevents aging. It is used to revitalize skin and improve overall skin conditions, helping to treat rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and other conditions.

Its frequency not only influences the cosmetic appearance of the skin, but we can also use it to soothe unpleasant allergic reactions.

Assists With Reproductive Health

Emerald also helps balance reproductive health. This is a very potent protection stone during childbirth, and it works to improve fertility, even for those who feel like their biological clock is ticking.

Organ Health

Thanks to its capacity to regenerate cells, Emerald helps improve the overall health of the cardiovascular system and lungs, promoting healthy blood flow and oxygen circulation in the body.

Because of its healing energy, it is used to improve a wide range of digestive issues, particularly related to the kidneys and pancreas.

Its healing power doesn’t end with internal organs though. Emerald not only helps us see things from a much clearer perspective mentally but also improves sight. Therefore, using Emerald consistently can help improve eye conditions and blurry vision.

Chakra Healing Gemstones

Chakra & Spiritual Healing With Emerald

Although incredibly healing for our whole aura, Emerald works particularly well with the Heart Chakra, as its vibration is most connected to this energy center. This is what supplies the majority of Emerald healing properties to this healing stone.

Its energy naturally complements the Heart Chakra, as it deals with receptiveness and the ability to give love and compassion.

In spiritual healing, we use Emerald to help us cut cords with toxic people and break free from our own toxic patterns that keep repeating, even when they are unconscious.

It helps us set free from karmic bonds and soul contracts that are hindering our growth and dimming our light. 

Through clearing emotional blockages, it helps us become more heart-centered and open to the good that the Universe wants to bring us.

Emerald raises our vibration and this results in improved interpersonal relationships but also helps us attract soulmate love.

It helps us get in the right energetic alignment with our hearts' true desires, so we can naturally connect with the energy of abundance and love and have that manifested in the 3D.

Its energy acts as a catalyst, channeling unconditional love and helping us understand it on a soul level.

No matter if we use it as part of self-care rituals, during meditation or chakra alignment healing work, Emerald acts to break hardened heart-walls and encourage a free flow of energy through the heart chakra.

It helps us regain faith in love, which is why it is immensely healing for jaded and discouraged singles who have given up hope in finding the right match.

When placed on the heart chakra or used for making an elixir, it can help shed old beliefs around love and unblock stagnant energy that no longer serves us.

Metaphysical Uses of Emerald

When talking about Emerald healing properties, we can't forget about the metaphysical. Through improving our receptiveness, Emerald enhances our intuition and helps us connect with the higher plane.

It makes us more receptive to energetic updates and spiritual downloads, which is why many use it for boosting clairvoyant abilities.

Emerald helps us get in touch with our inborn psychic abilities, helping us read events and people with more accuracy and predictability.

It is often used to promote visions and prophetic dreams, helping us see beyond the surface of things.

Emerald helps set the intention when working with energy and rituals, assisting Reiki Masters, energy healers, and prophets to channel their gifts. As a result, we are able to pick up on energy changes and adapt our own energy to those changes faster and without much inner disturbance.

Final Thoughts

Emerald healing properties are some of the most valued and utilized in the crystal healing community.

Take the time to let yourself experience what this incredible stone has to offer and watch as it helps you achieve new levels of love and abundance.

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Emerald Healing Properties
Healing Properties of Emerald
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