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Feng Shui Decorating Tips: How to Improve the Energy in Your Home

INSIDE: Use these feng shui decorating tips to understand what objects, colors, and elements to include in each area of your home. As you make simple changes, you'll likely notice a big difference in your life.


Creating a balanced space that we call home has a direct influence on our wellbeing.

In fact, research published by Psychology Today has shown that our immediate environment impacts not only our happiness and wellbeing but also our social interactions and reasoning ability.

That being said, it's no wonder that the practices of feng shui have persisted even nowadays. Let's discuss how you can use feng shui decorating to your advantage to level-up your home. 

Bagua Map & Decoration

In feng shui, our home can be divided into nine different sectors or Bagua areas. Each of these areas corresponds with a certain energy, element, area of life, shapes, and colors.

Therefore, dividing our home into these sectors will help us not only choose the right decor but also improve the energy in each specific sector.

Now, let's walk through how to use this ancient mapping system to decorate the home.

Healing Gemstone Collections

Feng Shui Decorating in the Southeast Sector

Decor in the Southeast Bagua area can help us attract more abundance and prosperity into our lives, and who doesn't want to do that? Here are some of the best ways to decorate this area...

Rectangular & Vertical

This is the area of wealth and it resonates with any decor that is rectangular or placed vertically.


It is the area represented by the element of wood, which means its power can be amplified by using green and wooden tones.

Rich looking and well-kept wooden details, such as decorative tables, boxes, or handmade, carved decor can work great to improve cash flow and invite blessings in your life.

Luxurious Fabrics

Details such as rich, natural fabrics, silk, cotton, or linen can have the same positive effect. This might include pillows, curtains, or furniture fabrics.

Abundance Plants

Since this is the area of abundance, choosing exotic, healthy plants such as the Bonsai Tree, Areca Palm, or Dracaena can inspire growth and bring beneficial energy into this area.

Yellow Crystals

Using rectangular mirrors and yellow crystals such as Citrine and Tiger’s Eye can help amplify positive energy and aid you in manifesting prosperity. To cure and enhance this area, use a figurine of a rhino.

Citrine is a powerful attractor that will motivate us to aspire to the blessings we pray for. It will liven up the energy, helping us attract what we desire.

Tiger’s Eye is one of the most potent prosperity stones. It attracts wealth, and helps us improve relationships with money and resources. Tiger’s Eye is also incredibly grounding, keeping our possessions safe and our space high-vibrational. 

Decorating in the South Sector

The South Bagua area resonates with the fire element and intense colors such as red, purple, and deep pink, symbolizing fame and success. Here are some of the best ways to decorate this area...

Triangles & Pyramids

Feng shui decorating in this area should include triangle and pyramid shapes.

Red Colors, Thick Fabrics

Anything associated with fire and warmth, such as red carpets and oriental tapestries, thick and high-quality fabrics, work well in this area as well.


Paintings with intense warm colors and photographs of fire are also considered beneficial.

Candles and lighting, particularly lamp shades with intense red or purple details, will serve the purpose of supporting the auspicious energy of this area.

Success Memorabilia

Since this Bagua symbolizes social standing, to help us attract more success and recognition, we can decorate the room with anything that reminds us of success, such as inspiring quotes, or trophies.

Red Crystals

To increase and protect your reputation, you can use crystals such as Red Goldstone,  Red Jasper, or Garnet.

Red Goldstone supports highly motivated goals, ideas for awakening, and the go-getter in us. It helps attract good luck our way, boosts our confidence, and supports ambition, which amplifies the energy in the South sector.

Red Jasper increases our determination and supports our desire to leave our mark on the world. It encourages us to follow our passions and helps us actualize them in 3D.

Garnet helps replace the low drive and self-doubt with courage and ambition. It helps awaken a fire in us, which assists us in working our way up to the top and ensuring high social-standing.

Feng Shui Decorating in the Southwest Sector

This is a segment of partnerships and love. It resonates with the earth element, and sandy, light yellow, and beige tones. Here are some of the best ways to decorate this area...

Soft & Light Fabrics

Since it is a space that nourishes closeness and partnership, the best decor options are light-colored fabrics, pillows, and rugs that are particularly soft and pleasant to touch.

This feng shui decorating can do a lot to make us feel safe and inspire faithfulness and intimacy. 


The Southwest area is associated with a square shape, so square decorative trays, embroidery, light square frames, and decorative dishes can be a great choice.

Air-Purifying Plants & Bells

This sector welcomes plants, such as air-purifying Boston Fern or Peace Lily. 

Use bells and chimes to heal this space and amplify positive chi.

Pink & Green Crystals

Aside from beige curtains and rugs, we can also attract love and strengthen existing partnerships by placing healing crystals such as Rose Quartz and Green Jade in this area. 

Rose Quartz opens us to giving and receiving unconditional love. It helps heal relationships and graces the Southwest sector with receptive, loving energy.

Green Jade is a perfect stone for inspiring trust, faithfulness, and connectedness in a partnership. It is known to be a powerful love attractor, so placing it in this Bagua area is a great choice for singles looking to attract a soulmate.

Decorating in the East Sector

The East sector is all about family, health, and community. Here are some of the best ways to decorate this area...

Green Colors & Nature

The ruling element here is wood, which is why opting for green and brown decor elements will help protect your health and your family.

The best way to use feng shui decorating here is to choose green rugs, art, and images of nature.

Adding a few earth and water decorative pieces, such as glass bowls with stones or porcelain vases that depict nature motives can help cultivate family and social life, strengthening ties with loved ones.

Plants & Flowers

This is the area of our home that is deeply connected to nature and ancestral heritage, so healthy plants and freshly picked flowers will work to strengthen family ties.


Rectangular objects are most welcome as they uplift the energy and inspire joy in the home.

Family Photos & Inherited Items

Family photos and portraits are also a great idea, particularly if they have wooden frames, were taken outdoors, and remind you of great memories.

If you have items that are inherited and well preserved, the East Bagua sector is the ideal spot for them.


Mirrors can also be auspicious here, particularly if they show the whole reflection and are directed towards a beautiful green detail.

Green & Pink Crystals

Some of the best stones to place in this sector are green crystals and pink crystals, such as Aquamarine and Rhodonite.

Aquamarine is a stone of tolerance. It enhances communication with loved ones, prevents conflicts, and inspires healthy ways of connecting with others.

Rhodonite is a loving stone that promotes diplomacy. Having it in the East Bagua sector will help bring in the energy or cooperation, togetherness, and forgiveness, nourishing our family ties.

Decorating in the Center Sector

The center of the home is where all other areas come together. It represents balance and harmony. Here are some of the best ways to decorate this area...

Brown, Light Yellow & Orange

Associated with the Earth element, the center Bagua accumulates more positive energy when we use decor that is brown, light yellow, or orange.


Since this area is the heart of your home, it should be open and welcoming, and the decor you chose should reflect that. In other words, decor should be wisely chosen, and minimal as this will encourage energy flow. 

Tai Chi Symbol & Square Shapes

This Bagua area resonates with the Tai Chi symbol, so having it displayed somewhere in his sector, printed or painted, will create balance and harmony in your whole home.

Square shaped frames and rugs in this area will promote unity and good health. 

White & Brown Crystals

Additionally, having pairs of well-balanced and geometric artwork, as well as white crystals and brown crystals will promote good luck and good health. Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz are some of the great choices to opt for.

Smoky Quartz helps release negative energy and has the power to detoxify the body and space, promoting good health. It is also a powerful good luck charm to have in the Center.

Clear Quartz will work to absorb anything that doesn’t serve us and that gets accumulated in this sector. This will improve the energy flow, protect our health, and clear the space from low vibrations. 

Feng Shui Decorating in the West Sector

The West area is all about offspring and creativity. Here are some of the best ways to decorate this area...


The West sector is connected to the metal element, so choosing interesting metal decor like chimes and metal wall sculptures will help strengthen our bond with children, but also our inner child.

White, Grey & Metallic Colors

To unblock creativity, feng shui suggests we use white and grey, as well as metallic and copper decor. This rule can be applied to anything, from artwork and rugs to decorative tables, curtains, or metal frames.

Round Shapes

The West Bagua area is the most auspicious when we use round shapes. So, round mirrors, pillows, round bowls, and decorated metal rings are all going to help foster innovation, new ideas, and new projects.

Orange Crystals

Using orange crystals that inspire us, such as Carnelian or Leopardskin Jasper can help level-up the energy in this area, awaken curiosity, and drive us to create.

Carnelian radiates joy and helps awaken childlike qualities in us. It can strengthen bonds with our children, inspiring us to move and experiment with novel ideas.

Leopardskin Jasper is a stone that sparks imagination and opens us up to new possibilities, no matter how old we are. Its energy brings us a sense of expansion, inspiring lightheartedness.

Decorating in the Northeast Sector

The Northeast sector is the area of knowledge and wisdom and it resonates the most with the earth element. Here are some of the best ways to decorate this area...

Beige & Pale Yellow

Using beige, sandy colors, and pale yellow will support learning, personal growth, and self-cultivation in this area.

Natural Materials

According to feng shui decorating principles, the best choices would be clay pots, decorative rocks, porcelain vases, and statues as they will help ground our minds and open us to higher knowledge.

Square Shapes & Nature

Himalayan salt lamps and large, square paintings with light earthy tones in this sector can support a peaceful life and help us learn skills. 

Earthy & Yellow Crystals

To support the learning process, since they come from the earth, crystals can be particularly beneficial. Some of the best ones for this area are yellow crystals and earthy toned stones, such as Yellow Quartz and Serpentine. 

Yellow Quartz serves to help us shift perspective and gain more mental clarity. It helps eliminate mental blockages and opens us up to new possibilities. It can enhance our learning abilities when placed in the Northeast.

Serpentine is here to help open our minds to higher knowledge. It expands consciousness, helping us gain greater wisdom.

Feng Shui Decorating in the North Sector

This area is all about our career and goals. Here are some of the best ways to decorate this area...

Blue & Black Colors

The best decor for the North sector is blue and black. This is because this part of the Bagua map resonates with the water element.

To raise the vibration, we can use black and blue prominent art, black frames, rugs, or decorative bowls.

Water Fountains, Glass & Mirrors

Just like the water flows, this sector can benefit from any free-form shape, fountains, interesting glass decor, and mirrors. We can also benefit from having a well-kept fish aquarium in this area.


The North area of the Bagua is also compatible with metal, which makes this sector the best one for combining black and white decor.

Blue Crystals

Some of the crystals for this area are blue crystals like Lapis Lazuli, as well as others such as Pyrite and Bloodstone.

Lapis Lazuli helps raise the vibration of the space we are in, enlightening us to our purpose and soul mission.

Pyrite in the North area helps us go after our goals with confidence. Its energy supports career advancement, as it helps us accomplish any task thrown our way. 

Bloodstone is a crystal of victory, but it also pushes us towards discovering our true life path. Placed here, it will help manifest the fruits of our hard work, helping us advance in our chosen profession. 

Decorating in the Northwest Sector

This is a sector of helpful people, travel, and spiritual growth. Here are some of the best ways to decorate this area...

White & Grey Colors

The Northwest sector is all about whites and grey as it correlates with the metal element.

To get the best of decorating with feng shui, we can choose silver decorative mugs, white pillows, and decorative sheets.

Ovals Shapes & Minimalism

This Bagua area is connected to friendships and making meaningful connections worldwide. To meet generous people or attract great clients, we can add oval shapes, white statues, and minimalistic decor. 

This is a great sector for decorating with metallic vases, grey cushions, and oval contemporary art.

White, Grey & Green Crystals

The best crystals to enhance the auspicious energy here are grey and white crystals, as well as those in the green range, such as Chrysocolla and Hiddenite.

Chrysocolla helps travelers feel at home in the Northwest area. It helps us connect with others with compassion and loving energy, which helps attract true alliances.

Hiddenite makes us enjoy friendships and travel even more. When placed here, it helps us connect with others on a soul level and establish supportive connections.

Final Thoughts

With these feng shui decorating tips, you can easily improve the energy in your home, which will serve to enhance your health and well-being as well. 

Amethyst and Citrine Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.
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