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Feng Shui Desk Tips: Simple Ways to Attract More Wealth and Abundance

INSIDE: Did you know the placement of your desk and the way you decorate it can make a huge difference in your level of success and happiness at work? With these feng shui desk tips, you can do just that!


An office is an incredibly important space. We not only spend a decent amount of time here, but we also create and attract wealth and abundance there.

Interesting research published by Sage Journals has shown that something as simple as the color of office walls can impact how effective or stressed we feel in a work environment.   

The way we decorate the office and position our desk has the same effect. In Feng shui, every small adjustment can either make us feel better and more productive or stressed and unmotivated.

Today, we are discussing the feng shui desk, and how to make the best of it and create good chi. Let’s get into it...

Why Feng Shui Your Desk?

The desk is the key component in an office and it is directly connected to our luck in finance and career. When you feng shui your desk by finding the best orientation, colors, and decor for the desk, you'll be able to attract positive energy that will support your aspirations and goals.

Well-used feng shui elements will raise the vibration of your work environment, helping you create a space that feeds focus, discipline, and determination. 

Conversely, when the elements are not balanced or in alignment with the purpose of the office, we can find ourselves constantly drained from work, unable to attract success or a desired income.

A feng shui desk can help bring old projects to fruition and encourage new approaches and ideas.

Good chi allows for an easy energy flow and will work to attract business partners, clients, and opportunities that are beneficial for us and our career advancement.

Moreso, following feng shui tips for desk placement and decor, will make us enjoy the workspace much more, as this is where we spend a considerable amount of time.

Instead of associating it with stress, irritability, and tiredness, our desk will become a place where we attract success and become inspired.

Being mindful about feng shui desk decoration will prevent good energy from leaving the space and bad energy from staying around for too long. 


5 Key Feng Shui Rules For Your Desk

When it comes to feng shui, there is much to know, but we've narrowed it down to the five most important aspects for a feng shui desk...

Choose the Right Desk

To feng shui your desk for career success, it is always a good idea to start from the five elements. When choosing the desk, there are three major things to consider:

  1. The shape
  2. The size of the desk
  3. What materials it is made of

Now, let's look at each of these considerations in more detail...

Desk Shape

Always opt for desks with rounded edges since sharp edges bring in the energy of competition and add an element of tension. 

A desk with rounded edges will help us be more open-minded and allow for an easy flow of energy, assisting us in letting go of stress in an efficient way.

Desk Size

Regarding size, the best option is the one that fits you just perfectly; it isn’t too large, too small, too tall, or too low.

Make sure you opt for models that don’t have any elements that make you feel restricted and unable to move freely, such as massive decorative borders or drawers. These will make you feel stifled and contribute to discomfort and nervousness, creating bad chi in the workspace. 

feng shui your desk 2

Desk Materials

The third thing to consider is what the desk is made of. Since this is the most important piece of furniture in the office, don’t shy away from investing in a good one if it's feasible for you.

Choose sturdy desks that are made of quality materials and stand firmly on the floor. This will help ground the energy and give you a solid foundation for working toward your goals.

A good quality desk will attract good quality deals and opportunities, as opposed to a cheap, shaky desk that’s not only distracting but isn’t as powerful of a wealth-attractor.

The most common materials for office desks are wood, metal, PVC, and glass. While all have their pros and cons, the best choice is a wood desk. Wood is a feng shui element that supports growth and attracts wealth and abundance our way, naturally resonating with our career and goals.

Wood supports our vision for the future and helps us take concrete steps towards success. It also creates space for flexibility compared to the Metal element, which can bring in more rigidity and conservatism.

Desks with metal elements, however, are great for bringing greater clarity of mind and encouraging a free flow of communication.

Glass desks, since they represent the Water element, are good for creating more transparency, empathy, and understanding between clients and coworkers.

However, if the Water element is already present in the room, choosing a glass desk can dilute our focus and make our emotions cloud our business decisions. PVC desks represent stagnation and dullness, and they will make every task feel like a routine.

In the end, when choosing the right feng shui desk, always be mindful of what type of energy you need the most in the space. The sector you work in and your personal needs and preferences will also be an important factor when choosing the best desk for you.

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Place the Desk in the Right Place

Every room has its Bagua map, and the office is no excuse. The best Bagua area for feng shui desk placement in the office include:

    • Wealth & Money Area - This ares is located in the upper-left corner of the Bagua map. By placing a desk in this area, especially a wooden desk, you'll be able to attract prosperity and bring in good luck regarding your finances. This is overall the best choice for desk positioning as it is a great position for increasing income.
    • Creativity Area - Located in the middle right square of the Bagua map, this is a great position for a white desk or a desk what contains metal elements. Placing a desk here harbors creativity, innovation, and supports communication. This is a particularly auspicious desk placement for artists, designers, architects, and anyone whose work requires a creative approach or works with children.
    • Fame & Reputation Area - Located in the upper-middle square of the Bagua map, this area is useful for those striving to be well-known for their work. This Bagua area helps us become recognized by increasing popularity and social standing. Having a desk here helps us get recognition for what we do, and it is a great position for anyone in a leadership role.               
    • Family & Community or Love & Marriage Areas - Alternatively, we can place the desk in the Family & Community square of the Bagua map or the Love & Marriage square as both allow a commanding position from the desk. These will improve social relations and communication between clients or coworkers and can be considered auspicious for those who work with family members, partners, or friends.

    Where Not to Place You Desk

    Avoid placing your desk in any of the following areas of the Bagua map:

    • Knowledge & Personal Growth area
    • Career & Life Path area
    • Helpful People & Travel area
    • Center area

    While one of these areas will be directly occupied by the door, the remaining three are considered to be too close to the entrance.

    Placing your desk in any of these areas will make you more prone to getting distracted and tired, as you are directly exposed to the energy that enters the room. 

    feng shui your desk for career success

    Ensure Commanding Position

    One of the most crucial feng shui rules for an office is to determine the right feng shui home office desk direction. We do so by establishing a commanding position and placing the desk (the most important piece of furniture in an office) directly across from the door, or facing the door.

    This commanding position will allow us to always keep in check who or what energy comes our way, and we will feel more powerful and in control sitting by the desk.

    If, for some reason, we can’t make it happen, using mirrors that reflect the door will help us achieve that commanding position and keep doors at check.

    This is important, as doors (and windows) are where energy enters and leaves the office and makes us feel in charge of our business endeavors and collaborations when we can see what enters and leaves.

    Conversely, if our back is facing the door, we will feel insecure, unsafe, or anxious. This position is associated with back-stabbing and it blocks our ability to make the most of our talents and ideas. 

    Similar to doors, windows are important gateways that influence the energy flow. Having one behind our desk and our back creates instability, a sense of isolation from the outside world, and a lack of motivation.

    However, having a window across from us, or even better, on the left or right side of the table, helps to inspire us and bring in fresh ideas.

    When we have a clear view of the window from our desk, we are able to feel more motivated and energized, which is incredibly helpful in dealing with mundane, complicated, or repetitive tasks.

    As our feng shui desk should be facing the door and having a clear view of the window, our back should be supported only by a solid wall. Ideally, the less furniture behind us the better.

    However, make sure that the desk is not too close to the wall, as this will make you feel restricted and claustrophobic. The desk should never directly face or be pushed against the wall as this will restrict both efficiency and your own energy, making you feel tired and isolated.

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    Create an ideal Feng Shui Desk Layout With Decor

    The Bagua map can and should be applied to the desk and is essential for creating a balance between the five elements. This will help determine what decor or objects to keep in which section of the desk.

    Let's look at how to apply Bagua mapping to feng shui desk organization...

    Front Center

    The front-center of the desk is where we sit and it's where we usually keep our computer or main paperwork that we use all the time.

    This is the area of our Career & Life Path and should include only what is essential for performing our tasks and work, and it should only pertain to work.

    If you keep a computer here, use EMF protection crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Shungite, or Snowflake Obsidian near your computer to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.

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    The center of the desk represents our health. Therefore, it should be spotlessly clean and clear from any objects, as this will ensure the circulation of energy and will minimize the negative impact of work on our wellbeing.

    To cleanse this space and promote good health, you can use Clear Quartz.

    Upper Center

    The upper-center of the desk is governed by the fire element and it represents fame, leadership, and social standing. To attract recognition and more good chi, choose red objects, decorative candles, or lamps for this sector.

    Since this is the area of Fame & Reputation, keeping your name plaque, business cards, or anything that shows your experience or success in this area can also be beneficial, especially if it includes the color red.

    Ideal crystals for this section of the desk are Carnelian and Citrine.

    Upper Left

    The upper-left section of the desk is connected to wealth, prosperity, and abundance. This is the best place for keeping a jar of coins and luxurious table plants.

    This area is governed by wood and it is a corner of finances, so anything that denotes value and growth is highly welcome. Colors that amplify the good chi in this area are green, brown, teal, and light blue.

    The best crystals for this part of the desk are Tigers Eye and Garnet.

    Upper Right

    The upper-right area of the desk is connected to love and relationships, and this is where we attract trust and understanding.

    To invite more partnership into your life, place pairs of objects or something that reminds you of an intimate or professional partnership, such as a photo of your spouse, in this area.

    The best crystals for this area are Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst.

    Center Left

    The center-left of the desk is about our lineage, ancestors, and family. To feel supported at work and strengthen ties with family, use family photos and well preserved family-heritage objects in this section.

    Here we can benefit from placing Green Jade or Green Aventurine, as these will prevent work from interfering with family closeness.

    Center Right

    The center-right of the desk is connected to creativity, children, and metal elements. Keeping artwork, creative figurines, pens, white or silver pen holders, white, silver, or grey objects here will inspire clarity of mind and help you get new, innovative ideas.

    Creative gifts from children, as well as gemstones like Howlite or Selenite, will also help improve communication and creativity.

    Front Left

    The front-left of the desk represents the area of Wisdom & Knowledge. This is the best place to keep useful books, especially those that support our personal and professional development.

    Green and brown objects and neatly organized documents are all going to help you elevate your knowledge and quality of your work.

    The most beneficial gemstones for this corner are Serpentine, Sodalite, or Kyanite.

    Front Right

    The front-right of the desk is connected to Helpful People & Travel. Therefore, to enhance the good chi in this corner, we can keep client contacts, the phone, metal page holders, white or grey objects neatly organized here.

    Great crystals for this corner are Labradorite and Yellow Quartz.

    feng shui desk layout

    Declutter & Clean

    Once your feng shui desk is set up, what remains is to keep it clean and organized.

    Keep your files, documents, and papers neatly stored in a drawer.  This will prevent great amounts of information connected to past, or future projects from interfering with what you are currently working on.

    Make sure to eliminate everything that is unnecessary from your desk, as anything that’s in excess will work to disrupt the energy flow and create stress. 

    Keep your table clean and dust-free since dust creates the energy of discomfort and stagnation. If your current desk is broken, repair the damage or get a new one to prevent the bad chi from interfering with your efficiency.

    The desk should be fully functional, and not make squeaky noise to distract you. If you have a plant on your desk, it should be healthy, and all desk items should be clean, and in a good state.

    Final Thoughts

    There you have it! When you achieve a feng shui desk by using these tips, you'll feel first-hand how much difference it makes for your stress levels, well-being, and productivity. 

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    * Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclaimer notice here.

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