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Feng Shui for the Office: Tips to Increase Productivity & Reduce Stress

INSIDE: When the energy in your office is set up to support your success, you'll find yourself being more productive, releasing work stress, and attracting prosperity. These feng shui for the office tips and tools are here to help!


Many times, we underestimate the impact our office design can have on us.

We can’t wait to get home where we can be on our terrain, but what if we can create that same positive feeling in the room we work in? After all, we do spend a significant amount of time in this space, don’t we?

Research published by The Inc has shown that out of eight hours spent at work, we are truly productive for only around three hours.

Fortunately, there are ways to change that, while enjoying our work more in the process.

We can start by making our office a more welcoming and motivating space to be in, and we do that by applying the rules of feng shui.

In this guide, you'll learn the most important aspects of feng shui for the office .

What Are the Benefits of Using Feng Shui in an Office?

The purpose of feng shui for the office is to create a balanced environment that stimulates productivity. It is a practice that, thanks to carefully thought out design, serves to create a perfect environment for success.

Feng shui is here to support the energy flow and exchange that takes place in the office, eliminating negative energy and inviting positive energy into our work environments.

It raises the vibration of the space we work in, which motivates us to create and solve problems. When used properly, feng shui acts as a powerful motivating force in the space we work in.

It naturally allows for mental clarity and blocks distractions and stressors that make work harder than it should be. It is used to increase our discipline and focus.

Plus, the smart organization of space helps eliminate worry, allowing us to find enjoyment in what we do. Feng shui is here to help us make the best of every workday.

Working in an aesthetically pleasing environment can help us connect with that space. When we work in an office that radiates positive energy and reminds us of achievements, what we do becomes less of a burden and more of a pleasure.

Amethyst Geodes

Feng Shui for Office Layout & Why it Matters

In feng shui, the layout and the position of each piece of furniture and decor counts.

Not every office is the same, however. Some have their individual space, some work in cubicles, and some share the space with multiple people. Because of that, the placement of your desk and the rest of the furniture will largely depend on whether you share the space or not.

Here are some general rules to follow to invite positive energy in your work space via feng shui...

Desk Placement

Because doors and windows are the gateways of energy, having your desk facing the door creates an invitation for abundant energy. This is a position of power and success and makes us feel more in control of the environment and the energy that comes in.

Conversely, when our back is turned towards the entrance, we can’t monitor who comes in, and this creates nervousness, stress, and worry.

A similar situation occurs when we have our back turned toward a window, which can make us feel unsafe and anxious at work.

Windows are important sources of light and freshness, which is why we should ideally be able to see them. This increases our vitality and makes us feel supported.

Having a window on the right or left side of a table creates more harmony. It reminds us to take little necessary breaks, so we don’t feel so overworked and isolated from the outside world. This alone has the power to inspire and motivate us to achieve what we have planned.

feng shui for the office desk

Feng Shui For The Office Desk

For those of us who work in an office, our desk is where we spend the most time. It is directly linked to our position, what we do, how we do it, and how we feel about our work.

The more we invite positive energy when sitting in our chairs, the better our performance.

Now that we know how to position it, the next step is to feng shui the desk itself. We do so by choosing the right table and the right decor for the office.

The key things that can help us bring in more harmony are the shapes and elements we use in the space.

In feng shui, any sharp edges are connected to disruption, danger, threat, and turbulence. They invite conflict, and because of that, having them in the office can create tension and increase stress levels and decrease enjoyment at the workplace.

That's why the best way to ease this tension is by simply choosing furniture with rounded edges - the more and the rounder, the better!

Rounded shapes are connected to harmony and flow. They balance the energetic exchange and are inviting and supportive of any form of collaboration. This applies not only to the table but all the furniture and decor, including the chairs, couches, rugs, and shelves. 

Feng Shui for the Office Cubicle

Feng shui for the office cubicle is all about being mindful of the flow of energy in that work environment. When there is a shared office space, the energy not only comes from doors and windows but also our coworkers.

When our energy is directly connected to the person sitting across from us, we tend to frequently lose focus because we are increasingly aware of the other person and their energy.

This is why the best way to keep space productive for everyone is to avoid facing each other or turning backs to each other when working. When our backs are turned, the energy in the office does not support collaboration and togetherness. 

Feng Shui for the Home Office

For those who work from home, feng shui for the home office suggests that the best solution is to have a separate room or at least space for the office.

By separating the workspace from our sleeping or dining area, we create an easier flow of energy, preventing our work performance from getting entwined with energies of stillness, rest, and relaxation.

Specialty Pieces

How To Combine Feng Shui Office Decor To Achieve Balance?

The materials we chose for a desk are directly connected to the five feng shui elements: wood, metal, water, earth, and fire.

Choosing the perfect desk will depend on what kind of energy you need the most in your office space.

To create a harmonious office environment, we need to include each element.


Wood is connected to growth and building, and it resonates with the color green. This makes it a great choice for building trust and birthing new, creative ideas.

This is the most common choice for furniture and the most present element in the office. It helps us with setting a clear vision for the future, attracting abundance and prosperity.

Wood energy is healing and inviting, reminding us of nature and wealth. It is commonly associated with money, and therefore, it can help us achieve our financial goals.


The metal element is all about efficiency, clarity of mind, and discipline, and it has the power to increase our productivity. We can bring more of it into our office space by choosing a desk with metal elements, or using bronze, white, grey, or metal details.

Metal resonates with sharpness of mind and communication, which then impacts our business relationships and collaboration.


The water element in the office is expressed by the use of glass, mirrors, or the color blue.

In feng shui for the office, a glass desk invites easy flowing energy into the workspace, acting as a relaxant. It also represents transparency, which can help build relationships with coworkers or clients.

feng shui office decor crystals


The fire element is added by choosing the right colors, lighting, and decor.

Fire is an important element in the office because it symbolizes drive, motivation, and inspiration. It is associated with warm tones, like red and orange.

This is a crucial element for success and is associated with power and assertiveness. It also brings in the energy of enjoyment, enthusiasm and helps us keep up the pace at work.

We incorporate it by adding lampshades on the table and ensuring sufficient light.

We can also add more fire by adding red details, rugs, or paintings. Red is a powerful color and so is the fire element, which is why inviting too much of it through decor can also invite competitiveness or disagreements. 


The earth element is associated with good health and potential but also grounding energy, which is crucial for achieving success. It is best included by adding decorative plants or using earthy tones for the furniture.

The best feng shui plants for the office include:

  • Money Plant - attracts wealth
  • Lucky Bamboo - attracts prosperity
  • Exotic Palms - uplift us and bring in positivity

Feng shui office plants are here to stabilize us and to help us stay focused and determined. Earth is calming and helps us achieve stability at work but also brings in the energy of reliability and trust, which is very much needed in the office.

How To Invite More Balance into Your Workspace?

Another powerful way to balance the energies in the office and attract more abundance is by using crystals.

They help us create a balanced atmosphere, eliminating stress, worry, and preventing overstimulation. Not only that but having them on the desk can help clear the mind and stay focused and motivated to achieve our greatest work.

According to the principles of feng shui for the office, these are some of the best crystals to have on your desk:

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz cleanses the energy in an office and helps us stay focused on our tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

It helps us attain clarity of mind and promotes greater optimism in the work environment. It balances us and prevents disrupting energy from coming our way, eliminating distractions. 


Incredibly grounding and empowering, Pyrite helps us find the confidence and motivation to get things done, while also attracting wealth!

It is there to help us accomplish even the tasks we don’t like, promoting tenacity. It clears the mind but it is also incredibly inspiring, which makes it a great stone for innovation and starting new projects. 


Amethyst is a stone that prevents burnouts and is ideal for workspaces where there is a lack of collaboration and harmony.

It eliminates energetic stressors and prevents any sabotaging energy from coming our way.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline makes us feel safer and more grounded. It helps us make rational decisions amid chaos, so that we can act in our best integrity.

It is a stone that blocks off negative energy, as well as electromagnetic pollution coming from our electronics.


Chrysocolla is here to help us relax and release stress, worry, and anxiety. It is ideal for helping us balance creative ideas with practical solutions.

This crystal also helps us become both empowered and compassionate, which reflects positively on our relationships in the workplace.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz helps us to be more gentle when we need to be. It invites the loving energy of understanding that we are frequently lacking in the workplace.

It helps us become less self-critical and makes our stay at the office more pleasurable. It also helps us make better decisions and have greater trust in our abilities.

Final Thoughts

With these feng shui for the office tips and tools, you can get to work transforming the energy in your workspace. We spend too much time there to not pay attention to these things, and they really do make a huge difference.

Tumbled Stones

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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