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7 Feng Shui Wealth Tips to Get Your Finances Flowing

INSIDE: Every inanimate object, just like a living thing, has its vibration, which can be auspicious or present a block to creating the life you desire. Feng shui wealth tips work in any environment. The key to manifesting more abundance and prosperity is to understand how to use them to our benefit. Let’s see how...


According to Psychology Today, our relationship with our income and money has a direct correlation with life satisfaction.

The attitude we have about money reflects directly on our reality. When that attitude is positive, we are likely to have far less trouble with money than those who have a negative outlook.

There are a few ways we can change our vibration and our relationship with money. One of those ways is centuries old and is called feng shui.

This ancient discipline reveals what we need to do to shift the energy in our home, and amongst other things, how to incorporate feng shui wealth tips into our living and work spaces.

Our Best Feng Shui Wealth Tips 

Feng shui can help us transform our reality by changing the energy in our living space. Here are some powerful tips that can help you open up to financial blessings and attract the abundance you deserve.

Let’s go... 

Hang Feng Shui Wealth Symbols in Your Home

There are three crucial areas of the Bagua map where feng shui symbols can prove to be particularly auspicious. These are the South area (Fame and Recognition), the North Area (Career and Life Path), and the South East area (Wealth). 

No matter if it’s the sculptures, pictures, paintings, or motives, feng shui symbols can change your luck with money in the best way possible. 

feng shui wealth crystals

Here are some of the best symbols to use in your interior to bring wealth and abundance your way...

Money Frog - The money toad is a Chinese symbol of wealth. In Chinese tradition, the frog is usually depicted standing on a pile of coins and holding one coin in its mouth. Place it on a low pedestal, as low as you can, as the closer to the ground the toad is, the more wealth it is thought to accumulate.

Pixiu - One of the Chinese symbols of good luck and prosperity, the Pixiu can bring you good fortune in finances, especially when placed in the money corner. Since it also symbolizes loyalty and obedience, you can place it in any of the three areas of the Bagua map we mentioned earlier, especially if you want to attract helpful, loyal business alliances.

Carp Fish - The carp fish is a lucky feng shui wealth-attracting fish that can help you with finding the right direction in your career, complete a course, or find yourself a true calling that both makes you happy and brings you money. This symbol works incredibly well in the Career and Life Path area of the Bagua map and can enhance the factor of luck in your career pursuits.

Golden Ingots - A symbol of wealth, golden ingots are a great decor element for the office, as they will help attract and then keep the good chi that stimulates the accumulation of wealth.

Laughing Buddha - Let the laughing Buddha be a constant reminder that wealth does not always equal hard work. Its energy can help eliminate limitations and blockages in the space, restoring your relationship with money and finances. It brings a sense of joy and optimism and is here to remind you that if you want more prosperity, all you need is to ask. The Universe will then readily deliver.

Coin Money Tree - A money tree is typically made with golden, silver, or bronze Chinese coins and is placed in the wealth corner or office desk. It is believed to enhance the flow of money, ensuring that we always reap the rewards of our hard work.

Whatever your symbol of choice is, opt for quality metal pieces, with golden, silver, and bronze details, as these will amplify its ability to attract abundance your way.

Prosperity Crystals

Use Feng Shui Wealth Crystals

Crystals are powerful generators of positive energy and can help us manifest wherever we set our minds to. When it's finance and abundance we want to attract, using crystals like Citrine, Green Quartz, Green Jade, Pyrite, and Tiger’s Eye can help.

Here are some simple, yet powerful ways you can use crystals to attract wealth...

  • Place them in your feng shui money corner
  • Place them at the entrance of your office or workspace to invite great financial opportunities in and push negativity away
  • Meditate with crystals with an intention to bring in money and clear away your blockages and limiting beliefs related to money
  • Create an altar of crystals in your Career and Life Path area of the Bagua map to find inspiration and money solutions, or to attract a contract or a job of your dreams
  • Keep your favorite feng shui wealth crystal near the most expensive and most luxurious object in your home. Make sure the object you chose represents riches and prosperity, as the better it makes you feel about money and yourself, the more it can bring you wealth. A wealth crystal will then amplify this positive vibration, helping you manifest more things of value into your life
  • Get a feng shui crystal tree with gemstone leaves to change your luck in finances

Place Feng Shui Plants Around Your Home 

Feng Shui wealth plants symbolize growth and prosperity. They breathe life and freshness into your home, but they also symbolize growth and prosperity. This is why having them in your home can help you attract more financial abundance and stability your way.

Make sure your plants are healthy and nourished, as dried or dead plants can cause an energetic roadblock to attracting money. Dead plants generate bad feng shui and can represent a lack of resources or opportunities.

If you have business partners or associates, make sure you don’t have any pointy or sharp plants, such as a cactus, placed in the Career Area and Area of Helpful people of the Bagua map, as this can create arguments and difficulties in collaboration.

feng shui for wealth

Use Feng Shui Wealth Colors

Make your space look luxurious even when you are on a budget by choosing rich, deep, and intense colors that complement your living space. From going big and painting your walls, or using small, but powerful details, feng shui colors can be real game-changers.

There is a general rule of thumb that the most finance-friendly colors in Feng Shui are red, purple, and green, and here's why...

There are three key sectors you need to be mindful of when choosing colors for attracting more wealth. These are the South, North, and South East sectors of the Bagua map.

Red & Purple

For manifesting fame and recognition, try to spice your space up with red and rich purple, which are associated with the fire element and can inspire ambition and desire to succeed. These colors also spark confidence and emphasize our charisma, helping us attain whatever we set our minds to.


Deep green, which is linked with feng shui wealth and growth manifestation, can be a great choice for the Southeast area of the Bagua map. It will help you release stress related to finances, and bring much-needed harmony and balance into your life so you can build your empire in peace.

Black & Blue

For the Career area of the Bagua map, which is the North area, use black or royal blue to feel empowered on your career path and gain deeper trust in your abilities.

Keep Broken & Unused Items Away From Your Money Corner

Unused and broken items represent the accumulation of debt and worry. By keeping your wealth corner clean and free from creaky, dusty items, you are inviting fresh energy to come your way.

Old items, especially those that you don’t use and that aren’t in good condition, block the flow of chi, which can result in financial hurdles, blocking your way to success and achievement.


Choose Rich, Shiny Decor

Metal coins can be melted in the fire, but they are also made with the help of fire. In the feng shui wealth and abundance tradition, shiny objects go a long way.

By choosing shiny, silver, or golden details like picture frames, bowls, or lampshades, you are not only creating a luxurious atmosphere in your home, you are also making fertile ground for attracting more money and abundance your way. 

Metal is associated with money, so choosing details that resemble the color of coins and jewelry will help you see a shinier, more prosperous future for yourself. Metal also reflects light and will deter darkness and blockages from your space, inviting in more positivity.

Keep Your Kitchen Spotless

The kitchen is one of the three most important spaces in your home, and it is closely associated with health, abundance, and prosperity.

Eliminate anything that resembles waste, such as rotten fruit, spoiled food, or a full trash can. Waste symbolizes chaos, stagnant energy, and can reflect on your finances, which can follow suit by also becoming a mess.

Fresh food, especially high vibrational food, is not only healthy but is also good for the chi in a space and can help you attract abundance. Citrus fruits, such as oranges and tangerines, are especially auspicious because of their rich color. Remember, fresh food equals fresh opportunities for financial growth.

Final Thoughts 

Feng shui can be used not only to beautify our space but to transform our lives and our finances. By following these simple interior design rules we are changing the energy in our space for the better, shifting the odds in our favor.

What Crystal Should I Use

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

7 Feng Shui Wealth Tips to Get Your Finances Flowing



Hi Meg, thank you for your comment! You brought up some good points! In response, we just wrote this new blog about free and inexpesive feng shui money cures: Soon, we are also going to write one about feng shui for small spaces so be on the lookout for that one. We hope this helps!


I’m so interested and invested in drastically improving the feng shui of my husband and my 609 square foot apartment with very limited options do to the limited space and lack of options for positioning furniture. We also can’t paint the apartment the suggested colors because our landlord has a no painting policy for all their tenants and rental units. The only other advice seems to be to spend a lot of money on deny shui products that are available to purchase from your affiliated/sponsored product ads. I feel helpless and panicked that there seems to be nothing I can do to improve the fens shui and the circumstances of my life other than spend money (that I really need to be attracting rather than spending and accumulating more debt on top of my very high medical bills and lines of credit) on some decorative products. I’m desperate to change my luck, Medical and wellness circumstances, financial abundance, and love/connection with my husband after a very strained period due to the pressures of my medical condition, the exorbitant medical bills, and the debt we have racked up just trying to provide me with the most essential medical procedures and putting off the less urgent treatment plan procedures for a more financially stable time. I’m also very interested in maximizing my creative abilities and flow along with my productivity to set me up for the most success with my screenwriting and TV pilots that I’m currently working on. Whoa that was a lot to unload! Thanks so much for listening/reading🙏 Any advice for people with more limited options due to lack of space, rental/lease restrictions , and a current financial situation that doesn’t allow for anything but medically essential spending? Do I have to accept that feng shui is only a luxury of the rich and financially well off or is it possible to incorporate feng shui into every demographic (even the temporarily financially challenged population)? I would so appreciate any feedback you have🙏 Thanks so much in advance for your time! I wish you so much luck and abundance🍀🌻

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