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Green Jade Healing Properties for Self-Love, Abundance & Good Fortune

INSIDE: When you have access to Green Jade healing properties, things like love, prosperity, and a calm mental state become easier. But that's not all! Read on to discover what this stone can do for you!


Let’s talk about Green Jade for a second. This stone is a powerful healing stone that keeps our minds on track and allows us to think creatively. Green Jade healing properties keep us protected from illness and enable us to live our most authentic lives on our terms.

If you’re not a crystal expert, don’t worry. All it takes is an open mind and a positive attitude to engage with crystals. Green Jade is both a wonderful tool for crystal curious beginners as well as attuned spiritual savants. 

This stone has had a huge impact on all of civilization and is highly admired in many cultures to this day. In addition to its historical footprint, Green Jade’s healing properties blanket the whole scope of human existence; mind, body, and soul. 

Let’s deep dive into the significance of Green Jade and how you can obtain its healing powers. 

Green Jade Properties & Symbolism

Green Jade has made its mark in history and has been serving humanity for over 6,000 years. In China, Jade is called yu, which means precious stones. In Chinese traditions, it symbolizes the five virtues of humanity: courage, modesty, justice, compassion, and wisdom. 

In the ancient civilizations of Britain, Green Jade represents toughness because it was the preferred stone for weaponry. The Indigenous tribes of Mexico, New Zealand, and Central and South America would carve it into deity masks and other ritual artifacts.  

Many other ancient cultures refer to it as the “dream stone” because of the healing properties of Green Jade. It is said to give access to spiritually as well as heighten insightfulness. 

Composed of Jadeite and Nephrite minerals, Green Jade is a Silicate of aluminum and sodium. Jade comes in a large variety of colors too! The most common and sought after is green, but you can also find pink, yellow, blue, and black forms of Jade. 

This stone comes packed full of healing properties, and because it is highly revered in many cultures, it is a fabulous stone to add to your crystal collection! Let’s take a closer look into Green Jade healing properties.

Green Jade Stones

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Part of the human experience is dealing with emotions and difficult situations. We all find ourselves unbalanced or unstable to certain degrees at one point or another -- it’s just part of life. 

Part of Green Jade's healing properties is its wonderful ability to be bring calm into the storm. Carrying around a piece of Green Jade is an efficient way to focus your energy on recharging and finding your equilibrium.

Its soothing nature allows its user to concentrate their intentions and help us find out who we really are. 

Brings Calmness During Chaotic Periods 

Disorder and turmoil doesn’t have to be a part of our daily lives. Although it is 100% normal to undergo upheaval and disruption periodically, that doesn’t have to be your entire world. 

The healing properties of Green Jade are reassuring. Due to its gentle and calm nature, it can help you find your inner peace. If you have a high-stress, chaotic lifestyle, Green Jade might be just what the doctor ordered. 

Wearing this stone or keeping it near you in times of irritability and negativity will help to ease your mind and allow you to enter a more tranquil state of mind.

Relieves Guilt

A guilty conscience will weigh on an individual heavily. We've all experienced moments in our lives that we aren’t completely proud of and have felt remorse. 

Green Jade healing properties allow us to stabilize these feelings and help us relinquish these self-imposed limitations. Its close relationship with the heart chakra allows us to improve ourselves by restoring integrity and honesty, both individually and in our personal relationships. 

This crystal of love provides insight into a different perspective and allows for self-forgiveness. In order to relieve feelings of guilt, you must forgive yourself first before you ask it of others. Using perspective as a window into a different mindset is vital, and Green Jade can navigate you there. 

Anxiety & Depression Remedy 

Mental health is becoming a common topic of discussion, and incorporating these chats into our relationships and workplaces is of the utmost importance. 

A lot of us deal with depression via self-medicating or taking up bad habits for temporary relief. In the long run, that can be extremely harmful. Using Green Jade when you’re nervous and anxious is a great way to expel negative energies and thoughts. 

Due to its loving nature, Green Jade healing properties empowers us to embrace our most authentic selves and release all those barriers that stand in our way. 

Finding your inner strength and learning to love yourself and your situation can be done when you spend time learning the nature of this supportive stone. 

Drives Ambition 

Stuck in a state of low motivation? If you need a push in the right direction, Green Jade is your go to stone. 

A supportive stone like Green Jade is a surefire way to get you to see things through. This crystal can be your cheerleader if you’re struggling with a diet or dealing with creative blacks. 

Its dreamy essence can make turning dreams into a reality a cakewalk. Green Jade healing properties aid in stimulating ideas and making tasks appear less complicated and easier to execute. 

Restoring initiative and enabling perseverance not only helps build confidence, it can also help you push through the obstacles that life throws at you. 

Physical Healing Properties of Green Jade

Maintaining physical health doesn’t necessarily mean working out everyday and never touching a potato chip. Physical health and mental health really just require small amounts of time dedicated to healing and cleansing. 

There are many ways to obtain a good physical condition, but it starts with you taking the time to understand and learn about what your body needs. 

Green Jade is a powerful stone with an abundance of healing properties. It has been used for organ reparation, pain relief, and to fight off infections. 

Here are some ways you can obtain the Green Jade healing properties physically...

Organ Support

Green Jade is a powerful cleansing stone, and it cleans house when it comes to supporting our internal organs.

Our kidneys, spleen, and adrenal glands are responsible for cleaning and removing toxins from our body, as well as controlling hormones and metabolism. 

Due to Green Jade’s restorative properties, it helps enhance the body’s filtration systems and cleansing organs. It is superb at removing toxins and balancing the fluids within the body. 

Healing Properties of Green Jade

Bone & Joint Pain Reliever 

Green Jade is also a great pain reliever. It is very helpful to the bones and joints, especially the hips. This stone’s rejuvenating characteristics are beneficial to the skeletal system and the overall healing process of our bodies.

Next time you are recovering from an injury, introduce Green Jade into your healing practice and allow it to ease the pain that is associated with healing. 

Natural Antiseptic 

Green Jade healing properties are also said to fight off bacterial and viral infections. It has been used in the treatment of cystitis, genito-urinary infections, and bedwetting. 

Owing to its relationship with the kidneys, spleen, and adrenal glands, this stone is tremendous when battling infections and illnesses that target those areas.  

Reproductive & Parental Helper 

Suffering from reproductive disorders doesn’t matter when it comes to gender. The reality is that impotence and infertility are difficult pills to swallow for anyone wanting to become a parent.  

Throughout history, Green Jade has been used in the treatment of reproductive disorders as well as assisting in childbirth. This stone is an all around nurturer, therefore it is no surprise that it promotes healing post childbirth. 

This stone has a close relationship with parenthood, and because of its loving nature, it is a great aid in boosting confidence in parents who are struggling with their children.

Try placing Green Jade in your child's pocket or backpack when they are at school to protect against bullies and difficult behaviors. 

Chakra & Spiritual Healing With Green Jade

Embracing your chakras and ensuring they're in balance is an easy way to maintain stability on all fronts: mental, physical, and spiritual.

The chakras are energy points that cover your body. When they are out of whack, you can be sure to experience negative thoughts, restlessness, anger, and other unpleasant emotions. 

Green Jade resonates with the heart chakra. When this chakra is unbalanced, you may feel jealous, judgmental, dependent, and even depressed. A healthy, functioning fourth chakra means balanced relationships, emotional stability, and healthy interactions with the outside world. 

Green Jade healing properties bring self-acceptance and allow us to empathize with the world around us. Communication gets easier and interacting in an intimate and open way with our loved ones becomes a simple, habitual task.  

Chakra Stones

Live Your Authentic Self

Use Green Jade and its therapeutic energies to open your heart, which will lead you to an open mind. Ensuring your heart chakra is steady allows you to love and understand yourself.

You know what they say: “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Well, you can’t take care of other people if you can’t take care of yourself. 

Jade helps us embrace who we are truly meant to be instead of trying to blend in and disappear amongst the crowd. 

Nature Buddy

Green Jade is a remarkable travel stone. Its healing and nurturing nature prevents illness while traveling and is useful when on a hike to avoid injury. 

Acquire Green Jade healing properties when you take it with you to the beach or the forest. This stone helps us regulate our interactions with the external world. Its peaceful identity allows our life force energy to restore itself when in nature. 

This companion crystal also lets us embrace what we feel or resist in order for us to always feel within our element even when we are scared or overwhelmed. 

Protection Against Manipulation & Deceit 

Manipulation and duplicity can often be hard to recognize. There are a lot of masters of disguise out there acting as the wolf in sheep's clothing. 

Wearing Green Jade abets in creating the highest forms of energy that protects us from harm and the deception of others, especially when used in continuous spiritual work. 

Part of the Green Jade healing Properties are to give insight, which allows us to see through authoritative abuse and to realize someone’s true intentions. It is particularly useful in relationships that struggle with trust and fidelity. 

If you are scrambling to achieve balance in a relationship or to find the strength to leave, look to Green Jade to lean on. It is also a great tool to manifest finding love, especially later in life.  

Metaphysical Uses for Green Jade

Meditating with your Green Jade crystal is an easy peasy way to calm your nerves and manifest positivity. You can use prayer beads and recite a mantra while you go around each bead until you feel at peace. 

When used in Feng Shui, the Chinese art of spatial arrangement and energy flow, it promotes family time and loving interactions. Place it in the kitchen, living room, or a bedroom to increase intimacy and peace for the entire family. 

You can even bring Green Jade healing properties to the office to promote abundance, good fortune, and creative thinking! 

Carry a piece of tumbled Green Jade for good luck or as a worry stone. Give a piece to your child to protect against bullying and difficult behaviors. 

Before you fall asleep, place it near your bed or under your pillow to understand and remember your dreams.  

Final Thoughts 

Dating back over 6,000 years ago, Green Jade has certainly made a stain in the metaphysical and spiritual world. The list of healing effects is almost infinite as it is truly a powerful stone.

It fosters mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing by allowing its user to engage in self-love and acceptance of the world around them. 

Through any situation, Green Jade healing properties benefit us all because it radiates with positive energy. Just by being in close proximity to Green Jade, you'll reap the rewards. 

Green Jade Healing Properties

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Green Jade Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Green Jade

Green Jade Healing

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