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10 Healing Crystals for Motivation: Feel Ready to Make Things Happen!

INSIDE: When you feel too stuck, lazy, tired, or disinterested in the projects you need to complete, turn to crystals for motivation. With these 10 stones, you'll find it easier to attract the energy and inspiration you need to get things done.


Our daily lives have been structured around time since, well, Day 1. By observing the sun, stars, seasons, and other natural phenomena, humans figured out how to record time so that they could accomplish things in a timely fashion.

Every morning, we wake up knowing we have to do something. To get moving with our daily schedule, we need motivation to want to act.

The aroma of a delicious breakfast may motivate us to get into the kitchen, but some tasks just don't ignite motivational energy – is it already time to clean the bathrooms again?

Bigger tasks, like a fast-approaching project deadline or training for a marathon, can intimidate us. We doubt ourselves and our ability to succeed. It’s a surefire path to procrastination and lost motivation.

Writing to-do lists and sketching out work plans have been found to help motivate people towards achieving goals. Still, a list of 20 boxes to tick off can overwhelm us, and in that state, we can easily feel frozen, unable to move forward.

When you find yourself focusing on doubts instead of action, you can use crystals for motivation to bring your mind back on track.

Motivation Stones

Why Crystals Can Help With Motivation

Crystals, which were forged from minerals and elements deep within the earth, have energetic currents that, when used with mindful knowledge and intention, balance our individual energy fields.

Healing crystals for motivation help to maintain a vibrational balance in the body as we work towards a goal. 

The energy these crystals offer can range from A) a spark of inspiration and excitement to approach a task, to B) a sense of grounding to promote focus and concentration to see a project through.

There’s an array of crystals for motivation that you can try. Learning about the unique properties of crystals will help you understand what your mind, body, and spirit need.

10 Best Healing Crystals for Motivation

The following crystals for motivation provide strong energy to keep you motivated throughout your day (or any period of time).



This deep orange to red stone can work its magic to help you meet deadlines. When we feel unmotivated and let deadlines sneak up on us, it usually means we have doubts or uncertainty about a task.

Carnelian works to clear out our dark doubts by shining its bright clarifying light to encourage us to move forward. With negative energy swept away, we can feel lighter and stronger to invite in positive motivating energy.


The transparent crystal Citrine, with a pale yellow tone, is great for freeing the mind completely so that you can have new, inspired thoughts. It’s nearly see-through, like an empty vessel eager to be filled.

When you don’t feel motivated by something you have to do, Citrine can remind you to get creative and try doing whatever it is you have to do in a new way.

By inspiring creativity, this crystal for motivation helps us refill our energetic vessel with positive excitement to take action.

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite is a powerful crystal to bring your masculine and feminine energies into balance. Useful for the throat and third eye chakras, Blue Apatite boosts our intelligence and outlook.

Sometimes, to get motivated, we just need to know that we know what to do. Blue Apatite helps us come to that realization.

Its energy works on our thoughts to lay out a healthy path forward that relies on our masculine energy of strength and courage with our more feminine frequencies of patience and grounding.

Red Jasper

The deep red color of Red Jasper can ignite energy in us when we look at it. This crystal for motivation looks strong and consistent, so while you feel a burning of positive energy, you aren’t quickly reduced to ashes.

Red Jasper connects with our root chakra to ground us in place while giving us the energetic nutrients to grow. 

Having Red Jasper with you is like having a pit crew during a race. They can’t run the race for you, but they can be there with you, giving you water and cheering you on.

Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger's Eye

When your eyes show red lines, it’s usually a sign of exhaustion, and that’s a hard state to be in when you need to get motived! But with Red Tiger’s Eye, it’s very different.

Red Tiger’s Eye, as the name might suggest, looks like a tiger’s eyes when it has smelled its prey. Its senses awaken. It trusts in its natural ability to hunt and survive.

This brownish-red crystal can instill this sense of confidence and truth in you when you need the energy to keep going. Holding it near your root chakra grounds you in your innate strength. At the same time, it awakens positive motivation that you need to steadfastly carry on with your task. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye also comes in hues of brown. This healing crystal helps with razor sharp focus.

Similar to Red Tiger’s Eye, this stone represents the alert and searching eyes of the tiger. Using Tiger’s Eye as a crystal for motivation works to aid you in seeing a clear path forward and keeping you on track.

To top that, Tiger’s Eye can deter negative energy and doubt that prey on your thoughts as you work. Like animals seeing the stare of a tiger, negativity will flee from your new-found energy.

Black Tourmaline

Sometimes you need to reduce the negative energy standing in your way before you can take action. Turn to Black Tourmaline to soak up energy that does not move you forward.

Black Tourmaline has an amazing ability to work like a magnet when heated. When this happens, you can see particles attracted to and repelled from opposite ends of the crystal.

Even the tiniest negative thought or doubt can derail your progress. Black Tourmaline absorbs whatever mind-blocks you have and shields you from any new threats.

Meanwhile, it also magnetizes positive energy to you. It takes the negativity that is stored away to protect you and transforms it into confidence and power.

It’s a rarer crystal than some, and it makes sense, because this stone has mighty vibrations! 



Another commonly red stone, Garnet works on the root chakra to help establish a firm foundation for you to work from.

This crystal for motivation helps you recognize your abilities and stay rooted in the confidence you find. It also fosters creativity and production, as from the roots new life can spring forth and grow.


Shungite is a sensitive crystal because it's packed with so much elemental energy. In fact, it contains almost all of the minerals found in the periodic table and is 98% organic carbon matter.

Thus, Shungite is packed with a “basic” element – carbon – vital for life and rebirth. This black, semi-metallic stone works to purify your thoughts and emotions so that you are unmoved by negativity.

Shungite promotes inner power and ability, feeding us spiritual knowledge and grounding energy.


Amethyst Geode

A royal stone, Amethyst is the key to unlocking your sense of empowerment. To feel empowered means that you recognize your potential and are ready to act and fulfill your destiny.

The color purple has long been associated with nobility and power. Amethyst’s spectrum of purples, which come from iron and manganese within the stone, radiates confidence in your energetic aura.

Amethyst also soothes and calms your mind through its rich color. You'll be able to tackle any task and even take the lead to motivate those around you.

How to Use These Crystals for Motivation

Now that you're armed with crystals for motivation to get you moving through your to-do lists and plans, it's time to learn how to incorporate these stones and their powerful properties into your life. That way, when an energy slump happens, you’ll have fortified positive energy to motivate you.

Try out these different methods to harness crystal energy when you're losing your motivation.

Use Them to Awaken the Chakras

Connect your crystals to your chakras to awaken their power. To do this, you can wear healing crystals for motivation as jewelry:

  • Earrings for the upper chakras
  • Necklaces for middle chakras
  • Bracelets or rings for the lower chakras

You can also rest or hold crystals against a chakra you want to balance during a motivational meditation.

If you feel anxious about a project, look for grounding crystals and keep them near your lower chakras. These will help you recognize the strong foundation you have set to build toward success.

If you feel drained and uninspired, use crystals for the crown chakra, usually stones in purple hues or white, to give you knowledge and clear thinking to speed ahead.

Chakra Crystals

Let Them Enhance Your Work Space

Arrange crystals for motivation in your living and work spaces. Referring to the Feng Shui tradition can help you find where in a room or on a desk you should place crystals in order to attract certain outcomes.

Crystals emit energy not just through their elemental composition but also in their rich colors. Setting crystals within your sight when you tackle a project you don’t feel motivated to finish will inspire you to persevere.

Consider creating a special spot for your crystals – a table in the corner of your bedroom or even in a drawer of your desk that you can open to easily access your crystals. Arrange them in a shape or pattern that calls to you.

Come to this space in the presence of your crystals every day to soak in motivational energy.

Use Them to Enhance Your Workouts

Carry or hold crystals during your movement practice or workout. Sometimes a short jog is hard to complete, and yoga classes sometimes feel like time is stretching more than muscles!

Tuck a crystal into your pocket or wear a crystal bracelet while you exercise. Reach for it during a particularly hard stretch of ground or sprint. Feeling its presence can push you that extra mile.

You can also place crystals on your yoga mat and set an intention to find motivation through movement. The crystals will remind you why you take care of your mind and body – to be able to do incredible things everyday!

Final Thoughts

It’s not always easy to do the things we have to do. By staying motivated, you can plow through the chores or mundane tasks or find new ways to approach them and discover the joy of doing.

Using these 10 crystals for motivation can help change your mindset and clear the roadblocks that try to pull you down. You'll emerge in a space where your actions constantly rejuvenate and inspire you to grow.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

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