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Healing With Frequencies: 6 Powerful Solfeggio Frequencies for Healing

INSIDE: The Solfeggio scale has been forgotten and re-discovered many times throughout history. Hopefully, this most recent boost in familiarity of healing with frequencies is here to stay/ Let's discover the answer to “What are solfeggio frequencies?"


The art of healing with sound actually goes back more than 40,000 years. Almost every culture on every continent has used sound to heal in some way, whether it be the indigenous Australians with didgeridoos or the Egyptians with their sound chambers.

Ever heard of sound baths, Tibetan singing bowls, or gongs? They all have one thing in common; they use variations of the Solfeggio frequencies for healing. 

The same frequency can be created with different sounds and the healing properties of those frequencies are always present, no matter what creates it.

To increase the amount of harmony in our daily lives, it is important to replace the modern western music scale with the original scale of Solfeggio music, getting back to the original purpose of sound, which was to expand our understanding and strengthen our connection with spiritual source.

Let's discover some vital basic information and answer the question, "what are solfeggio frequencies?" and gain an understanding of the art of healing with frequencies. 

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What Are Solfeggio Frequencies?

To simply define the name, Solfeggio comes from the French word “solfège,” or the Italian word "solfeggio" which is derived from “sol” and “fa,” two of the six syllables used in the scale. As a whole, these six sounds have amazing powers to heal, control, and transform our lives.

About 50 years ago, Dr. Joseph Puleo, an herbalist and physician, detected six electro-magnetic frequencies of sound. These Solfeggio frequencies are six significant tones that are understood to have the ability to influence our health and spirituality when harmonized.

Due to the mathematic resonance, each tone perfectly matches a frequency that is vital in stabilizing the energy of the mind, body and spirit, making healing with frequencies possible.

In the past, these tones were the norm, but somewhere in the recent history of music broadcasting, they were either forgotten or purposely altered.

Music today is created and tuned using the diatonic scale, which differs greatly from the Solfeggio frequencies. What is known as a “C” note today is 512 Hz, but originally, the “C,” had a hertz of 528.

Some believe these tones were mistakenly converted under the idea of sound innovation, while others believe it was an intentional change that was part of a wider, more devious secret plan of the elites.

In any event, they were rediscovered and we now have the chance to reap the benefits of this life-changing practice.

what are solfeggio frequencies

6 Solfeggio Frequencies for Healing

Similar to how different plants and herbs would be prescribed by a herbalist to cure an ailment, different sounds play different roles in healing with frequencies. Below are the six main Solfeggio frequencies for healing and their uses.

396 Hz – Ut 

This frequency is tuned to bring joy from grief and can also do away with fear. Due to its connection with the root chakra, this tone can free us from energetic obstructions that are constantly in the way of us and our dreams.

Also, by freeing us from anxiety, we will allow ourselves to have a clearer picture of our goals and our ability to manifest our desires sooner.

417 Hz – Re

Healing with frequencies at 417 Hz are the key to helping us first create and then allow change. This frequency removes negative energy from the body or an area.

One of the most important steps of facilitating change is letting go of past memories and trauma. After that is completed, we can then view situations as they are now and either adjust to the changes that have already happened, or we can make the decisions needed to spark the change.

Whichever path is needed is stimulated by this frequency, which is connected to the sacral chakra.

528 Hz – Mi

Mi, the 528 Hz tone, is also known as the love frequency or the miracle tone, due to its ability to resonate in sync with the Earth’s heartbeat, which is also known as the Schumann's resonance.

This connection to the Earth's heartbeat is mirrored in our own bodies and is linked to the solar plexus chakra, which sits at the center of our being. This sound facilitates DNA repair, healing, and transformation.

Based on studies, it is found to have a dramatic effect on lowering the heart rate by restricting the production of the stress hormone known as cortisol. The resulting sensation of calm that multiplies within us is the key catalyst in creation and regeneration. Healing with frequencies in this way are so effective because they work from the inside out.

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639 Hz – Fa

Joined with the heart chakra, the 639 Hz frequency is known for strengthening the all important connection with our higher self, and it also helps to stimulate and nurture harmony in all types of relationships in our lives.

Anyone who has difficulty communicating or has problems with displaying empathy towards others would be well served to utilize this frequency. It can boost tolerance and love and help heal relationships that seem to have taken a turn for the worst due to a lack of compassion.

741 Hz – Sol

The 741 Hz tone is beneficial in ridding the body and our environment of negative energies. It is best used for problem solving and expressing solutions.

This frequency balances the throat chakra while expanding our intuitive abilities and expressions of creativity.

When problems arise, first we must recognize them, then we can formulate a solution. But without an open avenue to express the realization of the many solutions available, we’ve only done half the work. 

852 Hz – La

If a return to order is what you need, this tone needs to be a part of your healing process.

The “la” frequency enables us to perceive the possible negative ambitions of those around us. An increased intuition with a direct and unobstructed bond with the higher self, i.e., the divine energy, is the ability that makes this possible.

Healing with frequencies on this tone helps to open the third-eye chakra and magnify our sixth-sense, allowing us to play a larger role in our perception of people and situations.

solfeggio frequencies for healing

Healing With Frequencies: How to Use Solfeggio Frequencies in Your Life

There aren’t any glaring differences in effectiveness when healing with frequencies from music or a tuning fork. It’s all up to your preference. Traditionalist may prefer the forks, while some would rather listen to the tones in music. Either way, the power of these tones will be present. 

Healing With Music

You may choose to only listen to a specific frequency on repeat, or you could listen to a complete album from start to finish with the tones in order. It’s all up to you.

The most important factors when healing with frequencies in music are the volume and your state of mind. Pumping the volume level up as high as possible doesn’t mean the tones will work better or be more effective. These healing tones only need to be barely audible, and they can still work their magic.

After the correct volume is set, an open, receptive state of mind is also needed to allow the vibrations to do their work. These tones often assist and boost the intentions that are already present, so your mood might not immediately shift from frustrated and angry to calm only by listening to these sounds. Their work will happen over time.  

Healing With Tuning Forks

A normal set of tuning forks will include nine forks (six original tones and three “hidden” tones), with the size of the forks gradually decreasing as the frequency increases.

To tap a fork, it’s best to use a soft, but firm surface. After tapping, bring it by your ear, starting from about 6 inches away. You’ll be listening to each frequency for about 30 seconds.

You may instinctively want to tap again as soon as the sound begins to fade away, but instead, bring the fork in closer. This will naturally heighten your level of concentration and focus on the tone, thereby making you more receptive to the frequency. Only after it fades away completely should you tap again.

Whether you are healing with frequencies of tuning forks or music, start with doing it once a week until you’ve created a comfortable routine. Then increase the regularity as needed.

Final Thoughts 

The increase in number of those searching for more holistic cures and remedies to their ailments will only continue to grow. Healing with frequencies is just one of many countless proven natural healing therapies that will become more popular in the mainstream as people look for alternatives to the “one pill fits all” medical mentality of Western culture. 

Modern medical advancements in medicine can work hand in hand with ancient practices to provide enough choices and options for all walks of life and situations. We hope this article has given you enough information and the confidence to give sound therapy a try.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

Healing With Frequencies

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