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5 Things You Can Learn About Life From an Amethyst Geode

INSIDE: Amethyst's presence in our lives does not have to be limited to wisdom, healing, and insight. Observing and feeling the energy of Amethyst can also help us gain a deeper understanding of life so we can grow as individuals. Keep reading to discover the valuable lessons you can learn from an Amethyst Geode…


According to a study published in Sage Journals, our role models can influence how we approach our goals and can help us become more motivated to go after them. Just like the people we look up to can inspire us, if we look closely, we can learn from everything around us.

Nature has subtle ways of teaching us important lessons and helping us grow. For instance, if you take a moment to connect with it, you can learn from an Amethyst Geode. 

An Amethyst Geode is a piece of nature's art that is beloved by many for its unique appearance and immense healing powers. Let's discover how an Amethyst Geode can be an incredible teacher in our lives… 

5 Things to Learn From an Amethyst Geode 

Amethyst Geodes are known for their healing properties and beautiful purple color. Not only can they help us elevate spiritually, gain wisdom, and overcome our blockages, but they can also teach us some important life lessons... 

We’re All Beautiful on the Inside

Amethyst Geodes are not the types of stones you’d pick up off the ground to keep in your collection because each geode looks like an average rock on the outside. 

But although they don’t captivate at first glance, the true beauty of a geode is found inside. The dazzling crystals inside and their immense healing power far overshadow any other "prettier" stones you might find as you're out and about in nature.

Like geodes, we all carry light that is not apparent when we walk down the street. However, once we shine it out into the world, we start to truly show the authentic beauty and virtues we are loved for.

Amethyst Geodes teach us how important it is to look deep within to find the true value of something. Physical beauty changes over time, but what is carried inside is what remains and transcends wrinkles. Just like the treasure found inside of Amethyst geodes, our inner beauty is everlasting. 

Amethyst Geodes

It Takes Time to Become Who We Are

Crystals that captivate us didn't become so mesmerizing over night; it actually takes millions of years for a natural geode to form.

Amethyst Geodes form under very specific conditions thanks to natural chemical and physical processes. These processes unfold slowly, gradually producing mesmerizing geode cavities and gemstones that we adorn ourselves in today and use for healing.

Just like the Amethyst stone, our growth and transformation takes time. Geodes can teach us to be patient with ourselves and take the time to become the people we aspire to be.

No change is easy, but Amethyst Geodes teach us that it is worthwhile. Every step we take, and every effort we make brings us closer to our goals.

While it would be amazing to just wake up reborn and transformed, we wouldn’t appreciate the value of that change. The more effort we put into something and the more internal battles we win, the more we value every minute of becoming who we dreamed of becoming.

Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

If you went for a hike in an area that’s rich in Amethyst Geodes, you probably wouldn’t even notice you had found one. If you did see an Amethyst Geode, you’d probably think of it as a bumpy, unappealing rock without realizing it is full of sparkling treasure.

Just because what’s on the outside isn’t appealing, shiny, or typically beautiful, it doesn’t mean it isn't valuable.

On the contrary, looks can often deceive, and while a rock that looks stunning on the outside might carry no exceptional value on the inside, the Amethyst Geode hides a treasure of incredible value.

Always remember that there is a depth to things that can't been seen on the surface and never judge a book by its cover.

Beauty on the Inside

We All Have Healing Powers Within Us

We are all beings of energy. Everyone has its own, unique frequency and energetic DNA that can be used to help better the lives of those around them.

Beautiful energy is contagious, and the Amethyst Geode teaches us that. Thanks to its immense healing properties and ability to absorb negative energy, every time we hold it, we feel lighter, comforted, much more peaceful, and serene.

Like an Amethyst Geode, our presence can be healing and comforting to those who need it.

Everyone has the ability to make a positive change and spread love. That is our inborn quality and something we can always choose to embrace.

Every time we interact with our environment, we leave an energetic imprint, so why not use our natural healing power to spread light energy and make the world a better place?

When We Work Together With Nature, Amazing Things Happen

Amethyst Cathedrals are formed on the earth but require humans to finish them off.

The process of making astonishing Amethyst Cathedrals is a result of the long formation process, but also human craftsmanship. To enjoy the benefit of having them in our space, the geodes are carefully excavated and then sliced in half and reinforced by concrete on the outside.

This helps them stay stable and generate a strong magnetic field that can help us regenerate, release old patterns and negativity, and embrace new, more beneficial energy.

Nature always provides the resources and the inspiration, but it is on us how we will use it. Every time we work in sync with what we are given by Mother Gaia, we become more aligned with nature.

When we work with nature and use the resources given to us to create something beautiful, we can create miraculous pieces of art.

Wisdom is Found in Unexpected Ways 

Amethyst Geodes help us clear our minds, reach new levels of awareness, and inspire us to do soul searching in order to grow. Not only does it help enlighten us, but it can also inspire us to stay strong through the rough patches and find wisdom through facing difficulties.

Geodes are formed in very specific conditions, and we need to dig and explore to find them. Even though they are found in outwardly rough terrain, the inside of a geode has a high frequency.

Its sparkly, healing core reminds us that even if things don’t look so great on the outside, we can still find the light and inspiration within. Remember, it is only when cracked open that the Amethyst Geode starts to truly shine.

Final Thoughts

Amethyst Geodes are a source of endless serenity, inspiration, and protection. They boost our intuition, bring us insight, and promote spiritual growth. More than anything, they can be powerful teachers, inspiring us to push through and release what no longer serves us. They teach us to fully embrace our path, and accept all that we are, inside and out.

Amethyst Geodes

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

5 Things You Can Learn About Life From an Amethyst Geode

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