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10 Manifestation Rituals: Start Creating the Life of Your Dreams

INSIDE: One of the quickest ways to manifest your greatest desires is by taking habitual action that aligns with your manifestations on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Here are 10 manifestation rituals you can adopt today to bring you closer to your deepest desires quickly.


The law of attraction states that we attract into our lives what we put our focus on, and it is through the power of our thoughts and our actions, that we are capable of manifesting our reality.

Through the theory of the law of attraction, we attract the energy that we put out into the world. When we have negative thoughts, we tend to attract negative people, situations, and environments into our lives. The same goes for when we think and act in a positive manner.

Through conscious effort and a positive mindset, we are capable of manifesting amazing things into our lives. By adopting a routine manifestation ritual, your desirable reality such as an increase in income, a new love interest, or a change in career, may come to fruition sooner than you know it.

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10 Manifestation Rituals to Try Today

Do you ever wonder how you can achieve something you desire more quickly? Being intentional, feeling daily gratitude, and releasing negative energies, are just a few manifestation rituals you can adopt this week to expedite your greatest desires.

Be Intentional

In order to manifest a person, place, or thing, you must first be clear on what you want in order for the Universe to know what to provide. Once you create your visualization, one manifestation ritual you can adopt is to set a daily intention towards your manifestation that will reinforce your clear vision.

For an example, maybe this year your main focus is to acquire financial abundance. The first step towards this manifestation is defining what financial abundance looks like to you. For example, it could mean earning an income of $10,000 this month. So how do we achieve this?

We do this by setting a daily intention each morning that aligns with the energetic vibration of our specific manifestation. Using financial abundance as an example, you could start by journaling the following:

“Today I intend to only spend my money on items that bring me joy.”

This intention will not only increase your energetic vibration, but it will also create awareness on mindless spending habits you may have towards unnecessary purchases.

Replace Complaining With Dreaming

Our mindset is a powerful tool that can either benefit us or hinder our growth. If we think negative thoughts, feel angry, frustrated, or down, the Universe tends to continue to send negative situations our way.

One thing that holds many of us back from achieving our greatest dreams and desires is a lack of belief in ourselves. By shifting our perspective and replacing complaints, with positive thinking and forward-motion action, we’ll be rewarded with positive outcomes.

Say you are looking for a new love interest but you find yourself frequently saying, “I’m not good enough.” Start by changing that dialogue to, “I am awesome and deserving,” instead and you’ll be surprised by the amazing potential partners that come your way.

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Release the How

Many of us struggle to achieve our desires because we stress too much about how we are going to get there. When we stress, we are adopting a negative energy that removes us from the high vibrational energy we want.

One manifestation ritual to release the “how” is to adopt a positive affirmation that aligns with what you are trying to manifest. If you are trying to manifest your ideal partner, for example, one positive affirmation to adopt today is:

“I am magnetic. I attract my soulmate by radiating my inner light.”

This daily affirmation not only helps elevate your mindset, but it also tells the Universe that you trust it will provide when the time is right.

Feel Gratitude Every Day

By inviting gratitude into our lives, we are embracing positive energy and raising our vibration, which magnetizes positive energy back to us. If we are seeking an increase in finances, a great way to prepare the mind for abundance is to first be grateful for what we currently have instead of focusing on what is missing from our lives.

Expressing gratitude in a journal is one simple and valuable manifestation ritual you can adopt today. Start small and write five things you are grateful for at the end of each day in your journal and then eventually work up to writing a full page of gratitude.

Carry Manifestation Crystals With You

Crystals are supercharged vessels that when used intentionally can bring our manifestations to fruition much more quickly. Some powerful manifestation crystals we suggest you have on-hand include:

  • Citrine - This crystal is a wonderful tool to use when calling in financial abundance and prosperity.
  • Rose Quartz - Are you trying to manifest your dream partner? Rose Quartz is a great crystal to keep on-hand when seeking out a new love interest.
  • Carnelian - Do you feel unmotivated and a sense of lack? Carnelian brings inspiration, energy, and transformation into your life.

Keep these crystals close by or in a sacred space at home. The more you get to know your crystals, the more you will find your manifestations materializing.

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Practice Space Clearing

A cluttered space and dirty environment is an invitation for built-up negative energy. Disorganized spaces make it difficult to find necessities and think clearly, whereas a clean and clear space allows for clarity and improved thought-processing.

A great manifestation ritual you can adopt is assigning specific spaces in your home or office to clear daily in order to ensure you make room for positive energies to come your way.

Take your space clearing ritual one step further and use Feng Shui to create sacred spaces in your home for these manifestations to come through loud and clear. The process of Feng Shui is intentionally arranging furniture and items in your home to create a more balanced and energetic environment.

Set Monthly Goals at the New Moon

In astrology, the new moon is the start of the lunar phase, or a new beginning. In terms of energetics, the new moon is a perfect time to set intentions and goals for this new phase in your life.

One monthly manifestation ritual you can embrace is creating a New Moon Goal Sheet. At the start of the next lunar phase, grab a piece of paper and either draw, write out, or bullet point goals you are trying to achieve this month.

By outlining these goals on a piece of paper, you will not only find more motivation to reach them but you are also telling the universe you are ready for this new phase of your life.

Let Go of What You Don’t Want at the Full Moon

Because the moon controls the tides and our bodies are made up of 80% water, there’s no denying the moon has a strong effect on us as well. When the moon is full, it is said to have a powerful effect on our behavior. One way to harness the power of the moon in a positive manner is to release negative energies at the time when it’s at its fullest.

If you have negative energies you are trying to release from your mind, adopt this manifestation ritual during the next full moon

On a piece of paper, write down any negative people, thoughts, emotions, or situations that you no longer want to take up space in your mind. Think of this piece of paper as the ultimate purging exercise. Next, go outside and light that piece of paper on fire. You’ll be surprised how watching those negativities burn away will add a sense of relief to your mind.

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Cleanse Your Thoughts & Environment of Negativity

It’s easy to allow negativity to take up vacant space in our lives, however, our mental and physical space is only capable of handling so much. this is why it is important to frequently cleanse our spaces and make room for positive energy.

Sage cleansing is one manifestation ritual you can embrace to remove toxic energies from your life. With a burning sage bundle in hand, start by outlining your body to remove internal negative energies. Once you feel your body and mind are cleansed, continue moving about your home and sacred spaces to cleanse each room and corner of any negative energies.

Take this cleanse one step further by placing crystals such as Amethyst in any places in your home that may need extra energetic cleansing power.

Turn Problems Into Opportunities

Your brain cells are constantly molded and transformed by the thoughts and experiences you have. In fact, according to Dr. Joe Dispenza, a well-know neuroscientist, your thoughts create your reality.

Therefore when we continue to focus on situations in our life that are in the energy of “lack,” such as a low paying job or an unloving partner, we get stuck in that never-ending negative cycle.

If you have a scarce mindset, you might find it difficult to earn that extra $500 a month you are aiming for. If you think there are "no good fish left in the sea,” you’ll only meet people that aren’t suitable to be your ideal partner.

Next time you find yourself whining to your roommate that you “should” stay home to save money, replace the word, “should” with “could.” This simple word replacement shifts your perspective from negative to positive and moves the situation from an inconvenience to an opportunity for growth.

Final Thoughts

By adopting daily, weekly, or monthly rituals, you are creating everlasting habits that promote productive thinking and behaviors. Through the use of manifestation rituals, you'll invite positive energies into your life and create a more intentional way of being.

Can you think of any desires or dreams you may have that you want to achieve in the near future? Clearly define one desirable goal you are trying to achieve, try one or two of the manifestation rituals we listed out today, and see how quickly this manifestation can come to fruition!

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

10 Manifestation Rituals Start Creating the Life of Your Dreams

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