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North Node and South Node of the Moon: The Keys to Finding Our Life Purpose

INSIDE: North Node and South Node in Astrology give us cues about our soul mission and the path we are meant to take in this lifetime. They are the keys to spiritual growth, outgrowing old patterns, and finding our true purpose. Let’s learn more about what these important points mean in a natal chart.


Finding our purpose, whatever that may be, and saying yes to it is incredibly important for our sense of fulfillment in life. According to the British Psychological Society, is it much harder to cope with having a calling that we didn’t answer than having no calling or passion at all.

Our natal charts hold important information about our soul’s deepest calling, the one we are meant to listen to and follow in this lifetime. In astrology, we find this information by understanding the North Node and South Node, so let’s discover a bit more about the path our soul is craving.

What Are the Nodes in Astrology?

Nodes in astrology, also known as the Lunar Nodes, are the orbital nodes of the Moon which represent the two ends, or two points where we see the Moon cross the ecliptic.

In Western astrology, they are known as the South Node and the North Node, and in Vedic astrology, they are known as Rahu, the dragon’s head, and Ketu, which is the dragon’s tail.

They are not celestial influences, but two mathematical points that can show us a lot about our life purpose and areas of life where we are likely to find greater meaning in life.

Together, these nodes talk about our karma and mission in this life and give us insight into which direction to take in order to evolve as souls in this lifetime. They are always opposite one another and represent a path that we are meant to take.

They tell us where our potential for awakening and fulfillment lies, our greatest lessons to learn, and the soul baggage we need to release to become the best version for ourselves. 

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What is the South Node?

The South Node or Ketu is associated with both the baggage and the talents we have been born with that we carry from our previous lifetime. It is "the tail" that we drag from past incarnations, and it carries both the blessings and the blockages we are meant to deal with in order to grow.

It represents our gifts, the potential that we come to Earth with, as well as our comfort zone and our default settings. It is often associated with karma from past lives and everything we didn’t choose in this lifetime - be it our quirks or our inner limitations.

The South Node represents the challenges we are destined to face and overcome, the past that holds us back, and everything that keeps us glued to the present. It holds information about the things we already know and possess, and it is a spiritual safe zone. 

The South Node is not bad, as it points to blessings and abilities we have inherited from a previous lives. However, it is not good either, as we can rarely grow from our comfort zone.

What is the North Node?

Opposite the South Node stands the Rahu or North Node, which is the light we are meant to follow in this life to create new, better karma for ourselves. It is where we are meant to end up spiritually in this incarnation.

It is the place where our soul calls us to go. We feel these soul urges and the calling for a change. It is associated with our destiny, our true purpose, and as such, it usually requires us to step out of our comfort zone and do things differently.

It represents the potential we are meant to achieve and our soul mission - where we are headed. It symbolizes the unknown, the future, and its blessings are yet to be discovered in this lifetime.

While the South Node makes us comfortable, the North Node is where our true growth lies. It is believed that it is in following the North Node where true fulfillment and the key to blissfulness lies. The North Node often requires spiritual growth, self-work, and a lot of reflecting on past experiences to come to a point of true illumination.

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Lunar Modes Through Houses

Even though they are not celestial bodies, the nodes of the Moon always have a place in our natal chart, connecting our karma and soul mission with two of the 12 houses.

In every zodiac wheel, six axes involve two opposing houses. Because the North Node and South Node represent two mathematical points, they will fall into one of these six axes, connecting the two opposing segments of our lives.

Because of that, our biggest challenges to overcome and our path to spiritual blissfulness will be connected to matters of some of the houses.

Houses represent the segments of life where the changes that nodes bring will be the most visible. They will symbolize the main areas of growth that are connected to our spiritual transformation and transition from past-life karma to our destiny in this lifetime.

Let’s see what each axis brings…

First House / Seventh House Axis

If your South Node and North Node are placed in the 1st house and 7th house, your spiritual growth and transformation will be connected to your basic individuality and personal relationships and partnerships.

Spiritual growth and soul lessons will come through either self-actualization and learning to be your own priority or through learning to be a true partner, with fair and balanced connections.

Second House / Eight House Axis

This axis brings focus on our finances, other people’s finances, our values, and things we find valuable, but also our deepest urges and passions. We will learn valuable lessons in dealing with the material world and our inner world.

When the South Node and North Node are placed in the 2nd house and 8th house, fulfillment will come through conquering fears and learning to become comfortable with being uncomfortable or learning to enjoy little things and be present.

Third House / Ninth House Axis

The 3rd house and 9th house axis will highlight the role of learning practical skills, higher learning, and long-distance travel. The focus will be on finding fulfillment in either faith, philosophy, and greater knowledge, or networking, speaking, and connecting.

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Fourth House / Tenth House Axis

If you have your nodes placed in the 4th house and 10th house, your main areas of spiritual growth and your challenges in this lifetime will be connected to your home life and your career. Your status, public image, and professional life, or your private life and roots will be especially significant on your path to finding your true life purpose.

Fifth House / Eleventh House Axis

The 5th house and 11th house axis will focus on creative expression, a desire to embrace childlike qualities and to find one’s place in society and bring light to other people’s lives.

Our life purpose will be found either through mindfully connecting with others or connecting with our internal need to be carefree and focus on spoiling ourselves.

Sixth House / Twelfth House Axis

Being of service, making the most of mundane activities, and exploring the unknown will have a crucial role in your spiritual evolution if you have the 6th house and 12th house axis.

Finding your true life purpose will either be tied to helping others and improving the quality of your life or breaking free from the chains of limiting reality. 

Nodes in Signs

How the energy of the Nodes manifests in our lives depends not only on their placement in our chart and the axis they fall in but also on the signs of the Nodes.

Here's what every North Node and South combination means for your journey to finding your soul’s mission…

North Node in Aries, South Node in Libra

When the North Node is in Aries and South Node is in Libra, we are drawn to learn to take a stance and fight for ourselves. We are called to step up and lead, even if that feels uncomfortable. We are meant to learn how to take risks and feel empowered in the process of taking control over our lives.

We are meant to learn that avoiding conflict at any cost and people-pleasing isn’t fruitful, and these nodes are meant to teach us that. Having the North Node in Aries invites us to be bold and unafraid of opposition. 

Simultaneously, we are meant to cherish the gifts of the South Node in Libra, as this will allow us to stay both balanced and assertive while striving towards empowerment.

We are meant to learn how to bravely go after what we want, and release the shadow aspects of the South node, such as doubt and indecision. These nodes are meant to teach us how to take risks, put ourselves first when we need to, and establish healthy boundaries.

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North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio

The North Node in Taurus calls us to learn to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, rather than constantly analyzing the deeper meaning of everything we experience.

There is a strong need to retreat within and seek intensity, which is a subconscious mechanism of the South Node in Scorpio we reincarnated with. In this lifetime, our soul urges us to just learn to be present, mindful, and content with things as they are in the now moment.

We are meant to learn to let go of the need to have full control of our environment and simply learn to be. The gifts of the South Node in Scorpio we acquired in past lifetimes can help us stay in touch with our inner self, feel comfortable with diving deep into different matters, and stay connected to our instincts. 

The North Node in Taurus also urges us to get out of our heads and create, build, and experience earthly pleasures with gratitude. We are meant to learn how to find beauty both in the material and spiritual realm, while practicing patience and being grateful for everything that we have.

North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius

The North Node in Gemini is here to stir up a deep curiosity and teach us how to see both sides of the same coin without jumping to conclusions. It is meant to teach us to learn to think about our actions before we leap into the unknown.

The blessings of the South Node in Saggitarius we are meant to cherish are spontaneity, lightheartedness, a desire for expansion, and a lust for life. However, we are also meant to learn to ditch recklessness, calculate risks, and weigh options before jumping into another adventure.

In this lifetime, we are meant to become master communicators, who truly walk our talk and are tactful with our words. We are meant to influence others, spread the word, and share ideas.

The North Node in Gemini invites us to learn how to be strategic, analyze pros and cons, and learn how to use information and communication to our benefit. We are meant to become the masters of decision-making, and our soul calls us to indulge in learning and being curious about others.

North Node in Cancer, South Node in Capricorn

With this combination, the path to fulfillment that we are meant to take in this life and the ability to overcome our karmic challenges involves opening up our heart space and learning to blend logic with emotion.

South Node in Capricorn adds a dose of rationality, tenacity, and mental sobriety that can bring a handful of benefits. However, this South Node can also pose limitations and prevent us from dreaming big and following our feelings and passions.

Our karmic lesson involves learning how to rely on our intuition and trust our gut instincts, which is what we are meant to move towards with North Node in Cancer. We . We are meant to learn the importance of acknowledging emotions, especially those we’ve repressed, and find a healthy way to deal with them.

Key lessons lie in accepting our vulnerability, our gentle, divine feminine side, and learning how to find value in emotions, rather than discard them. With the North Node in Cancer we will find blissfulness in learning how to be compassionate, and learning that caring and embracing feelings is a sign of strength, not weakness.

North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius

When North Node is in Leo, we are meant to learn to put ourselves and our needs before what others expect from us. Our path involves developing healthy self-confidence and self-love that is not based on external approval.

We are meant to learn how to take the center stage, learn how to shine authentically, and most of all, that it is ok to shine. We are meant to learn how to be comfortable being in the spotlight and lead. 

The main lessons with these nodes revolve around learning how to follow the heart, instead of rationalizing. 

Rationalization, intellectualization, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge are blessings of the South Node in Aquarius. With this South Node, we need to learn how to let go of the need to put others, societal norms, and rules first, as well as learn when to use intellect, and when to follow the heart. 

The soul’s calling is to embrace the child within, dance, sing, and be creative.

We are meant to learn that we can be mature and childlike at the same time, and it is only when we embrace our childlike nature that we can find happiness in this lifetime.

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North Node in Virgo, South Node in Pisces

The North Node in Virgo calls us to master the material world and learn how to flow with obligations and mundane tasks.

Our soul calls us to become more practical and discerning. We are meant to learn how to abandon the world of illusions and dreams so that we can ground our ideas in reality, step by step, by developing a plan.

The biggest gift of South Node in Pisces is incredible intuition, high ideals, and highly developed psychic abilities. South Node in Pisces creates an impulse to retreat into the dreamworld, daydream, and explore abstract ideas without acting upon them.

We are learning to pay attention to details and see things as they are so that we can improve our reality to match our ideals and visions. The North Node in Virgo will urge us to be responsible and practical. Our destiny is tied to reality and making practical changes in our environment.

The South Node in Pisces will pull us to daydream, while the North Node in Virgo will encourage us to focus on tangible things and bring order into chaos.

North Node in Libra, South Node in Aries

When the North Node is in Libra, our main karmic lessons revolve around learning how to partner up and consider the needs of others, as much as we do our own. We are meant to let go of our impulsive, self-focused behavior associated with the South Node in Aries, and become more considerate and balanced.

The North Node in Libra will pull us towards relationships, fairness, and justice. We will be drawn to companionships, only so that we can learn that true fulfillment comes from an equal give and take. South Node In Aries brings a warrior spirit and desire to win, sometimes at all costs.

We are meant to learn to cooperate and co-create with others, rather than compete and fight for the first place.

When cherished, the gifts of the South Node in Aries can help us develop confidence and be assertive in a healthy, non-domineering way.

The main challenges lie in overcoming impulsivity and learning to be tactful and measured in life and an important lesson is to learn to weigh down all options before jumping the gun.

North Node in Scorpio, South Node in Taurus

This combination calls us to dive deep into the mysteries of life and abandon our comfort zone so that we can transform ourselves. The North Node in Scorpio asks us to follow our passion and give in to it, but it also calls us to master our fears.

The South Node in Taurus gravitates towards the material realm and can help us generate wealth and an increased appetite for pleasure.

Instead of finding comfort in the material, our soul invites us to seek contentment in finding deeper meaning within. We are faced with lessons that urge us to embrace all of our emotions and teach us to see change and difficulties as an opportunity to transform.

South Node in Taurus can help us develop a solid material foundation, but there is a danger of overindulging in earthy pleasures and putting spiritual growth on the back burner.

Our soul’s calling, or the North Node in Scorpio, is to connect with others on a deep level, create powerful bonds and experience true intimacy. The focus will be on finding happiness within and through experiencing closeness, rather than finding comfort in accumulating possessions. 

North Node in Sagittarius, South Node in Gemini

With the North Node in Sagittarius, our soul’s deepest calling becomes closely tied to following the path of spirituality, a desire to be free - free from restrictions of society and our limitations.

South Node in Gemini indicates a sharp mind, communication, and thirst to understand the world through learning. We can get caught up in details, analysis-paralysis, and feel blocked from experiencing the realness of life.

North Node in Sagittarius urges us to learn how to go with the flow of life and embrace every opportunity presented to us, letting go of the need to understand everything in advance. It prompts us to put what we’ve learned with the South Node in Gemini into action and embark on a spontaneous mental or physical adventure. 

With these nodes, fulfillment lies in gathering the courage to leap into the unknown and gather knowledge by doing rather than thinking and researching. Our soul calls us to abandon theory and overthinking and start learning about life firsthand and from experience, without too much analysis.

The path to blissfulness lies in surrendering control to the Divine and opening our minds to thinking beyond what we’ve learned from books.

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North Node in Capricorn, South Node in Cancer

The North Node in Capricorn calls us to embrace our emotions and then learn to detach from them and become objective. In this lifetime, we are meant to learn how to become masters of our destiny, take control over our lives, and embrace our rational selves.

As we move towards our soul’s purpose in this lifetime, we learn to approach life methodically and maturely. With the North Node in Capricorn, we find fulfillment in setting and staying committed to our goals and structuring our lives.

South Node in Cancer has thought us how to live with an open heart. Now is the time to live with an open heart, but be more discerning about how to invest in people or our passion without wasting emotional and mental resources.

With South Node in Cancer, our challenges and potential for growth lie in learning to commit to a chosen path, rather than being swayed by challenges and heavy emotions. Our soul’s mission, or North Node in Capricorn, is connected with developing self-control, persevering, and finding inner stability.

North Node in Aquarius, South Node in Leo

With the North Node in Aquarius, our mission in this lifetime is to learn how to fully, unapologetically embrace our authentic selves. With the South Node in Leo, we might start by following trends, and doing what others expect from us.

However, as we move towards the North Node, we learn that not only is it ok to be quirky and different, but it is much more fulfilling than we believed it would be. The goal is to ditch the fear of being disliked and to move towards what truly makes our hearts sing.

South Node in Leo indicates creativity, charism, and leadership skills. However, it also highlights vanity, pride, and a strong ego that prevents us from seeing the bigger picture in life and relationships.

North Node in Aquarius is our soul calling to connect with others as equals, team up, and show up in the world as our real selves. 

On that journey, we learn to become more selfless, accepting of others, and more oriented towards making a change in society. With this North node, we are meant to be innovators, not followers, and paradoxically, it is when we embrace this that we usually get the recognition and respect we initially desired.

North Node in Pisces, South Node in Virgo

The North Node in Pisces draws our focus towards spirituality and exploring the world of the impossible. It calls us to drop our need to micromanage and keep things in order, which is past life energy carried by the South Node in Virgo. In this lifetime, we are destined to become free from the restrictions of the mundane world, learning to go with the flow.

South Node in Virgo focuses on details, rationality, routines, and practicality. However, to truly embrace our destiny and find fulfillment, we need to learn to let loose, ditch perfectionism, and dare to dream.

The North Node in Pisces will gear our soul journey towards the 5D instead of the 3D. As we embark on that journey, we will learn how to become less critical, and more gentle with both ourselves and others.

In this lifetime, we are meant to develop a greater trust in the Universe and in positive outcomes. We will not only find fulfillment and peace in letting go of the need to understand and control everything but will also become more open to Divine guidance, learning to work with the laws of the Universe.

Final Thoughts

Lunar Nodes carry important information about our inborn talents, possibilities, and the path we are meant to take in this life. They are the focal points of our spiritual development, guiding us to the blissfulness that our souls are destined to follow.

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