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Third House in Astrology: Meaning & Symbolism of Signs & Planets in the 3rd House

INSIDE: Although a cadent house, in the modern age of technology, the matters of the Third House in astrology seem to be at the forefront. After all, this is the house associated with online life, communication, and learning, which is something we are increasingly dedicating more and more time to. Let’s see how this energy is expressed in different signs...


According to VeryWellMind, research has shown that different learning techniques can help us better retain information stored in the short-term memory, helping us memorize that same information in the long-term memory.

Astrology associates the matters of cognition, memory, and learning with the Third House. This is the house of information, sharing, social media and so much more. It can tell us a lot about how we think and approach life on a mental plane.

Here's what you need to know about the Third House in astrology...

The Meaning & Symbolism of the 3rd House in Astrology

The Third House in Astrology is the first cadent house in the natal chart wheel. Ruled by Gemini, it deals with learning, information, skills, and basic abilities. It is associated with our immediate, local environment, our neighborhood, and our relatives.

It rules siblings, and specifically brothers, and is the place to look when we want to understand the quality of sibling relationships.

It is linked with travel, both physical and mental, especially short-distance trips, elementary knowledge, and courses.

The Third House is where we set the basics of our mental development, and it is this house that can tell us how fast or slow we obtain knowledge and how well we apply that knowledge.

It can help us understand someone’s interests, and hobbies, as well as inborn talents and skills that we are naturally good at. This is the house of all types of communication, including sign-communication, writing, and communication via creative mediums. 

Because it is associated with mental activity and information, it also represents the online world, social media, texting, and the internet, which is why understanding this house is so important in this day and age.

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This is the house of exchange, be it the exchange of goods via trading, exchange of knowledge, or words. Ultimately, the Third House in astrology is where we explore creative ideas, contemplate, and come up with solutions, and it is here that we learn how to drive, write, speak, and express ourselves authentically. 

Now let’s see what a sign on the cusp and planetary placements in the Third House can say about someone...

Third House in Signs

The sign found on the cusp of the third house tells us a lot about our approach to learning new skills, studying, how sociable we are, and what our style of communication is. The sign on the cusp tells us about our possible interests and the talents we might have and should work on developing.

Here's what the 12 signs mean when they are found on the cusp of the Third House in Astrology...

Third House in Aries - Restlessness, an interest in sports, recreation or outdoors, an active nature, impulsive and opinionated communicators, learning fast and forgetting fast

Third House in Taurus - A desire to learn practical skills, slow to learn and slow to forget, dedicated to interests of choice, requires extra motivation to study, talented with the arts and crafts

Third House in Gemini - Versatile, communicative, fast thinkers, incredible verbal skills, a love of new technology, a talent for verbal and written expression, sociable

Third House in Cancer - Loves learning in solitude, needs peace to study, highly intuitive, imaginative, loves daydreaming, full of ideas, a life full of change

Third House in Leo - Needs external motivation to study, discouraged when there is a lack of recognition, a talent for drama and visuals, ambitious student, a desire to excel at something

Third House in Virgo - Very intelligent, sharp-minded, detailed when studying, dedicated to learning, loves reading, great at solving problems

Third House in Libra - Pleasant communicator, enjoyable to be around, methodical when learning, needs a stimulating and pleasing environment to study, talented in arts, fashion, and social sciences

Third House in Scorpio - Appears mysterious when communicating, thinks a lot but doesn’t say much, observant, learns quickly from experience, understands things beyond a surface level

Third House in Sagittarius - Learns on the go, many hobbies, picks up new skills quickly, is both a student and a teacher, wants to learn and know everything, interest in learning through socialization or travel, curious about life

Third House in Capricorn - Drawn to practical skills, good memory, loves scientific facts, a diligent, serious student, invests a lot of time and money into hobbies, detached when communicating

Third House in Aquarius - Full of ideas, futuristic, needs to feel internally motivated and passionate about something to study, remembers interesting facts, great at science, good rhetoric abilities, challenges the status quo in conversations

Third House in Pisces - Soft-spoken and tactful communicator, a highly developed intuition, a talent for writing and arts, psychic gifts, private, good at verbalizing feelings and sensations, a talent for healing

Third House in Astrology

Planets in the 3rd House

The energy of this house is changeable, curious, and youthful. Having one or more planets placed here can highlight one’s intellect, skills, and abilities, but will also make one generally curious.

People with planets in the Third House adapt to change (which their life is usually full of) more easily than others and are frequently very talented at something.

The energy of the third house will be a combination of the sign found on the cusp and all planets found here. Here is what each planet brings when placed in the Third House in astrology chart.

Sun in Third House

The Sun in the Third House places the focus on learning. The more we know and the more skilled we are, the better we feel about ourselves. The third house is all about movement, and here we simply feel like we constantly need to evolve, grow, and expand our knowledge - and we enjoy it.

These folks have an active mind. They are the thinkers, they are those who always contemplate and develop new ideas. Their sense of self and their pride is very much tied to how capable and interesting they are.

These people feel their best when in a dynamic environment, and need to feel mentally stimulated; otherwise, they can become quite lethargic.

Moon in the Third House

When the intuitive, sensible Moon comes into the third house, it creates a person who can almost read people’s minds. These folks are incredibly intuitive, imaginative, frequently psychically gifted, and surrounded by many people. If not, they certainly make others curious.

This placement can offer a talent for divination or energy healing as they are usually multi-skilled people who work well both with 3D and 5D.

Because both the Moon and the third house represent changes, their lives can be quite hectic sometimes. Change can come in waves, quickly going from completely serene and even uneventful to chaotic.

Mercury in the Third House

The planet of communication and the house of communication is an amazing match. In the third House in astrology, Mercury gets the chance to show everything it’s got, making these people very eloquent, curious, and inquisitive, with a talent for writing and speaking. They simply love being informed and enjoy conversing, debating, and learning new things.

Mercury here can give a great interest in social media, new gadgets, and technology, and people with this position can be quite tech-savvy or at least have an interest in how things work. There can also be some love of gossip, and a need to know everything about everything and everyone solely for curiosity’s sake.

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Venus in the Third House

Venus in the Third House is a social media influencer, but also a talented artist, diplomat, and social butterfly. Because they are so charming with words, this placement can make one seem like they are flirting even when they are not, just because they are so tactful with words.

These people are usually loved and popular in their circles, neighborhoods, or among their relatives. People with this placement will usually be drawn to learning things only if learning is pleasurable, or if certain knowledge or skill can help them improve their quality of life and express themselves.

Venus in the Third House can provide a talent for literary arts, drama, a love of poetry, and a desire for beautification or fashion.

Mars in the Third House

Mars in the Third House in astrology is the racer, the driver, the constant traveler, and the person who can easily pick up skills - only if they want to. The planet of war gives them a sharp intellect and language. These folks like to get to the point of things and prefer more practical and hands-on-knowledge; they don’t have much patience for abstract ideas.

Here, there is little tolerance for unnecessary information that can’t be applied in the real world or through empty words or sugar-coating. They are usually good with their hands and are excellent with crafts, DIY, fixing, renovating, and tinkering. They can be impulsive and may at times get ahead of themselves.

Jupiter in the Third House

Jupiter in the Third House brings a whole ocean of interests and a desire to constantly keep expanding one’s skills and knowledge. It provides a love of travel, a desire to learn, and a talent for foreign languages.

With this placement comes opportunities overseas and good luck, both in short and long-distance travel. These folks find it easy to pick up new skills, and because Jupiter rules higher knowledge, in the house of elementary skills, it can give someone higher knowledge without attending a university to learn it.

People with this placement are frequently self-taught in many areas of life and will have a lot of acquaintances as they are genuinely curious about other people and love learning from them.

Saturn in the Third House

Saturn in the Third House offers quite a serious approach to learning new skills and obtaining knowledge. Even though this is not the house of higher knowledge, people with Saturn in the Third House in astrology will work on improving their skills as if they are doing it for a diploma, working hard to master what they aim to achieve.

Their approach to new knowledge, however, can be rather traditional, and they are usually only drawn to practical or traditional skills. On the flip side, Saturn here can give them a deep interest in the occult, magic, esoteric, and metaphysical.

It can also make them feel like they don’t belong or can’t connect and blend in with their immediate environment or relatives.

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Uranus in the Third House

In the third House, Uranus can really shake things up, creating a deep desire to be constantly on the go, doing things and learning, to the point of extreme multitasking. These folks are simply good at doing many things at once.

Although they don’t always finish their projects because they are easily distracted by novel, intriguing things, they are multi-faceted individuals with plenty of interests.

This placement gives them an interest in unusual things, and these people are often progressive thinkers, who might at times have trouble staying focused because their mind is like a live wire - it is constantly active, even when they sleep. 

Neptune in the Third House

When Neptune comes into the Third House, we get a highly intuitive, imaginative individual who is often naturally gifted with artistic expression. Because these people have a well-developed sixth sense and gather most information intuitively, people may be distrustful of their ways, even when they are spot-on.

Neptune here gives a natural talent for painting, drawing, sculpting, and writing. Their communication style is often gentle and poised, and they often have a large vocabulary and a poetic way of speaking.

Neptune in the Third House in astrology can also offer a tendency to retreat into the world of imagination, which can create trouble with focus and remembering things, making them detached from their environment.

Pluto in the Third House

Pluto in the Third House can inspire one to seek to understand the world on a deep level. When they study something, they are either all in or all out, depending on how passionate they are about a certain topic.

They are great at dissecting a certain problem, diving deep into the heart of the matter, and are likely to become experts in one particular area of interest. They usually don’t have many interests but are deeply passionate about a selected few topics.

They are frequently drawn to psychology, psychoanalysis, mystery, medicine, crime, and investigation, or anything else that requires thorough analysis and understanding.

Final Thoughts:

The Third House is all about communicating our thoughts and developing creative ideas that we can explore further. It is about sparking our interest and lighting up our souls in a meaningful, cerebral way. More than anything, matters associated with this house are an important segment of life that, together with other houses, make our natal chart wheel so unique and so ours.

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Third House in Astrology

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