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Protecting Yourself: From Gemstones To Firearms

INSIDE: When it comes to protecting yourself, there are many different solutions. Here are 5 of our favorite options that will keep you out of danger and protect you from psychic attack and electromagnetic frequencies as well.


Protecting yourself and the ones you love from the many dangers of the world is a common theme throughout life.

Equipping yourself with the tools to forge a stable sense of safety in your own microcosm is more important than you might think.  

To be successful in building an all-around comfortable existence, you have to feel confident and strong as you move forward.

There are many different ways to protect yourself from harm. As the days roll by and new situations come your way, carry with you some pertinent knowledge on the subject of safety.  

Protecting Yourself: 5 Different Solutions

When it comes to protecting yourself, there are many different options to choose from, but in our eyes, there are none as effective as these...

Use Amethyst, the Powerhouse Stone

Amethyst is a powerful stone and its uses have long been established as a way of protecting yourself across many cultures over thousands of years. 

These beauties can be found in places scattered all around the globe, and its healing and restorative powers are not to be discounted as folly.  

The Greeks, Romans, and even the Egyptians had a place for the power of Amethyst in their culture.

Amethyst Geodes

The name itself has Greek lineage from the word Amethystos, meaning ‘not intoxicated.’ They believed that wearing the stone around their necks would help them not to fall down when they were drunk.  

If you want a stone that will help provide your world with clarity and control, you may want to consider the application of Amethyst. Free your muddy mind of those high emotions and clumsy decisions, and let this stone work its magic.  

Use Shungite, the Purification Specialist 

There’s a lot of fear in the world today about the rapid rise of technology and the excessive exposure we all have to electromagnetic frequencies (or EMFs). Protecting yourself from EMFs has never been as important as it is now.

Shungite is a stone that protects us from electromagnetic emissions.  

Place a Shungite stone next to your wifi router box to help protect yourself and your family from an imbalance of electromagnetic dosage.

Shungite is also primarily composed of carbon, which makes it great for purifying and infusing water with enriching minerals. Water filtered through Shungite has more calcium, oxygen, and magnesium for your body to absorb. 

There’s nothing better than a rock that boosts your health on a cellular level.  

EMF Protection

Set Up an Energy Shield

When you understand energy, you know that our imagination is one of the most powerful solutions for protecting yourself.

By simply imagining a shield around you, you can protect yourself from psychic attack, negativity, and anything destructive that comes your way.

In actuality, you already have a shield around your body. It's called your aura. The problem is most of us don't know how to use it that way and we end up allowing negative energy into our auras. 

If you're an empath, it is especially important to learn how to turn your aura into a protective shield. 

Protect Yourself With an Auric Shield

Train Your Muscle Memory

Protection of the things and people you love is paramount, and training your body to be its own weapon can be fruitful in that endevor.  

You could become a part of a do-jo and get the full martial art experience, but something as simple as taking a self-defense course can really make an impact on your confidence.  

When you know how to fight back when a physical attack comes your way, you'll feel so much safer. This is one of the most basic ways to protect yourself, and too many of us don't utilize it.

Take a Hands-On Approach to Safety 

When all else fails, a little cold hard steel always poses a deterrent to your foes. However, it’s important and wise to consider proper gun safety before ever purchasing a firearm for protection.

Guns can do both harm and good, and it’s critical to understand the implications of carrying such a powerful tool.

Final Thoughts About Protecting Yourself

From physical protection to psychic protection, these 5 methods for protecting yourself are tried and true. And they'll certainly never hurt!

Protection Crystals

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Protecting Yourself

How to Protect Yourself

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