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Purple Crystals: The Gemstones of Spiritual Awakening

INSIDE: Purple crystals are some of our best allies for spirituality, helping us tap into our psychic abilities and awaken to our inner wisdom. They strengthen the mind, guide us, and help us to be present in our lives.


Without knowing or wanting to, sometimes we dismiss anything that can’t be rationally explained.

Everything is energy, and to be able to understand and interpret the world around us, we need to be in tune with our intuition.

Research published by Heart Math has shown that intuition is vital for creativity and social functioning, so it is no wonder we feel blocked when aren't connected to it.

There are specific types of crystals that help us do this, and those that are particularly potent are purple crystals. Here's what you need to know about what makes them so beneficial and healing.

The Symbolism of Purple Crystals

Purple is thought of as a color of wisdom, magic, and mystery. Because of that, it is deeply connected to intuition and psychic abilities, and it resonates with the Third Eye Chakra, as well as the Crown Chakra.

It represents higher knowledge and spiritual aspects of our being. Purple combines the energy of red and blue and therefore gives us access to universal truths and laws.

These crystals symbolize things that can’t be seen with the naked eye. This is a high vibrational color, often associated with power, luxury, and royalty.

Purple is deeply connected to awareness and because of its unique qualities, it can be interpreted as eccentric and individualistic.

Things like freedom of expression and thought are also connected to its vibration, as well as anything rare or unique.

Purple Gemstones for Awakening

What Makes Purple Gemstones so Healing?

When our Third Eye and Crown Chakra are blocked, it can be difficult to find direction and hear our inner voice. We feel lost, anxious confused, and unsupported. Sometimes we even feel like we’ve lost touch with the Universe.

We may feel like we are tapping in one place and may even struggle to find meaning in life. This is when healing crystals can step on the scene.

Calming & Strengthening to the Mind

Since purple crystals help us connect with a higher level of consciousness, they have a strong transformative power. They work to enlighten and awaken us, but also bring us a greater sense of peace.

Although they stimulate our minds both on conscious and subconscious levels, these gemstones are incredibly calming. Because of that, they can be incredibly healing for anyone who has an overreactive mind that causes them stress.

Instead of mental overwhelm, purple beauties allow us to dive deeper into ourselves, and operate from a state of mental balance.

Psychic Abilities

These are eye-opening stones, so it is no wonder they are used to unblock the Third Eye Chakra. When we get too worked up in 3D, we start rationalizing everything and dismissing anything that "doesn’t make sense."

This is why these gemstones can help us learn to trust and follow our intuition, and this way they help balance the rational and the irrational within. 

Since they are stones of spirituality, they help awaken us and stimulate inborn psychic abilities. We become more in tune with our essence and find it easier to pick up and understand the energy around us.

Because of this deeper understanding, we feel less anxious, confused, or fearful.

These crystals shape our perception and help us get the insights we weren’t able to get when we relied only on our logic. As a result, shifting perspectives becomes easier.

Amethyst Geode

Spirituality & Guidance

Because they are well connected to the Crown Chakra, they open us up to spirituality in a way we haven’t experienced before. We can see ourselves in unity with the world around us and approach things with an open mind.

Purple gemstones help us feel guided and teach us to give in to the Divine and have greater trust. We become enlightened and new, and creative ideas seem to emerge even when we are not looking for them.

Life seems to unfold without much pressure, and with the help of their energy, we learn to give in and listen to our inner compass.

Every time we get worked up in matters of the material world, these crystals can help us reconnect with the spirit and our inner guidance.

All of this helps us feel more hopeful, and a little less lost in life. With the help of their energy, finding our calling or purpose feels easier, and we feel calm in knowing that the Universe has got our back.

Being Present & Aware

Purple stones are great for meditation and for helping us restore the balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of our being. We learn to be more present and less stuck in our heads. They help us to simply be as we are.

Because their energy acts as a catalyst to awakening, these stones reveal our blockages, patterns, and outdated beliefs. This way, through increased awareness, we can then shed our old skin and transform into an enlightened, authentic version of ourselves. 

Headaches, Insomnia & Nightmares

These gemstones are also very healing for those who suffer from headaches, insomnia, or nightmares. This is because they work directly without the psyche, helping remove blockages or deep-rooted fears.

They calm the nervous system, the endocrine system, and help balance brain chemicals, cleansing our mind and body from unwanted or harmful thoughts.

Purple Stones for Meditation and Balance

How to Choose the Right One For You?

Choosing purple crystals for you will largely depend on your frequency. Not everyone is in the same space spiritually, which is why we may feel called to pick one crystal over the other.

Each of them works with the highest upper chakras and helps us gain greater self-awareness.

Here are some you might particularly resonate with...


Amethyst works with our mental, spiritual, and emotional self to create a state of true equilibrium within. Through expanding our consciousness and opening our minds, this crystal helps us get in touch with the Divine.

That way, we feel not only guided but supported to live an authentic life. We learn to listen to ourselves and follow our gut instinct, and this directly impacts the quality of our thoughts.

Because it helps us raise our vibration, it helps form a protective shield that keeps us safe from overwhelming information and negative influences. At the same time, it helps us become more alert to energy changes in the environment.

This doesn’t make us feel stressed or anxious but teaches us to use this information to improve our life and connection with the world around us. We feel more spiritually awake and in sync with the Universe.

Amethyst helps us gain greater mental clarity and focus, inspiring and uplifting us in the most gentle way possible. As it also helps balance the endocrine system, with its help, we feel not only mentally, but also physically balanced.


This is one of the purple crystals that works to balance the Third Eye, the Crown Chakra, and the Solar Plexus all at the same time.

By helping us connect with our intuition, Ametrine uplifts us and aligns us with our true purpose. This is a stone of spiritual awakening, but also deep-rooted optimism.

It teaches us that our rational mind is not in opposition to our intuition, but connected to it. This way, we are able to achieve greater balance within and undergo powerful personal transformations.

Ametrine rejuvenates both the spirit and the mind, supporting new beginnings. Through bringing us closer to higher knowledge, it brings about greater awareness and acceptance, both of the self and others.

Because we feel more open to receiving positive vibrations, this crystal also stimulates creativity, helping us see the world from a new perspective. 


Lepidolite is very powerful in improving our reasoning skills. This is a powerful stone that can help us get in touch with our psychic abilities and receive higher Universal knowledge.

It is one of the purple crystals that soothes the anxious mind and helps us overcome fears. With its energy, anything that is trapped in our psyche that is not good for us can be safely released.

This leaves us with greater clarity of mind. We can make decisions from a state of calmness and gain deeper insight into who we are as people.

Lepidolite creates space for more self-acceptance, as it helps connect the Third Eye and Crown Chakra with our heart space. We can then clearly see who we are, and what’s blocking us, and this can encourage positive internal changes.

As a result, we feel happier in our skin and our thoughts become our allies, instead of fear-feeding enemies.

Final Thoughts About Purple Stones


Chakra Healing Gemstones

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Purple Crystals

Purple Crystals

Purple Crystals

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