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The Ultimate Guide to Reading Candle Flames: Understanding Fire Divination

INSIDE: Want to take the art of divination into the realm of fire? Reading candle flames is an ancient technique that can help you divine answers about your life. Read on to learn all about candle flame reading!


In our realm of reality, fire is one of the most enigmatic elements with the ability to create life, sustain life or destroy it. In the spiritual world, fire is a symbol for a variety of things as well. Anyone interested in understanding the spiritual world around them will find it quite helpful to know how to decipher candle flame meanings. 

Candle flame reading is an ancient form of divination that has been used over centuries for various purposes to provide spiritual or religious symbolism. It has been practiced in many different cultures throughout history, from ancient Egypt to medieval Europe. Knowing how to read candle flames can reveal hidden messages and insights about the past, present, and coming times.

In this article, we'll explore the art of reading candle flames, also known as pyromancy or pyroscopy, and how it can be used for personal growth and insight.

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What is a Candle Flame Reading? 

Candle flame reading is an age-old practice used to gain a deeper understanding of one's life and future. It involves interpreting the size, shape, color, and behavior of a candle flame.

It has been practiced by various cultures for centuries and can be used for various purposes, such as self-discovery, spell casting, and meditation. There is a rich history to go along with many techniques and benefits of reading candle flames.

The practice of reading candle flames includes observing the flame's behavior to analyze it and provide information on life events. To do this, it is essential to pay attention to the color of the flame, how it flickers, and the smoke it emits. Knowing the differences in the behavior of these aspects will tell you how to read candle flames. 

The Basics of Reading Candle Flames

As you might guess, the candle itself is a key instrument in the art of how to read candle flames, so using the correct type is important. Consumers in the United States have access to more than 10,000 distinct candle smells, according to estimates, and there are countless sizes and forms.

But when it comes to reading candle flames, the simpler, the better. An odorless, transparent glass candle with a simple hue, such as white or beige, is a good place to start.

After a proper candle is chosen, it’s important to clear your head and concentrate on the topic or purpose being addressed before lighting the candle.

Then, light the candle and watch how it burns.

  • Is the flame swirling and flickering, or is it towering and straight?
  • Is the flame clean burning or does it produce a lot of smoke?
  • Does it crack, pop, or sputter?

All of these signals can be analyzed to provide insights into one’s life.

candle flame reading

The Color

The first thing to look for when reading candle flames is the color of the flame. Obviously, the beautiful white golden glow that comes to mind when we think of a candle is what most people are used to. However, the flame (and smoke) can often appear in a variety of hues.

Yellow, orange, blue, and white flames are the most prevalent hues, and every color has its own distinct meaning. Understanding them all may seem difficult to do, but once learned, it enables us to engage with the cosmos on a completely new level.

  • Yellow: A yellow flame represents clarity of mind and intention. It also suggests that you are thinking positively. The color yellow is associated with all forms of intelligence, thought, and creativity. There is undoubtedly no better flame color to see when starting a new occupation or at the beginning of a new college career.
  • Orange: Reading candle flames of orange symbolizes vigor, life, and enthusiasm. It shows a vivaciousness and willingness to take on new tasks. The color orange is also associated with ambition and is used to achieve goals in relationships and at work. This color should be viewed as one of stimulation and for the radiation of good energy.
  • Red: Red is sometimes a sign of danger, but it also represents the color of energy in candle flame reading. Similar to orange, this color can be interpreted as a sign to use your energy to complete a project that requires concentrated effort.
  • Blue: This color is a symbol of spirituality and of successful communication with the higher self when a blue flame appears. Blue flames can reveal that you are at peace and in a state of calmness. It promotes, serenity, insight, and inspiration. This candle flame can also be seen as a hint to seek refuge and spend some more time caring for yourself to restore a sense of well-being.
  • White: Seeing white is symbolic of clarity when reading candle flames. It is an indication of being headed in the right direction and that current aims and ideals are in sync. White symbolizes innocence, the spirit, and the Goddess. The pure vitality of a white candle flame is reminiscent of the moon, snow, and the milk that sustains life. It conveys holiness, restoration, and clarity.
  • Green: The color green is associated with nature and growth. Whether it be a kid, a house, a career, or spiritual development, growth and new beginnings are near when green reveals itself. This color also be symbolic of a fresh start surrounding whatever you wish to develop or get better at. This candle flame may also be used to represent the need for equilibrium and it can also sometimes symbolize fertility and wealth.

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The Movement of the Flame

Another aspect that can be analyzed while reading candle flames is the movement and flickering of the flame. If the flame is fairly still and constant, that’s usually a sign of important things being on the right track. If it flickers repeatedly, that can mean unknown difficulties or diversions are present.

A dancing candle flame often indicates that the goals being sent out into the cosmos are powerful, yet there are challenges preventing them from moving forward. In this case, success is still possible, but there needs to be a constant drive to stay in charge, in control, and focused.

A flickering candle flame can also indicate the presence of spirits. The flame reacts to the presence of guardians, lost loved ones, and any strong energies that are present.

The Size of the Flame

An often downplayed element to take into account while reading candle flames is the height of the flame. A towering flame denotes strength and vigor. It shows that meaningful goals are near and that there is movement in the right direction. On the other hand, a faint flame might be an indication of confusion and unclear intentions.

A low flame lacks the power to propel the intent toward realization and it can mean it isn’t yet the right time for a change. A constant low flame serves as a warning to be attentive and to anticipate success. If it starts to grow taller and more powerful over time, that can mean the energy needed to make the magic work has been released and a transformation is near. 

how to read candle flames

Smoke from the Flame

The smoke that dances up and away from the flame can also provide insights into the future. For example, a clean-burning candle represents pure intentions and that you are on the correct path.

A candle that is smoking more than what would be considered normal can be a sign that there may be some impediments or hurdles in the way or that negative energy is around. If the smoke is black and thick during the candle flame reading, it can be evidence that you are dealing with extremely strong negative energies

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking to gain clarity, overcome obstacles, or connect with your higher self, reading candle flames can be a powerful tool to aid you on your journey. Reading candle flames is an ancient and mystical art that can provide insight and guidance into your future.

By paying attention to the color, height, movement, smoke, and even the residue of a burning candle, we can interpret the messages it is conveying and learn exactly how to read candle flames. Take a moment to observe and interpret the flames, and see what messages are there for you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Reading Candle Flames

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