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Red Crystals: Ignite Passion & Empower Forward Movement

INSIDE: Red crystals are one of nature's most precious gifts, helping us embrace the motivation, confidence, and passion we need to pursue our life purpose. Discover all the ways they can benefit you right here!


Energy is everything. When we feel tired and unmotivated, even small tasks seem impossible.

A study published by Science Daily has shown that folks who struggle with constant fatigue can reduce overall tiredness by engaging in simple exercises.

Sometimes, however, we find it difficult to get the motivation to get up and exercise, and that's particularly difficult when our energy reserves are low.

One of the best ways to increase our energy is by embracing new diets and ditching bad habits.

A great source of motivation for making these changes lies in the power of red crystals. Let's look at how they affect our wellbeing...

The Symbolism of Red Crystals

Red is the color of life force and passion. It is associated with drive, health, and the desire to conquer.

Red crystals exude this energy too. They symbolize vitality, desire, and warmth. They are associated with uninhibited expression and the Kundalini force.

Gemstones of this sort also symbolize strength and are connected to our physical being and sexuality. They are associated with positivity and optimism, but also with courage and the motivation to achieve what we set our minds to.

Because of their raw, fiery, and earthy energy, they resonate with the three lower chakras, particularly the Root Chakra

What Makes Red Crystals So Healing?

There are so many reasons to use red gemstones...

Life Purpose

Red gemstones are here to help us find and follow our life path, the path that lights up our soul, the one we can call our purpose. These are the crystals that ignite passion, so we can find that one thing we love doing and pursue our passions.

Their energy is directly connected to our life purpose, making them ideal for people who are on a soul searching journey, trying to find their calling. 

Energizing & Motivating

Their energy revitalizes us, and because it is fiery, it lifts us up and pushes us forward. Energizing as they are, red crystals are incredibly beneficial for those who constantly feel low and tired or struggle with chronic fatigue.

They spark our enthusiasm and zest for life. This opens us up to more life adventures, encouraging us to live life as we imagine it and step out of our comfort zone.

Stones of this kind promote greater optimism and inspire us to make the best of our lives.

Empowerment & Self-Confidence

Because they resonate with our lower chakras, these crystals of vitality also serve to empower us. They can be a very helpful aid when we feel down and doubt ourselves.

Their energy uplifts our spirit and gives us the necessary self-confidence when we need it.

Since they are connected to our Root Chakra and have a positive impact on the Sacral Chakra, they remind us what it feels like to feel good in our skin. These crystals help us embrace ourselves as we are, helping us have a more positive body image.

This subtle energetic change can make us more magnetic and enhance our natural allure. By eliminating energetic blocks that suppress our true potential, red stones enhance our sense of personal attractiveness and help us work on self-acceptance.

They are great for anyone who is working on their self-esteem, as these healing crystals work to eliminate false beliefs that keep us small.

Healing Gemstone Collections

Sexuality & Passion

These are stones of sexuality and passion, and they can help us heal any wound connected to our sexual identity.

Their energy opens us up to more healthy, earthly pleasure and helps us balance the physical and our spiritual aspects of self. We find it easier to accept our desires and needs. This vibration opens us up to new passionate experiences.

Courage & Discipline

Red crystals are stones of courage as well. Because they blend the energy of fire and earth, their energy helps us feel both grounded and inspired to move forward and take action. 

This motivate us to not only dream big but to go after the goals we had set for ourselves.

They make us want to move, jump, do things, and experiment. This is particularly healing for people who have a lot of ideas but can’t seem to get their projects off the ground or find themselves giving up easily.

By encouraging us, but also help us to be persistent and disciplined, we can truly stick to our goals and have greater faith in ourselves.

When in such a high frequency, we find it easier to ditch self-limiting beliefs and pursue what lights us up with zest and determination.

Because their energy is grounding, these are the perfect crystals for anyone who is looking to learn a new craft and master a practical skill.

Abundance & Prosperity

Whenever there is a lack of forward movement, these crystals can help us find direction and adjust our sails. They are great for ambitious people and visionaries, but also those who are hoping to feel more motivated.

A combination of these qualities helps us become more successful in anything we feel passionate about.

These stones not only can help us become better at what we do but also help us become more receptive and attract abundance to us. As a result, anyone who struggles with a lack of funds will find that they are able to shift this perspective more easily, naturally drawing more prosperity their way.

With the help of these crystals, worrying about money and the future can gradually be replaced with a more positive and expansive mindset.

Revitalizing Red Gemstones

Love & Commitment

The qualities these stones have support our ambitions, encourage persistence, and help us commit, and not only to a goal! Since they are also stones that inspire passionate love, they can help us ground that passion into a loving commitment.

They are perfect for couples who are looking to bring back the spark, but also for anyone who desires to attract love. Healing crystals of this kind increase the libido, while grounding desire at the same time, helping us create a passionate, but stable union of love.

Balance & Acceptance

By balancing our aura, red crystals can help untie us from anything that has been hindering our growth and sabotaging relationships, such as anger, resentment, or vengefulness.

This way, frustration, and aggression get replaced with graceful acceptance, helping us mature and stay balanced.

Physical Benefits

Because these are very uplifting stones, they have a tremendous capacity to improve the metabolic processes in the body, improving circulation and blood flow.

They are ideal for anyone who has been suffering from chronic fatigue, sore muscles, muscle weakness, and tiredness. The vibration they have is highly beneficial for improving the immune system, helping prevent inflammation and the flu.

They act as natural stimulants, but without overwhelming us, which makes them ideal for helping us deal with apathy and low mood.

Chakra Stones

How to Choose the Right One For You?

Red crystals are powerful healers for anyone who lacks aspirations, struggles with low drive, low energy, and feels burdened by a routine.

They are one of the best energetic assistants for people whose life and relationships feel grey and dull, but also for those who self-sabotage or overwork themselves.

Each of them has a unique vibration, and here are some that might particularly resonate with you...

Red Jasper

Red Jasper

There is no better crystal than Red Jasper to help us get motivated and achieve our goals. This is a stone that revitalizes us, and gives us the strength and the determination we need to conquer the world.

Although it sparks enthusiasm and lifts us up, it also has a grounding effect. This helps us stay focused on the task and bring it to fruition, even when we don’t feel like doing it.

Red Jasper is also a crystal that enhances and balances our stamina and sexuality. It inspires passion and boosts our libido, bringing more intimacy and pleasure into our lives.

Its revitalizing energy inspires passion for what we do, as well. Because it is connected to the Root Chakra, and carries a very potent vibration, Red Jasper is known to be a powerful activator of the Kundalini energy, helping us on our soul journey.



Garnet is here to help us beat apathy and replace boredom and tiredness with a profound sense of vitality.

Its energy not only works to improve our libido and drive, but also helps us push forward with courage and confidence. This makes it a very powerful motivator, especially for those prone to self-doubt.

Because it amplifies our natural charisma and allure, it makes us a magnet for success and abundance. Garnet helps us gain trust in ourselves, helping us find optimism and hope in any life circumstances.

This is a stone of endurance and strength, having a balancing effect on both our physical and emotional body.

It is incredibly beneficial to our immune system, improving the metabolism and raising energy levels. This way, it naturally promotes healthy habits, helping us get on track with that new exercise regimen or a diet.

Red Goldstone

Red Goldstone

Beautiful Red Goldstone is one of the most empowering crystals in existence. It’s vibrant energy works to unblock any doubt or self-limiting beliefs that hinder our growth and success.

By removing our blockages, it helps create a more positive mindset, making us true abundance magnets. It is known to be a very potent good luck charm, and since it repels any negativity, it helps us release inhibitions or shyness and feel more confident in our skin.

This is one of the red crystals that boosts our optimism even in our darkest moments, helping us see things from a much lighter perspective.

With the healing properties of Red Goldstone, we find it easier to live freely and go after our goals with a greater sense of faith that things will work out in our best interest.

Red Tiger’s Eye

Red Tiger's Eye

Red Tiger’s Eye ignites passion. Because of this, its energy has the power to help us enrich our love lives and take our relationships to the next level.

By grounding us and our relationships, this crystal helps stabilize the energy, without making life too serious. Our connection to a partner deepens, and our sex lives become more in sync with our genuine needs.

This energy is a perfect balance of fire and earth, and therefore it inspires us to pursue our passions and stay focused on our path to success. This is a motivating stone that can help us become more innovative, inspired, and confident in our abilities.

However, this stone is not about being a go-getter; it's about establishing an equilibrium between work and play. This way, we can cultivate more self-love and not get burned out by our own ambition.

Final Thoughts About Red Stones

When you bring red stones into your environment, you can enjoy all of these revitalizing benefits. Their frequency is here to help us move forward and take on the world. 

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Red Crystals

Red Crystals

Red Crystals

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