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The Spiritual Meaning of Sacred Geometry Shapes & Platonic Solids

INSIDE: The sacred geometry shapes and platonic solids are everywhere and in everything. Let's discover what they are, how they affect our lives, and just how sacred they really are. 


Thanks to sacred geometry, everything around us is entwined and connected. The concept of Sacred Geometry isn’t new.

In fact, an article published in Science Direct mentioned that ancient middle-east architecture and mosaics show that these geometrical patterns have been with us for longer than we realize.

Everything we experience and even our own body carries unique vibrational information that takes a specific shape.

If sacred geometry shapes are something you are curious about, this might be just the read for you...

What is Sacred Geometry?

We live in an energetic matrix called sacred geometry. Our reality is made of energy patterns and shapes, and each shape has its unique energetic blueprint.

Sacred geometry consists of patterns and geometric forms that everything around us is made of. It is often used to understand and explain not only the physical but the spiritual realm as well.

Just like things we physically experience, energy takes a specific form and shape, which means that even things like sound or light have their own geometric form. 

Just like scientists break everything into atoms, sacred geometry uses mathematical principles and harmonics to explain energy and vibrational exchanges.

It is the essence, the origin or the DNA of our existence and the existence of everything we experience.

Because of this, using sacred geometry shapes in our healing journey works to bring us back to our true selves, giving us a true sense of of inner equilibrium.

Specialty Pieces

The Universe, the Creator, or God is a geometer and so everything we do and everything we are is based on greater knowledge.

Healing is there to help us find enlightenment and open ourselves up to higher knowledge and wisdom. This helps us live our life according with our inner guide and in tune with our true nature.

Using principles of sacred geometry in our everyday life can help strengthen our bond with spirit and the Divine. As a result, we can let go of false beliefs, constraints, and energetic burdens that are not in alignment with who we are.

Now, let's look closer at what sacred geometry shapes and meanings represent to us.

The Five Platonic Solids

5 Platonic Solids

Sacred geometry rests on the principles of the five Platonic Solids:

  • Tetrahedron
  • Cube
  • Octahedron
  • Dodecahedron
  • Icosahedron

These are convex, three-dimensional shapes with congruent faces and corners, with each one having more angles and faces than the previous.

For instance, adding an extra angle to a tetrahedron creates a cube, and an extra angle added to the cube creates an octahedron.

Not only does each shape have an extra angle, but each one can perfectly fit into the previous one. So, a cube will perfectly fit inside the tetrahedron, and its angles will touch each face of a tetrahedron, creating perfect harmony.

No matter how they are rotated, the five platonic solids are always perfectly balanced, and each face and each angle of the shape is the same.

Each of the five is built of regular polygons, which, when flattened, all create a perfectly aligned shape that corresponds with the sides of the shape.

We can see manifestations of these sacred structures in everything around us, from snowflakes to crystal structures found in nature.

The Sacred Geometry Shapes and Meanings

Here is what each of the platonic solids and sacred geometry shapes mean...



A tetrahedron has four vertices, four identical, triangular faces, out of which three intersect. It takes the form of a perfect triangular-based pyramid that withstands the pressure of time and elemental challenges.

Because of that, it is believed to be the most "solid" of the platonic solids. It is made of four perfect triangles, a shape that symbolizes unity and is regarded as the strongest shape.

Its vibration is connected to awakening and manifestation. No matter how a tetrahedron is rotated, there is always one corner that strongly points to the sky.

Its construction is such that it is the only shape that doesn’t have parallel sides but has completely equal sides leaning on one another, forming the most stable shape there is.

It symbolizes focus and offers solid protection against dark and maleficent energy. It brings us closer to the Divine, enlightens us, and opens channels to higher knowledge and awareness.

The tetrahedron and pyramid symbolize unity and are powerful manifestation tools. They help us operate from our higher shelves, lay firm foundations, and establish spiritual connections and partnerships.

It is no coincidence that the crystal structure of Quartz, Sodalite, and Tourmaline includes tetrahedron and triangular forms.

These natural formations carry the powerful vibration of the tetrahedron and help us connect to higher frequencies. Quartz is known to be a potent spiritual awakening stone, Sodalite helps us open up to higher knowledge and Tourmaline is a powerful protection stone. 



A cube has eight vertices and six identical, square faces, out of which three faces meet. It symbolizes safety and its energy is grounding, often connected to the power of Mother Nature.

A cube is associated with things we experience in the physical realm and the foundation of all things, representing a perfect balance between three pairs of squares.

A cube and a square resonate with our most basic needs for safety, perseverance, and survival. Using it in a healing process helps ground our energy and release stress. It represents our physical body, but also our rational mind and structure.

In nature, we can see cubic forms in the crystal formation of Pyrite, which is the crystal that helps us lay foundations and work towards our goals in a structured way, also helping to balance our physical body.



An octahedron has six vertices, and eight triangular faces, out of which four meet. Octahedron resonates with our emotional body. It represents matters of the heart, our feelings, and how we instinctively react to events and our environment.

The octahedron symbolizes universal and unconditional love. When using sacred geometry shapes for healing, an octahedron can be the perfect catalyst for opening the heart space, forgiving ourselves and others. 

This solid helps us accept what we can’t change and integrate parts of ourselves that we are used to rejecting. Because of that, including it in our healing process helps nurture our true essence and teaches us to learn from and embrace our inner world, cultivating creativity.

Fluorite is a perfect example of an octahedron structure in nature, exhibiting all qualities of this platonic solid. 



A dodecahedron has twenty vertices and twelve pentagonal faces with three faces meeting. It is connected to our life force and higher knowledge, which makes it a perfect shape for ascension and meditation.

The dodecahedron opens us to the potency of all the elements that reality is made of, helping us raise not only our vibration but also the vibration of the space we reside in.

Because of its ability to connect us to our higher selves, it is a powerful force in helping us detach from the ego and dive into universal truths.

The dodecahedron symbolizes everything unknown and mysterious, which is why it is used to help us get in tune with higher knowledge and new, unexplored perspectives.

Among gemstones, we can find this structure perfectly represented in Garnet. Using it in the meditation process helps to both ground us in the physical and align our chakras.



An icosahedron is the last of the 5 platonic solids. It has twelve vertices and twenty triangular faces with five faces meeting.

The icosahedron is known for its power to unblock creativity and help us go with the natural flow of life. It holds immense transformative power and is used to assist us when we are elevating and reaching the next phase of consciousness.

The icosahedron is used in healing when we want to unlock the creative potential and become creators of our own reality. It helps balance our emotions and reach a state of equilibrium, which then leads us to a more fulfilling life.

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Other Important Sacred Geometry Forms

Sacred geometry doesn’t end with the five platonic solids.

On the contrary, the five sacred solids are the essentials of sacred geometry, the foundation or the building blocks from which all other sacred geometry shapes originate from.

Here are some other important sacred geometry shapes that define our reality...


We can add angles to the icosahedron until an infinite polygon is created, creating the circle. Thus, the circle represents wholeness, perfection, and eternity.

It represents the cycle of life and helps us embrace the totality of our being, accepting all aspects of who we are as beings.

The circle symbolizes motion and Divine orchestration, teaching us that energy is infinite and so are we. 

Seed of Life

Seed of Life

For there to be life, there first needs to be a healthy seed that will bear that life.

The seed of Life is a fertile symbol that helps us conceive thoughts, ideas, feelings, and even life itself.

This universal symbol includes seven circles that correspond with our seven chakras. This makes it a powerful tool for unlocking our true potential, which was seeded in us and is waiting to be discovered.

The Flower of Life

Flower of Life

The flower of life is made up of many of the seeds of life. It teaches us that we are all made of the same cloth or the same blueprint.

It represents unity with others and with the Universe, and it helps us understand that there is no such thing as isolation, as we are all divinely connected.

Working with the flower of life through a healing process brings a sense of tranquility and inner balance. 



The merkabah or star tetrahedron symbolizes the element of fire. It is regarded as the vehicle of light and has a mighty energy field.

It helps connect us with the inner strength and power we harbor, even if we are not consciously aware of its potency.

This sacred symbol blends the feminine and the masculine, the spiritual and physical, helping create a balance between opposing energies. It teaches us that differences can coexist and that we don’t have to exclude one another.

In a healing process, it is used to stimulate personal growth because it unites light, spirit, and body and helps us operate from a much higher vibration. 

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s Cube

This sacred form is associated with the angel, Metatron, who guides us and helps connect the physical and spiritual realms.

In the healing process, we can use it to release limiting beliefs, patterns, and sorrow that weighs us down.

Metatron's Cube helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel and embrace a higher purpose and meaning in our earthly experiences.

Final Thoughts

This article only touches the surface when it comes to sacred geometry shapes and meanings, but we'll be writing additional articles on this intriguing topic. Stay tuned!

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Sacred Geometry Shapes
Sacred Geometric Shapes
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