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16 Self-Care Gifts for Women, Men, Friends & More

INSIDE: The final months of the year herald in seasons of giving. The best way to show the people in our lives how much we value their presence and love the relationship we have developed is by giving self-care gifts. We’ve compiled quite a few options to remind our friends and family that we love them and that they need to love and care for themselves too!


When we give a gift, we intend for someone to use, cherish, or benefit from whatever it is we bestow upon them. When we talk about self care, we usually refer to actions and behaviors we individually do to improve our well being. If self care happens by us and for us, how can we give self-care gifts to others?Turns out, quite easily!

According to Holly Oxhandler, a social work scholar and associate dean at Baylor University, self care refers to intentional practice that we continuously cultivate.

By gifting self care to others, we encourage and inspire those we love to pursue behaviors and rituals that can heal and bring peace to them.

Here are our favorite ideas for how to give our friends and family the tools to create their own self-care habits.

Self-Care Gifts for Women 

Remind the important women in your life to turn feminine nurturing and care on themselves more often with these self-care gift ideas...

Heart Geode 

Heart Geode

Geodes instantly shift the attention and energy in a room because of the mystical patterns shaped in their natural beauty. The intricate process of first extracting Amethyst and Citrine geodes from the earth intact and then shaping them into smooth geometric designs makes these crystal wonders a heartfelt gift simply as is.

However, by gifting a Heart Geode made of Amethyst or Citrine, we can convey to the powerful women in our lives that we love them and want them to strive for self love and compassion towards themselves.

Give this self-care gift as an addition, or foundational piece, to a person’s sanctuary or meditation altar, inspiring her to spend more time in quiet contemplation and healing. 

Empowerment Gemstone Collection

Empowerment Gemstones

We can talk “girl power” all day, but frankly, it’s not the easiest feeling to cultivate. A self care gift of empowerment may seem a bit abstract, but with a collection of crystals aimed at boosting confidence, courage, purpose, and strength, “girl power” isn’t so hard to give after all.

The Empowerment Healing Gemstone Collection contains tumbled stones of Hematite, Sodalite, Amethyst, Citrine, and Quartz.

Using these stones together, a woman can truly embrace her limitless feminine might. On days when she needs an extra dose of healing, she can work with any of the five stones that resonate with her in the moment. 

Chevron Amethyst Unicorn Point 

Chevron Amethyst

Every woman has something unique and wonderful resting deep within her. With a Chevron Amethyst Unicorn Point, she can unlock her intuition with the powerful interplay of Amethyst and White Quartz.

Crystal pointers help acutely target energy, so give this as a gift to a woman full of potential who needs to learn to unleash their spiritual gifts on the world.

Rose Quartz Candle Holder

Rose Quartz Candle Holder

Another solid ornament to adorn a sacred space or any room in the home, a Rose Quartz Candle Holder is a beautiful decorative piece to give to a woman. Rose Quartz conveys unconditional love and connection into a space.

Every time a woman lights a candle in one of these holders, she ignites compassion and gratitude between the crystal and the flame as the subtle smoke fills her home and heart with reminders of those who love her most.   

Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst Necklace

If there’s one woman in our lives who tends to take a backseat to everyone else, it’s Mom. She deserves so much more as she juggles her own care with those of her children.

An Amethyst Necklace as a self care gift for women sends a loving message that you reside in her heart and she in yours every hour of the day. The essence of Amethyst infuses her heart with powerful vibes of openness and acceptance that strengthens her faith and belief in her own abilities and feminine might.

Self-Care Gifts for Men 

For the father, brother, son, uncle, friend, and any man in your life, the gift of self care can go great lengths to teach sensitivity, trust, and compassion to those often asked to lead stoically with impenetrable strength.

Let's look at our favorite self care gifts for men...     

Smoky Quartz Obelisk

Smoky Quartz Obelisk

It can be exhausting, maintaining a veneer of might and fearlessness. A Smoky Quartz Obelisk works to dissolve away negative energy that builds up, while elevating positive emotions and sensations to instill calm and serenity. It’s a great gift to offer a man as a statement piece for their desk space or as a potent meditation tool. 

Red Jasper Point

Red Jasper Point

Pulled in every direction, a man can feel aimless and lost. Giving him a Red Jasper Point helps him connect to rootedness and grounding. By creating a home sanctuary space to house a Red Jasper Point, he finds stability, balance, and security deep within himself.

Strength Gemstone Collection

Strength Gemstones

Whether physical, mental, or spiritual, strength comes to define many men. A self-care gift of healing gemstones that reinvigorates his stamina and might sends a message to remember to take time to rest.

A collection of healing “strength” crystals features Serpentine, Leopardskin Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, and Red Tiger's Eye.

Used together, he’ll supercharge the feeling of endurance and resilience. On days when he needs to work on a particular spiritual muscle group, he can carry any one of these five stones or in combination throughout his day.

Black Tourmaline Necklace

 Black Tourmaline Necklace

An act of self care can come through when we incorporate spirituality in our style. For men, a solid, bold Black Tourmaline Necklace provides a protective aura to keep his mind focused and optimistic throughout every challenge he faces in the day.

Black Tourmaline has an incredible ability, too. When rubbed or heated, it develops an electric charge. By wearing it as a necklace, a man’s body heat can generate a true connection to the stone so that it constantly works to boost his vitality and confidence.

Black Obsidian Candle Holder

Black Obsidian Candle Holder

Black Obsidian is hardened volcanic lava that displays a shiny, jet black, reflective surface. A Black Obsidian Candle Holder as a gift to a man you love and cherish offers him a mystical tool for his home.

By lighting a candle in this unique piece of home decor, the flame will mirror and glow into his space, reminding him that he too guides and illuminates a spiritual path in his actions. 

Self-Care Gifts for Friends 

We connect with people in wondrous ways, but we don't always know what lies deep in the heart and soul of our closest friends. That’s why self care gifts for friends that promote overall healing and wellbeing can be exactly what they need.

Chakra Crystals Healing Bag

Chakra Gemstones

To ensure that every realm of their being finds balance and tuning, give a Chakra Crystals Healing Bag. Seven tumbled stones correspond to each chakra node in the body: Red Jasper, Orange Carnelian, Tiger Eye or Citrine, Aquamarine, Blue Sodalite, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz.

With this gift, our friends can engage in full-body chakra balancing, or focus on nourishing a particular chakra.

Smudging Set

Smudging Set

An easy self-care practice, smudging resets the vibes of our homes and our bodies. By gifting a Smudging Set, we equip our friends with Sage to light and smudge an area with its potent smoke and an Abalone Shell that replenishes the energy in the room and recharges the sage smudge when not in use. 

Crystal Keychains 

 Crystal Keychain

Self-care gifts that can follow our friends everywhere they go are crystal keychains. Our collection features a variety of tumbled, natural, and pointer crystals small enough to easily fit with a set of keys.

By attaching a crystal keychain to car keys or house keys, we let the intentional, protective aura of the crystals resonate beyond our bodies to keep us and our loved ones safe even when we have to be apart.

Selenite Necklace 

Selenite Necklace

As we said before, we don't always know what our friends are going through, and that’s why Selenite makes a great gift. A Selenite necklace harnesses the purifying essence of the stone so that its wearer gets healing vibrations at all times that deflect negativity and magnify positivity.

Zodiac Stones

Zodiac Stones

A great time to celebrate friends falls every year on their birthday! Give a unique gift of self-care by highlighting their sun sign with a gemstone collection bag of Zodiac stones. Each Zodiac sign has five crystals that target particular traits and strengths.

The One Self-Care Gift Everyone Will Love 

No matter gender, age, or relationship, there is one crystal gift that is sure to please anyone who receives it. We started our list with one example, so let’s close out with a whole collection! 

Amethyst Geodes 

Amethyst Geodes

Wonders of nature, Amethyst Geodes come in an infinite range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether you opt to gift a huge geode as an artful sculpture or a smaller, tabletop Druzy, these crystal formations send healing energy, joyful beauty, and spiritual love throughout any space.

Final Thoughts

We know the importance of giving ourselves gifts of self-love and rest. Passing these practices and rituals on to others through meaningful gifts that inspire our loved ones to take a moment for self care works two-fold. They instill a sense of individual well being in the person we love while also communicating our deep relationship of compassion we harbor inside for them.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here. 

16 Self-Care Gifts for Women

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