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Self Love Crystals: Best Stones to Use & How to Use Them

INSIDE: Feeling confident, positive, and happy all at once might seem like an impossibility. But self love crystals can help you achieve all of these energies and more. Let's learn all about them!


Healing crystals don’t just bring good vibrations — they can actually shift our mindset into a self-less, self-loving machine. Changing our inner dialogue from harmful and intrusive to helpful and encouraging can be done with self love crystals.  

With hundreds of stones to decide between and all their different benefits, it can be a difficult to choose one. Here's a list of the 10 best crystals for self love and some ways you can incorporate them into your life.

How Can Crystals Help You Love Yourself?

Truly loving ourselves and being comfortable in our own skin can be a challenge. It's important to always take some time for self-reflection and positive affirmations in order to feel truly confident and happy. Using self love crystals can help us in more ways than just loving ourselves.  

Promote a Positive State of Mind

Negativity affects us in more ways than most of us even realize. It can show itself as being overly judgmental, pessimistic, and even self-degrading.

Not only does this influence us, but it can actually be felt by the people around us. Crystals can help us set intentions to be more positive in any aspect of our lives that need a little uplifting.

Love Crystals

Boost Self Esteem

In this day and age, we are constantly bombarded with pictures or videos of unrealistic expectations of what our lives should be like. There's a lot more pressure today to look perfect and portray a fabulous lifestyle.

Healing crystals can be used to promote confidence and self acceptance. Simply meditating or journaling with your stone can bring positivity and love to your life.

Get Yourself on Track 

With all the wonderful ways crystals help us get back into alignment, it's easy to forget that they can actually draw in abundance and success.

If you need a motivational kickstart, bring some healing stones to your office! You might just notice a shift of energy that encourages creative thinking, good luck, and maybe even a promotion! 

10 Self Love Crystals to Nurture Yourself With

Choosing crystals can be difficult — there are so many to choose from. Each crystal has its own special properties that can come to our aid.

Here are some of the best self love crystals that you can bring into your meditation or healing practices...

Rose Quartz

This crystal is often referred to as the love stone. Rose Quartz has a deep connection with the heart chakra, which encourages trust, unconditional love, friendship, and healing.

Not only is it one of the best self love crystals, it is a wonderful stone for bringing new love and romance into your life. If you’re in need of some love and affection, definitely start with Rose Quartz.

Pink Opal

Pink Opal

Pink Opal is an all around healer when it comes to matters of the heart. Its calm energy allows fear and anxiety to drift away, especially when it comes to low self-esteem or past trauma.

It is connected to the heart chakra and allows peace to flow to and from one's heart. 


A stone of compassion and balance, Rhodonite is sure to bring in nurturing energies that lead to feelings of self love. It stimulates and clears the heart from stress and worry that could be built up from past sufferings.

This crystal provides much needed stability to those dealing with shock and panic. Rhodonite is one of the finest crystals for self love.

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz

This is a crystal that glows with universal love energies. Strawberry Quartz activates the heart energy centre and in turn fills us with love, joy, and warmth.

It is a genuine stone that promotes authenticity and kindness to not only yourself, but to everyone and everything around you. If you're looking for self love crystals, this pretty pink stone is magical.


Chrysocolla actually resonates with all the chakras, making it a great stone for not only self love but also communication, healing, balance, and spirituality.

This crystal releases calm and soothing vibrations, making it perfect for relaxation, as well as healing heartache and guilt. It actually promotes our capacity for love by improving communication skills.

If you’re struggling with how your inner voice communicates, meditate with Chrysocolla to obtain encouraging and loving thoughts. 

Green Jade

Green Jade

This is one of the most loving stones available! Green Jade is a symbol of love and is used in many engagement rings. It increases love of all kinds: self love, romantic love, friendship, and love of the environment.

If you’re in need of some good fortune or a little motivational push, Green Jade is the perfect stone. Not only does it help with matters of the heart, it is a very protective and cleansing stone. It is also often used to protect inner organs and promote healthy immune function.

Green Quartz

Feeling a little overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next? Green Quartz is an excellent stone for boosting creativity and intuition. It resonates deeply with the heart chakra, making it one of the top self love crystals.

It is thought to promote love and empathy and to help with strained relationships. If you need a little help obtaining a more positive attitude, Green Quartz will surely be there for you.



We all need a little protection now and again. Oftentimes, we are our own worst enemies and it can be extremely difficult to combat a negative mindset.

Aquamarine has a neat history of protection — it is said to have helped shield sailors at sea during battles. This stone is an efficient way to fight off intrusive thoughts by soothing an overactive mind.

This stone of courage quiets the mind and can actually improve quick thinking, and it can ease overly judgmental attitudes. 


Selenite is also a calming stone that is wonderful when used in mediation. When looking to achieve inner peace or do spiritual work, this crystal is sure to help you find tranquility and deeper connections.

Additionally, it helps cleanse and charge other crystals as it clears out all forms of negativity and purifies its environment. 



This bright and sunny stone is sure to make you feel good about life and yourself! Citrine is a great promoter of light, positivity, and optimistic thinking. Its happy color will light up your day and fill you with warmth. It stimulates the solar plexus chakra, which cultivates confidence and empowers us to be our true selves. 

How to Use These Crystals for Self Love

There are many ways we can use crystals for self love — it can be as simple as carrying them on your person, placing them on your altar or under your pillow as you sleep. Let’s look at a few more methods!

Journal With Your Crystal

A simple way to use your self love crystals is while you journal. Writing is a great way to blow off steam, process emotions, and set some good intentions. All you need to do is sit the stone(s) on your desk, or within eyesight of where you're writing! This is a sure fire way to get the self love and positivity ball rolling.  

Wear Them as Jewelry

Wearing your self love crystals as jewelry is an easy and efficient way to carry confidence and a positive attitude wherever you go. A necklace that is close to your heart or the center of your chest is a great way to maintain an open heart that allows good vibrations to flow to and from. 

Hold it During Meditation 

Meditation is a great way to activate and utilize the healing benefits of your crystals. Holding one might actually allow you to feel the loving energies flow through you, but sitting them close by is also an effortless way to obtain some good vibrations. 

Final Thoughts

Self love starts with an understanding that the only way to combat negativity is through optimism and actual effort.  

Wear a piece of Rose Quarts or Strawberry Quartz to not only engage with soothing, loving energies, but to actually radiate with warmth so those around you can feel it too.  

Let the good vibrations flow through you with your sunny Citrine stone while you practice your morning meditation. Set your day up for success and draw in some abundance at work when you bring your self love stone to your office.  

There are so many different ways to use each crystal, but it can be as simple as carrying a tumbled stone in your pocket. Self love is something a lot of us don’t make enough time for. In order to love our situation or the people around us, we have to start with loving ourselves!

How to Use Crystals

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Self Love Crystals

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