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Sodalite Healing Properties for Stress Relief, Balance & Innovation

INSIDE: Sodalite healing properties provide us with healing frequencies that support our endeavors to reduce stress and emotional blocks. It sparks our mental clarity and puts us in a state of harmony. Read on to learn more!


Anxiety, stress and pressure are unfortunately a normal part of our lives. These experiences are not always easy to deal with and can take a toll on our mental health, productivity, and happiness.

A study published on Healthline has shown that exposure to chronic stress can take a toll on us, causing or worsening depression, irritability or insomnia.

Luckily, there are ways we can cultivate peace and calm the mind, and one of the most powerful ones is through crystal therapy, and more specifically, Sodalite. But this power stone does more than that.

Let's explore how Sodalite healing properties can change your life for the better...

Sodalite Healing Properties & Symbolism

Because we live in a rational world, we frequently rationalize information, forgetting to incorporate our emotions and intuition into our interpretations.

Feldspathoid Sodalite is here to help us do that. Resembling saltwater waves, this powerful crystal symbolizes deep wisdom and calmness. Even in the midst of chaos, Sodalite successfully cleanses disturbances in energy, which is why it is known as a mighty anti-anxiety gemstone. 

It symbolizes clarity of mind and sharpness of perception, and it represents our ability to analyze things, even those that are hidden underneath the visible surface.

Just like the smell of the ocean calms our soul, Sodalite soothes the mind and washes away burdensome energy. It heals wounded souls who have disconnected from their authenticity and helps channel creative expression and words.

This is a stone of the rational mind. It inspires contemplation that can lead to revolutionary insights. In Tarot, it is associated with the fourth major arcana, the Emperor, representing logic, ruling with clear mind, and mindful control.

Now let's dig into how powerful Sodalite healing properties can be in a more specific way.

Sodalite Tumbled Stones

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Sodalite

There's probably no better crystal than Sodalite to help us gain greater mental clarity. This gemstone exudes powerful energy that directly impacts the nervous system and our vibrational frequency.

Calms & Relieves Stress

When we're exposed to everyday stressors, our mind frequently gets overstimulated, and our energy chaotic. Well, Sodalite calms the overactive mind and brings about a greater sense of peace.

It helps us deal with mental tension and pressure with ease and prevents over-analyzing.

When our mind is calm and serene, we feel less anxious and more able to go with the flow of life without struggling, and this makes it a powerful anti-stress crystal.

No matter how uncertain life can be, Sodalite can help us overcome fear of uncertainty and help us stay poised and collected, particularly when we feel unstable and when life circumstances go our way.

Balance of Mind

Sodalite brings together opposing thoughts, helps us find the right balance, and make just decisions. It helps us find the middle ground between extremes, which is a result of its capacity to blend the rational and irrational, mental and emotional parts of us.

Using it for healing can help us overcome black and white thinking and deal with head versus heart conflict more effectively. It helps transform irrational and subconscious blockages into positive thoughts and helps us understand emotions on an intellectual level.

Because it is so harmonizing, we can use it to prevent and help treat anxiety. This is a perfect healing gemstone for sensitive, highly emotional people who find it hard to be rational in emotionally charged situations.

It nurtures the mind and helps filter sensory information that comes through, preventing mental and emotional overwhelm.

Reduces Emotional Blocks

Sodalite works well on a psychological level to eliminate emotional blocks to happiness. These can be false beliefs based on self-rejection and low self-esteem.

Sodalite is a powerful healer of the self, helping us embrace our perceived flaws as part of our natural human experience.

Not only does it harmonize the relationship between emotions and thoughts, it also encourages us to embrace healthy coping mechanisms that work for us, not against us. 

Reduces Judgements

This healing stone helps us overcome the need to criticize ourselves and others, helping us make rational discernments rather than judge based on fear or prejudices.

Creativity & Innovation

Because it frees our mental space from worry, Sodalite healing properties help us dive into the world of creativity, liberated from limiting beliefs.

Since our emotions and intellect become more balanced, it inspires us to take innovative approaches. This is a powerful crystal for the intellect, and can give us fruitful thoughts and encourage beneficial contemplation.

Physical Properties

Now that we've looked at Sodalite healing benefits in terms of mental and emotional aspects, let's take a look at the physical benefits...

Hormonal Support

This gemstone is a huge balancer in our lives, and works not only with energy, but with our body, helping heal issues in the endocrine system.

With that being said, people who will particularly benefit from the healing properties of Sodalite are those struggling with hormonal imbalance of any sort.

It helps reduce the excessive release of stress hormones, adrenaline, and cortisol, which are the root cause of many of the modern health issues we face.

Its energy not only works to improve our thinking and helps us make effective responses, but it actually heals biological issues related to emotional disbalance.

Sodalite helps balance reproductive hormones, which is immensely helpful for women struggling with menopause-related issues. Such balancing energy can also help those who suffer from unpleasant PMS symptoms, or PMDD. 

Reduces EMFs

Sodalite protects us from EMF radiation. Its frequency works to block electromagnetic waves and therefore protect our cells from the damage caused by such radiation.

When used for a prolonged period, this gemstone can also help repair damage that's already been created due to EMF exposure

Immune & Throat Support

Calming as it is, this gemstone can aid to improve immunity, calm a fast-beating heart and optimize blood-pressure.

We can use Sodalite to improve throat healing, be it infection or lingering health issues that cause discomfort and an inability to speak clearly.

Additionally, it protects our vocal cords from damage and helps improve the tone of our voice. It is a great health booster for singers, public speakers or teachers. 

Chakra Healing Stones

Chakra & Spiritual Healing With Sodalite

Sodalite healing properties work wonders for the Third Eye Chakra and the Throat Chakra

Due to its harmonizing effect, it helps open the lines of communication with the Universe and makes us more receptive to synchronicities and signs from the Divine.

Third Eye Balancing

As it gradually unblocks the third eye, it simultaneously prepares us to receive spiritual downloads.

Sodalite helps us overcome narrow-minded tendencies, but also helps calm the overactive mind that triggers anxiety and paranoia. Through healing the third eye chakra, it teaches us how to discern the difference between fears and illusions and reality.

We are able to get back in touch with our intuition and connect to our higher selves, instead of focusing too much on the physical world.

More so, Sodalite offers a perfect balance between the physical and spiritual world, enlightening us to universal truths. As it heals our psyche and our relationship with our intuition, we are able to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Thanks to this gemstone, we can acknowledge the importance of both the rational mind and our gut feelings. More importantly, we are able to reach levels of self-awareness that can redirect and guide us on our true spiritual path.

It helps heal the relationship with or true selves, assisting us in embracing who we are in totality.  

Throat Chakra Balancing

Sodalite also works wonders for calming the overactive and unblocking the under-active throat chakra. It deals with our ability to speak and triggers a healing process that helps us embrace our authenticity and express it in speech. 

As we heal through its frequency, we become better at verbalizing our emotions, but we also become better at active listening. We become freer in our speech, unafraid of judgement and rejection because we can fully embrace our thoughts in their authenticity.

We are better at speaking our mind, setting boundaries through communication and connecting with others through speech.

Sodalite makes us more aware of what we say, and helps heal the urge to gossip, lie or sugarcoat. It does so in a balanced manner, without making us fearful to speak our truth, and this makes it a great healer for those who are shy and unable to firmly own their words as well as those who find it difficult to connect with others.

We become less arrogant or dominating in our speech, but we also don’t inhibit our speech due to fear. Instead, we communicate in a fair and balanced manner, and this works wonders to improve our charisma.

Through Sodalite energy our thoughts and emotions get clearer, and we become more effective in getting our message across. 

Healing Properties of Sodalite

Metaphysical Uses of Sodalite

Sodalite is a powerful tool for spiritual awakening and can be used for deep meditation to enhance transcendental experiences.

It is helpful for shamans who are working in a trance-like state, as it heightens the intuition and helps us connect with higher beings. In divination, it can help channel messages from angels and ancestors. 

This gemstone can help heal the subconscious during sleep and help us gain greater control during lucid dreaming. With it under our pillow, we can work to transform reality through dreams and recall them with more clarity and understanding when we awaken.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the healing properties of Sodalite are bountiful and can be used to help us improve our emotional, mental, and physical state. Please tell us what you love about Sodalite in the comments below.

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Sodalite Healing Properties
Healing Properties of Sodalite
Sodalite Healing

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