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18 Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms to Watch Out For

INSIDE: For people interested in living intentionally or connecting with divine consciousness, a spiritual awakening is inevitable. Though it can be a difficult journey, spiritual awakening signs will help lead you bravely towards the invaluable gifts of purpose and clarity that come through this process.


“Even as a child she had lived her own small life within herself. At a very early period she had apprehended instinctively the dual life - that outward existence which conforms, the inward life which questions.”
~Kate Chopin, The Awakening


In the U.S., an interesting shift seems to be taking place in the way people conceive of their spiritual, divine connections.

Adults increasingly attest that they practice spirituality even though they aren't religious. They may still engage in religious rituals and fellowship, but more than that, they seek an open-ended relationship with a spiritual purpose. 

As in Chopin’s quote above, we humans often exist with structures and expectations that eventually butt against our instincts and spiritual desires. This may be from religious dogma or from a lifestyle propelled by greed and carnal pleasures.

Eventually, the divine frequency overpowers our ability to ignore our spiritual calling. We will experience uncertainty, confusion, depression, and wandering as we try to make sense of the lives we lead.

These are the beginning signs of spiritual awakening.

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What is Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening should be the aim of human beings who recognize that our physical forms are temporary vehicles as we hone our spiritual awareness.

However, a spiritual awakening cannot be forced or planned for – we can only inform ourselves of spiritual awakening signs so that we can take steps forward into the process.

A spiritual awakening will begin when our soul needs it. It may accompany a particularly traumatic period in our life – a terrifying medical diagnosis, the sudden loss of a loved one, or a life-altering accident. 

Spiritual awakening can also happen as we come to realize that our current lifestyles and actions are not providing the fulfillment we seek – maybe your career feels dead, you drink a little too much to forget your emotions, or you numb your mind with technology.

A spiritual awakening cracks away at the current beliefs that don’t bring us joy and wholeness, eventually washing away those ideas in a flood of spiritual energy.

It can feel draining and emptying. But if you see the process through, spiritual awakening brings rise to your true essence so that you will attract the life that is meant for you.  

The Dark Night of the Soul

Many spiritual traditions refer to the Dark Night of the Soul, which unfortunately, can last much longer than a night. This refers to the phase of a person’s life that is filled with unfathomable pain, loneliness, and fear.

The first step into spiritual awakening comes through the Dark Night of the Soul. You become marred in confusion and uncertainty as you see the pointlessness of so much that the world tells you of how things are “meant to be.” And you come to question your thoughts and beliefs. 

On a spiritual level, your habits and restrictive thinking are being destroyed to make room for the next part of your spiritual awakening, the invitation of new energy and light.

It might feel like you're moving through a vat of dark sludge with no exit hatch, but when you understand that this is part of the spiritual awakening process, you can trust that you'll emerge. 

Necessary Steps Toward Enlightened Thought

The beauty of spiritual awakening is that you're traveling towards enlightenment and spiritual consciousness. To undergo this awakening, your soul has matured to a point where it needs so much more than what physical life offers.

Spiritual awakening reveals the inadequacy of the material, outward existence, as Chopin called it. You begin to search for your individual truth, the only real thing that can complete your happiness.

Spiritual awakening may take a lifetime to complete, but it is a necessary process to live according to a spiritual path. And you can believe that your soul will know the right time to set out on this journey – you'll feel ready, if not apprehensive, to ask the questions you thought were off limits and to discover true meaning in life.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

A Spiritual Awakening Trail Map

The following steps serve to help you see what's in store for you on your spiritual awakening journey.

You will pass many spiritual awakening signs along the way, but the path doesn’t have to be linear. You'll circle back around to earlier trailheads when you need to retrace your steps for greater clarity.

These are six “in” roads to spiritual awakening:

  1. Initiating the Dark Night of the Soul
  2. Interruption of existing beliefs and ideals
  3. Interrogating new meanings and answers
  4. In despair with the world’s actions and trajectory
  5. Intense spiritual healing
  6. Intentionally living and thriving

18 Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms

While you may feel fearful or intimidated by this process, getting to know the spiritual awakening symptoms and signs will raise your awareness of your soul transformation.

Which of these symptoms are you experiencing?...

Feeling Unfulfilled, Lost or Unhappy

Despite a life of accomplishment and fun, suddenly it all seems for naught. What you envisioned would bring you joy and happiness hasn’t proved to fulfill your life at all.

You feel like you have a purpose to fulfill, but in your current actions and beliefs, you understand that you’ll never truly accomplish your soul’s calling.

You Experience a Change in Perspective

You’ve had a steady, unwavering opinion since you were born, but now you find reason to question these convictions. Are they your truth or were they thrust upon you?

While you may or may not have been rigid in your thinking in the past, you now find yourself to be more openminded and nonjudgmental.

You’re on a Quest to Find Answers & Meaning in Life

Confronting your beliefs means you have to reanalyze the questions that came to define the meaning of life for you. What is your purpose? Why do we live and die? Where do your thoughts come from?

Suddenly, it seems urgent to discover the answers to these questions and more as you understand that the answers will give direction and purpose to your life.

This is a BIG spiritual awakening sign. These interrogations of new meanings and answers will guide you along the map towards breakthroughs that will invite joy and wholeness. 

You Feel Lost & Unhappy Again After Having Experienced a Spiritual Breakthrough

As we explored earlier, spiritual awakening has a map but not a direct route. That means you'll find a loop that leads right back to a point you’ve already visited. Unfortunately, that leaves you with feelings of despondency and disappointment.

You feel like you're endlessly roaming in circles, and sometimes you are. You become aware of the work you're doing, which many others haven’t even begun yet. That makes you feel isolated and alone, wondering if this spiritual journey is worth it. 

It is! The trail covers different elevations – up and down – but if you stay on it, they become more manageable and eventually just a regular part of your spiritual work. 

You Feel Called to Do Some Deep Inner Work

Maybe you’ve dabbled in spiritual work before now, but now you feel the need to solidify your inner exploration as a practice and to go deeper. The call to look inward is a spiritual awakening sign. 

You may want to try intensive meditation practice or perform spiritual rituals like etheric cord cutting or chakra balancing. You might study holistic healing techniques, shamanic ceremonies, or starseed origins.

You Discover That Most of What You’ve Been Taught is a Lie

One of the hardest signs of spiritual awakening to contend with is the disillusionment with your culture and dogma. There are rules and restrictions on our actions and thoughts that have been passed to us through our family and community.

When we begin to realize that our soul desires don’t match these rules, we feel betrayed by the lies. However, another way to look at it is to recognize that those who have taught you may have yet to experience their own spiritual awakening.

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You See Through the Illusion of Life

Society creates many ideas as to what our lives are meant to be, and as we go through a spiritual awakening, we begin to realize that it's all an illusion. The deeper you go spiritually, you begin to realize that even time and space aren't real. 

It's not easy to live a spiritual life in the third dimension because we start to realize that what we think is real, isn't, and what we don't think is real, is. 

You Want to Simplify & Declutter Your Life

With your mind reeling through a spiritual awakening, you'll find that simplicity nurtures you more than excess. You want to get rid of the clutter of material goods and of negative thoughts that weigh you down.

You're on a journey, and your trail pack needs to be light so you can pick up new lessons along the way. Take the urge to declutter and clean up as a spiritual awakening sign. The more you free up, the more can come to you.

You Feel the Need for Solitude

As you move along the map, you begin to feel comfortable in solitude. Whereas before you might have felt isolated and alone, you now want the space and quiet to explore your individual beliefs and purpose.

You truly understand that a spiritual awakening is a solo trip. You cannot rely on others to give you clarity. You may find help from spirit guides, but they will not give you the answers.

Because you choose to turn inward, you may lose contact with friends and lose relationships along the way that aren’t fulfilling your happiness or directing you along your path forward. This is to be expected, and it's all part of spiritual growth.

Your Psychic Abilities Awaken 

Some major spiritual awakening signs come when you have metaphysical experiences. These can simply appear as signs, omens, or moments of serendipity and synchronicity.

However, you may have mystical visions and gain abilities like telepathy and clairvoyance that help reveal answers to your spiritual questions. Learn more about third eye opening symptoms here

You Start to See Beauty & Wonder Everywhere

Although so much of spiritual awakening has so far seemed dark and heavy, it doesn’t stay this way. As you get clear with your purpose and ideas, you find more joy and happiness in simplicity.

Everything around you, even the mundane moments like picking up a leaf have immense beauty and significance to you. You begin to have a sense of wonder about everything, but this sense doesn’t overwhelm you. Instead it inspires you.


You Start to See the Oneness in Everything

Just as you fill with wonderment and inspiration, you also understand the unity of all beings. You recognize interconnectedness among humans and nature. You see that your thoughts and beliefs can influence the reality that you manifest. And you realize that everything is connected with one universal force of energy.

Your Senses Become Heightened

While many spiritual awakening signs come as spiritual twangs in your soul, you may also discover spiritual awakening symptoms that affect your physical body and existence.

One symptom is a growing intensity of your 5 senses. You experience smells more strongly. You see colors more vividly and in detail. You find that your skin is more sensitive to new sensations and fabrics. You hear more sharply and detect quieter sounds. Your sense of taste explodes and draws you to new flavors. 

Your Sleeping Patterns Change

With so much mental and spiritual work happening, you will most likely notice that your sleep patterns shift.

At first, it might come as insomnia, especially during the darker period of your awakening. However, you may also find a deeper level of sleep. Spiritual work can be exhausting!

With time, your spiritual awakening might also bring the perfect restful balance you need in sleep.

You Start to Have Vivid Dreams

Dreams sometimes bring metaphysical messages. Don’t be surprised if you have strange, intense dreams full of detail and mystery.

Try sleeping with Amethyst under your pillow to help you experience and remember vivid dreams that can help you through your spiritual awakening.

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You’re Having Dizzy Spells

You remember that spiritual awakening can happen on a loop until you find the right direction. That can get dizzying!

Dizziness is a spiritual awakening sign that indicates you need to find grounding before you keep going forward. You need strong roots to help bring you back to the trail.

Try these grounding stones to support you with a steady and secure grounding energy.

You Feel Inspired to Eat Healthy Foods

Just as your taste buds light up, you will find a new appetite for foods that truly nourish your physical form. As you take stock of your spiritual health, you'll feel naturally inclined to maintain a healthy body for your soul.

You may initially feel a lot of discomfort as your body reveals its intolerance to the ugly, processed foods that lack real nutrients. However, you're likely to emerge on a healthy, epicurean food adventure that satisfies your body, mind, and spirit.

You’re Getting A Lot of Headaches

Just like dizziness, another spiritual awakening symptom is headaches. Your mind and spirit have a lot of work to do during an awakening, and an overworked mind can certainly lead to headaches.

Make sure to practice self care along the journey. You don’t know how long your awakening will last, so take your time and pace yourself. When you give yourself space and time, your headaches will ease up.

Final Thoughts 

Don't worry! These spiritual awakening signs won’t bombard you all at once. You may experience these signs in succession, a few at a time, or some not at all.

Experiencing a spiritual awakening is a gift that will align your purpose and intentions in fulfilling ways. You will exit your journey feeling whole and complete. That's a beautiful way to live in this world, even though the journey isn't always easy.

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* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

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