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What is the Meaning of Your Birth Date? A Concise Guide to Astrology

INSIDE: We see horoscopes, Chinese astrology, and numerology everywhere, but it's still common to wonder, what is the meaning of your birth date? We'll quickly sum it up for you in this informative article.


People come in all shapes and sizes with personalities and histories that are entirely unique. A variety of different factors, including birth order and cultural upbringing, can influence personalities.

Birth date can also play a role in an individual’s personality. Several different philosophies, each with its own rich history and belief system, consider the effects of birth date on personality.

Stop wondering what is the meaning of your birth date. Use this guide to gain a deeper insight into some of these belief systems and the ties between birth date and personality.

What is the Meaning of Your Birth Date? The Western Astrology Solution

When it comes to answering the question, "What is the meaning of your birth date?" most people in the U.S. turn to horoscopes and astrology.

Western astrology stems from twelve different zodiac signs. Each sign corresponds with a certain time of the year and manifests itself through unique personality traits.

Additionally, each sign is symbolized by a unique image or character, such as a ram or a crab, each of which also corresponds with one of the four astrology elements: earth, wind, fire, or water.

Though astrology and horoscopes are quite widely known, they’re not always understood as fully as they could be. Having a base knowledge of your zodiac sign can provide you with some interesting insight into your personality, but it’s possible to delve even deeper.

You can further commune with your individual zodiac sign by meditating alongside certain healing stones and zodiac crystals

Amethyst geodes, for instance, can benefit those born under the Pisces star sign, as it relieves them of anxiety and allows them to achieve inner peace. Amethyst is also the birthstone of February, the month when Pisces’ sun is in the sky.

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Sun Signs: The Common Answer to What is the Meaning of Your Birth Date?

Sun signs are the most commonly recognized part of Western astrology. Most newspaper horoscopes are derived from sun signs, which consider the position of the sun at the time of one’s birth. This location is then placed within one of the twelve zodiac signs.

The sun sign is sometimes also referred to as the star sign. In Western astrology, the sun sign is believed to represent the ego.

The sun is seen as the driving life force in the universe and in our individual lives. As such, it’s believed to represent your strongest personality traits.

These traits can relate to multiple aspects of your life, including pride, leadership, creativity, health and vitality, and personal power. Your sun sign represents your truest self and your deepest desires. It’s the person you are when no one else is looking.

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Moon Sign: The Underlying Meanings of Your Birth Date

Moon signs may be a lesser-known part of Western astrology, but they’re no less important. Like your sun sign, your moon sign corresponds with the location of the moon at the time of your birth and coincides with one of twelve zodiac signs.

According to this belief system, the moon is responsible for your emotions, moods, and feelings, which can change more regularly and more quickly than the traits associated with your sun sign.

Moon signs influence your unconscious rhythms and habits and the way you react in a given situation. Your moon sign may also relate to maternal feelings and the urge to nurture, as the moon was believed to have a motherly nature in many ancient cultures.

Additionally, your moon sign is believed to represent the way you view yourself, serving as your guiding light in the face of difficult decisions.

Amethyst Geodes

Ascendant Signs: Bringing Location Into the Meaning of Your Birth Date

Ascendant signs can be a bit harder to track than sun and moon signs, as they depend on the location of specific constellations at the time of one’s birth. Your ascendant sign relates to the zodiac sign that crested the eastern horizon at the exact time of your birth.

As the location of zodiac signs in this position can change every two hours, knowing the exact minute of your birth is crucial to receiving a truly accurate zodiac reading.

The ascendant sign represents the way you present yourself to others and the traits that accompany how you wish others view you.

Chinese Zodiac: The Eastern Answer to Birthdate Meaning

Like Western astrology, the Chinese zodiac also boasts twelve unique zodiac signs. However, the Chinese zodiac differs from Western astrology in that the Chinese zodiac signs correlate with years rather than with months.

The Chinese zodiac also ascribes an animal character as well as particular personality traits to each sign.

The Chinese zodiac can be further separated to ascribe an animal and element to an individual’s birth year, month, day, and hour. This is referred to as the Four Pillars of Destiny.

Each column within the Four Pillars provides insight into an individual’s history and personality.

  • The year column provides information about an individual’s ancestry.
  • The month column provides information about an individual’s parents.
  • The day column indicates the individual’s upper character.
  • The hour column pertains to their future successes.

Animal Trines

Each of the Chinese zodiac signs is also separated into one of four Animal Trines.

1st Animal Trine - Rat, Dragon & Monkey signs. These signs are slightly more demonstrative with their beliefs than others, and they’re seen as rather intelligent, charismatic, and confident. They are powerful individuals who tend to make effective—though occasionally erratic—leaders.

2nd Animal TrineOx, Snake & Rooster signs. These signs are much less unpredictable, though no less intelligent. They tend to be quite philosophical, patient, and hard-working, and they prefer to prepare every detail of a plan before starting. Once a project takes effect, however, they’ll work toward the end goal with steadfast loyalty.

3rd Animal Trine - Tiger, Horse & Dog signs. These signs lean more heavily on impulse than on planning. They’re independent, enthusiastic, and quite idealistic, preferring to spend their time in pursuit of humanitarian causes and true love.

4th Animal Trine - Rabbit, Goat & Pig signs. These signs are considered to be calmer and more mild-mannered than the other signs. They are caring, creative, and tactful, and they spend their lives in search of beauty.

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Numerology: The Mathematical Approach to Understanding the Meaning of Your Birth Date

Numerology relates to the belief that everything in the physical and metaphysical world has a numerical relationship with one another.

This philosophy ascribes a unique meaning to every number, believing them to represent specific personality traits, behaviors, and dispositions. Just like numbers in a mathematical equation, these traits and behaviors can be either positive or negative.

You can use numerology in conjunction with your birth date to derive your Life Path number.

Your Life Path number indicates the opportunities and challenges you’ll face throughout your life as well as the lessons you’ll learn as a result. It indicates the overarching path you’ll follow and the ways you’ll grow throughout your lifetime.

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Crystals Bring Meaning Into Our Lives

When it comes to understanding what is the meaning of your birth date or just your life in general, it is helpful to use crystals.

Healing gemstones and crystals can help you uncover your destiny and better understand yourself. By looking at the gemstone meanings and how they relate to us and our birth date, we can find the answers we seek.

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Understanding the Meaning of Your Birth Date infographic

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Please read our full disclosure notice here.

What is the Meaning of Your Birthdate

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